Balmain Inspiration/ Give-away Gift

Give-away Gift
As you know, Forever 21 is one of my favorite stores. I really love it. They have lots of great stuff like jewelry, shorts, basic tanks, tees and leggings….Yesterday, I bought two necklaces and I think it would be fun to give them away as gifts. I know it’s not much in value, but it’s the thought that counts. Right? I would like you to know that I care for my fellow readers, and I greatly appreciate your time spent visiting my site, your beautiful comments, also your continuing support. Everyone can enter the give-away, you just simply submit a comment and it will randomly pick a winner. The winner will be announced on the next post. This post will open for three days. Have fun and good luck to everyone!!!!….Love you all!!!
I bought 2 sets, one is for me and another is give-way gift.

Balmain Inspiration.

When I saw this top through BeBe’s window display, I said to myself ” I want that top, Balmain knock-off, cool!!”, and here I am. I wore it with my old BCBG skirt and Balmain shoes.

This is from runway. What a wonderful surprise!!! Just now, while I was editing this post, the door bell rang at 8:30 AM. I wondered who rang the bell so so early in the morning. Yes, yes, the FedEx mailman. Yes, yes, the package arrived from Luisaviaroma and Rick Owens store in Paris. Wow, I didn’t expect that they would come this early especially since it’s a package from the RO Paris store. They called me on Wednesday morning and said that they have the stuff that I’m looking for ( the look #4 and # 25 on runway at Now, it’s Friday morning. Here it is, the jacket and minidress of the look #4 has arrived ( the look #25, they don’t have my size yet). FedEx and these stores rule, they’re fast and have excellent service. That’s the way that everyone should do business.
Haider Ackermann bodysuit from Luisaviaroma.
The RO jacket and minidress look like in this pic. The jacket has two wings in the back. Do you think I can wear Rick Owens jacket for my NY trip coming up in few days? I don’t know if the weather is ready for it yet.
Wishing you all a wonderful, peaceful, joyful weekend with family and friends!!!! Kisses…Hanh😉

ps: Hi everyone, excuse me for a moments. I tried in touch with Mije about her questions about Paris shops, but I have no her email address. Mije, please check out Ann D past post for answers. I hope you have fab time in Paris.
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100 thoughts on “Balmain Inspiration/ Give-away Gift

  1. Hi Hanh,

    Good luck for me. LOL! J'adore that necklace.

    Haider Hackerman bodysuit ia hotness. Love it so much…

    U look so stunning as always by the way. :)

    Have a great Friday!

  2. I have been following your blog since it started and what keeps me coming back (apart from the pretty things) is your heartfelt appreciation of your readers and the importance you place on your family. Please don't ever change. Also, please don't worry about entering me in the competition, just reading your entries on your blog is enough for me.

  3. Hi Jannette,

    That's very sweet and kind of your.
    I count you in anyway, just for fun!!!!
    love you,

    Hello my fellow readers,
    I love you all!

  4. Hanh, I love love love the bodysuit! It struck me right away as a must have. I just wanted to comment on it so I would like to my entry to go to another person. Your blog is awesome as is!

  5. Thanks for the opportunity, I check your blog everyday, I never leave comments but I will now! I love how you mix inexpensive items with the top designers, and it all works so well!!

  6. aww yay for another wonderful post and lovely F21 necklaces! your outfits look fabulous as always and getting packages early in the mail is the best, especially if they are shipped internationally from Paris, ooo la la! :)

  7. Hi Hanh,
    I dont own a blog but I memorize your URL by heart :) Reading your blog is always in my daily "things-to-do" list. You're definitely a fashion-forward and i can't wait to see more outfits from your NYC trip :) Have fun!


  8. Hello! I follow your blog religiously and I must say that you look amazing each time. Today you look amazingly well, I love the black Rock chick look, it suits you really well.
    Obviously, I love the necklace as well, I'll be happy to win it!
    XoXO from Israel!

