Brussels, Belgium// The Tuck-In

Update: We’re lucky to live a great life and no disasters. Please, help out people around you who need help, people affected by disasters. Unlucky, it’s tragedy-flood-for people in Philippines and a part of Vietnam. Please, call 1-800-RED-CROSS or 1-800-257-7575(Spanish) 0r online at for your donation. Thank you very much. Bless us all.
Hi everyone,In the last post, I posted Ann D who is a Belgian designer. Her post made me recall our trip to Belgium. In this post, I invite you to visit a very enjoyable city that is the capital and largest city of Belgium.Brussels is known for its lovely architecture that mixes French and Flemish culture. The Grand Place is the heart of the city and which sees many local people as well as tourists thronging there. It’s also one of the most beautiful squares in Europe surrounded by buildings dating from the 1400s, and dozens of small narrow old streets. It’s well know for its large ” Flower carpet”. The display of flowers is arranged on the square every two years for few days in middle of August. If you would like to see this display, you should check with your hotel for exact day.

The picture below is from google to show you how the “Flower carpet” displays on the Grand Place square. Our trip was in Fall, so I didn’t have a chance to see it.Atomium built for the 1958 Brussels World Fair (Expo’58) has become an internationally recognised symbol of the city and the whole country.Another symbol of Brussels is the sculpture of a young boy called Manneken Pis. It’s about five minutes walk from the Grand Place. They have a great souvenir store here and fun tees of Manneken Pis. This is one of my hubby’s favorite tees that I bought for him from the trip. For more sightseeing and history, you would do well to pay a visit the the Palais Royal, the Catheral, and the Musees Royaux des Beaux Arts.

One of the best parts was going shopping for hours while my hubby enjoyed drinking Belgium beer and read newspapers at the many cafe’ bars here. You should visit Saint Hubert Gallery was opened in 1847 and proud to be the first shopping mall in the world which you can find many nice boutiques, store, cafes, and restaurants. Avenue Louise is Brussels most fashionable shopping mile, you can find high-end designer brands as well as innovative Belgium designers. Check out La Rue Neuve for great shopping too.

St Hubert Gallery. Belgium beer is one of the most delicious beers in the world. Interestingly, every beer has a distinct glass into which it is poured.Chocolate is one of the many passions in Belgium. Neuhous chocolates is the best known of Belgium’s top quality chocolates. You can find many chocolate stores around the city, and make sure to visit the chocolate museum – another fun thing to do.I shouldn’t forget to mention Belgium waffles. They are delicious. I remember I had waffles with chocolate for my breakfast and lunch the whole time I was there. At the end, I gained few pounds, but it wasn’t that bad because we walked around the city a lots too..;-)

The Tuck-in
Few days ago, the weather was much cooler in Dallas and brought out my Marni fur and Jil Sander Fall08 over the knee boots for a night out with my hubby. I paired them with F21 harem pants and F21 tank. This look is inspired by Isabel Marant’s Fall 09 runway-looks, blousy pants tucked in over knee boots.

Celine sunglasses, Eddie Borgo necklace.

Ferragamo brass clutch. Sorry for carrying it backward…;-) didn’t note it…hehe…

Have a fabulous day to you all!!!!xoxo..Hanh,

PS: my hot pink Nina Ricci that I wore in past posts, were from Jeffrey store in NY.

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45 thoughts on “Brussels, Belgium// The Tuck-In

  1. Brussels is a beautiful city, Hahn! Thank you for sharing these pics, it took me back to the last time I visited Belgium. Looking fantastic, as always!

  2. Hi hanh! i love the vest. You look so pretty as always.

    anyway hanh, my country experienced a real bad storm. It's worse than Katrina. Manila was flooded and lives were taken. We're all heartbroken.

    so am asking you, and if it's possible ask your friends too to donate to Red cross as it will help alot of victims here to have food and clothes. Please visit my site and see how to make the donations. It will be greatly appreciated.

    and to every blogger who sees this please we need your help.