  9. You look too beautiful with that dress!

    And YAY!! cute necklaces!!! yes yes yes

    PS: congratulations on finding that topm is almost exactly the same 😉

  10. You are always so fabulous! I absolutely love your blog and I think you are such a sweet person! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving me a comment:)


  11. Mmmh Actually your dark "Balmain-esque" silhouette truly reminds me on Alexander Wang's famous embroidered strech netting Dress' subtle declination, just like an exquisite "GLAMazon-esque" finery which suits you perfectly (the Black § White picture is especially Stunning) . . .
    ps: The asymmetrical back cleavage of your BODYsuit is delightfully full of architectural Sensuality !!!
    Hope you're Well Dear.

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  12. Your first picture of the Balmain inspiration part is very artistic, it's amazing! The top is nice, very similar to the one by Balmain, just like your new bodysuit, wow, what a design!

  13. Hi

    I've been a lurker on your site but have yet to comment. You could definitely wear the jacket in nyc now, it's raining and chilly. brrr! :) the necklaces look stunning btw, sometimes i look forward to checking out their accessories more than their clothing!

  14. Hello, Hahn!

    There's no F21 in my place so I hope I'll win.hahaha!

    Anyway, that Bebe top is so awesome! You look so rocker chic in the 2 get-ups and I think you'd look great wearing the RO jacket in NY. Hope to see more pictures of you soon in the Big Apple. :)

  15. Good afternoon Hanh! Omigoodness…your Balmainesque dress looks fab…oftentimes, it really is the WEARER that matters…you look expensive!

    And I'd love to see you in those two beautiful black pieces in NY!

    And I'd love to own that necklace (becoz the twin is yours)…and necklaces are my favorite accessories OF ALL!

    Have fun in NYC!

  16. "Look at Hanh's blog today,
    She mix and match some awsome clothes again.
    Put designer shoes, grab her lovely clutch,
    Take many cute photos for her always anxious fans.
    We visit her blog and what do we see,
    Hanh is having give-away gift for you,
    or maby me?!
    So I leave this short poem, as my comment note,
    Hope to be chosen from the houndreds other words.
    My point is not to win, but to have good fun,
    hoping for the best in three days time.
    That's the life of blog fan, comments are our power,
    Although with every next comment my chance are getting smaller!;)

  17. AWESOME POST!!! Love RO and Haider!!! You have fabulous taste as usual and love those awesome F21 picks for necklaces! OF COURSE you need to bring your RO jacket to NY! That place rocks fashion!

    Love, Adeliet

  18. Hi Hanh. I think the RO minidress looks great on you. The cut and fabric is just stunning. It really suits your style and your personality. I can't wait to see what the jacket looks like :) Hope you're having a good weekend.

    All the best,

  19. 1. This is an amazing giveaway and it is so generous of you! This is one of the reasons your readers (such as myself) adore your blog!

    2. You look amazing in all of these looks. I really love how you are willing to rock trends but then pull them off flawlessly. You never look like you are trying too hard. I love it! Fabulous, as always!

  20. Love your Balmain inspired outfit! I wanna take part in the giveaway… I'm based in Singapore! Hopefully, you can mail the item to Singapore and I HOPE I WILL WIN! :)

  21. Yey for another giveaway! haha I hope I win this time.. Eyecandy in 1 post!! Love the Bebe top but I love the Haider Ackermann more.. The back details is gorgeous.. THe dress is edgy yet still maintains its timeless appeal.. Have fun in NY! I'm so excited for your upcoming outfit posts, yours and Nini's..=)

  22. Thanks for having a thoughtful giveaway! The necklaces look really nice– who cares if they are from F21? They look good! =P

    And I got to have that bebe top! The way you wore it looks awesome!

  23. Hi from switzerland, I really appreciate your blog, i think i've been following you for 6 month now and I've never been desapointed by any post yet =) I also hope to win the necklace they're just what i'm looking for at the moment
    Xxx L.

  24. Will it be possible for this fabulous necklace to fly aaaaall the way to Romania???

    Oh, boy, oh, boy I sure hope it will 😀

    Kisses Hanh! I luv your blog, clothes, and, evidently, SHOES :)

  25. Hello my sweet darling,
    how are you?
    Wow, that was a strong and long and hard cold…. No, it wasn't the flu, it was a cold 😉 It could be worse, right. To stay in quarantine isn't funny. I've slept a lot and as you and Nini have told me I've drinked a lot.
    Although a cold is a very tough thing to get through it's also the best way to lose some weight without doing sports 😉 Just kidding, hehe… I'm feeling a little bit better and so I've wanted to send you a warm Hello with many, maaaaaaaaaaany, many hugs, darling!
    I hope your lovely family and you are doing fine and that all is well. Must check all the postings I've missed in last week now.
    Will be back to normal life on Monday hopefully.
    Wishing you a sunny and wonderful weekend, please say Hello to your family!
    Feel very hugged, much love always!!! s.

  26. Woohoo comment #60!
    Hey Hanh I love your Bebe top and it was a great find. If you ever come to Colorado for skiing it would be great to meet you. I'll show you the best spots for shopping without spending too much for great designer outfits
    p.s. I hope I win the contest :)
    Ming Min

  27. i love good customer service!
    you look amazing in that BE-MAIN 😉 top. if anyone could pull it off it's you. surprise us with your nyc outfit!!! the open back on the HA looks great on you. i like the clutch too.

    hehe i already won the last contest, so i hope someone else gets to share the love :)

  28. What a lovely giveaway… especially for someone like me who doesn't live anywhere near a F21 :) I've seen some looks from the Bebe FW09 looks and they seem to have a pretty good collection this time. That Balmain dress is gorgeous! Also congrats on your new purchases…. I adore anything Rick Owens. I'm currently looking at getting his normal/classic length leather jacket. The RO Paris store has great service though… I agree. Look forward to seeing you model the RO looks!

    Oh and I had to think of you yesterday – I was in London and got the same McQueen skull ring you posted about a while ago. Love it! Hope you're having a terrific weekend and enjoy NYC!

  29. hi hanh!
    omg, i'm so late to comment on your post.
    oh boy, you know the life of being a mother.
    mr. freddy has been every where so i
    need to keep eye on him.

    hanh, well what can i say?
    i'm always run out of words to write every time you have a post.

    that knock-off balmain is truly fabulous.
    oooppss…and i thought it was you modeling on balmain runway.

    oh, i'm crossing my fingers and toes to win that necklace.
    you're such a nice and kind person to hold a give away.

  30. hi hanh!
    omg, i'm so late to comment on your post.
    oh boy, you know the life of being a mother.
    mr. freddy has been every where so i
    need to keep eye on him.

    hanh, well what can i say?
    i'm always run out of words to write every time you have a post.

    that knock-off balmain is truly fabulous.
    oooppss…and i thought it was you modeling on balmain runway.

    oh, i'm crossing my fingers and toes to win that necklace.
    you're such a nice and kind person to hold a give away.

  31. Oooh, I'm excited to see your new Rick Owens purchases in the flesh. That jacket and dress are DIVINE!

    And thanks for being so lovely and thinking of your readers. Awww :)

    Have a fab week and enjoy NY.
    (I say take the jacket….and just make it work 😉


  32. Hi.

    I am always looking forward to see your new post.
    You are absolutely my favorite cyber magazine!
    I see you are very smart and have pure heart to everyone which I can feel from your blog.
    I hope you have a healthy and fabulous life.

  33. Hello Hanh!

    This is such a beautiful post and such a beautiful giveaway!!These F21 necklaces look like bling bling Designer necklaces 😉

    Same to your "Balmain" dress!! I adored it the same day I saw SJP wearing it! Such a beautiful piece. Did you see theoutnet has the dress for unbelievable 6800 EUR… just a moment… no, i saw that these pieces are only available at the German outnet website and not on the US side…

    And seeing you in this dress confirm there is no need to pay the $$$$ price tag!!! ;))

    Have a beautiful sunday with your family, Hanh!!!
    Still tired here as I came back from a wedding late in the night.. and my eyes are more closed than open right now 😉

  34. Thanks for adding to P.S info about the sunglasses, I love the necklaces we do not have Forever21 over in the UK so it would be good to win as so many other US blogs do not include international readers in their giveaways. That's why I like your blog your different x

  35. ooo your sooo busy! love it! i'm really digging your polka dot tights. must get some for fall! have fun on your ny trip. i agre with nini. the jacket should be perfect!

  36. Awww,that's so sweet of you for a giveaway ! The necklace is really beautiful :))

    And the Bebe top you got and paired it with everything,you did it perfect compared to the runway version ! You go girl <3

    And your bodysuit is way way sexy and so hot ! Beautiful !

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