    Thank you so much for your kind heart.

    Let's make a difference.

  3. Hanh, you're such a great tour guide, I feel like I know what to do in Brussels when I get there some day!

    Those BOOTS, magnificent.

    Much love,

  4. Gorgeous photos! And you look stunning! So funny in my last post I was also wearing black trousers like that with my black overknee boots too! But wow this look is amazing with the fur! Really love your style!

  5. What I like in your posts about places/cities you visited is that when you write about it is so real, like I can feel the taste of those Belgium waffles, and see all mentioned small streets. And I know I said that many times but you look amazing! :)

  6. wow wow! this look is such a stunner! you look amazing and I like everything! I'm going to wear my cuissardes this way too!

    oh and about the flower carpet… my god! stunning!

  7. Actually I am living close to Belgian border AND I think that Brussels is Majesty AND Bruges is Melancholy . . .
    ps: I really like the way the last picture's floral background subtly emphasizes your "haughty/hedonistic/caressed by the light Dark Flower" (until your polished nails !!!) side . . .
    I wish you an Excellent Day too Dear.

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  8. I love Belgium. People are LOVELY and places are so beautiful. Brugges is my favourite place, but Brussel is nice, too. I was lucky to see the flower carpet and you know, I never knew it was only a temporary thing! I thought it's 24/7. So I guess, it was truly my lucky day.

    P.S. LOVE those boots!


  9. I actually grew up in Brussels – isn't it a wonderful place? I lived several blocks away from the Atomium and one of my favorite places to eat was a little pita joint right off of the Grand Place. My blog (La Rue Neuve) is actually named after the main shopping street in Brussels. Thanks for posting this :) It totally made my day!

    P.S. Loving the fur!

  10. i'm hoping to visit Belgium someday!
    it's one of the most placed i would like to see.
    hanh- i really feel warm looking at your outfit.
    that fur vest is soo incredible!

  11. i'm hoping to visit Belgium someday!
    it's one of the most placed i would like to see.
    hanh- i really feel warm looking at your outfit.
    that fur vest is soo incredible!

  12. Great post about Brussels, it was exactly like my visite (except for the fact that I walked for 3 hours finding Manneke Pis). And the buildings there are magnificent! Quite a shame that we dutch people don't have that many gorgous buildings even though we share a big part of history.
    And I love love love that belt in a previous post!

  13. Hi Hanh-
    How are you? Sorry I have not visit your blog because I had not turn on my computer for days.
    I love love your new hair cut. The length and the style suit you really well.
    Love the Isabel Marant "inspired" blousy pant tucked in knee high booots. Your outfit is fab as always !!!!! Love the Marni fur.

  14. Love love your fur. And I do enjoy this look! Harems are my go-to staple right now. Especially since they are my fashionable version of sweatpants 😉

  15. What a gorgeous city! I actually have a Manneken Pis snowglobe lol. Ooh I am loving your harem pants and that necklace! Hope you're having a beautiful day :)

  16. What a fun post! I am loving all of your photos, especially the flower carpet. You are making me thirsty for Belgian beer! Also, looking gorgeous as usual. :)

  17. Hello Hanh!

    Oh you have a new hair style, am I right?
    Looks beautiful!!!
    The temperatures here are also colder…
    you picked some amazing fall pieces!
    The Marni fur vest, the Jil Sander boots and your fabulous necklace
    are so showstopping!

    Have a beautiful day with your family!!!

  18. Oh Hanh, you look SO beautiful [as always]. I loved how you paired those knee highs with those pants. Absolutely glam. And Belgium… WOW! I've never been to Europe, and I've always wanted to go to Italy, but Brussels seems like an amazing place to visit as well. It looks like you had a marvelous time there.

    Have a fun week.

  19. Hi Hanh!

    I'm an avid reader of your blog but it's my first time to comment.

    I'm also from Manila. We are in direly need of donations as some areas are still flooded, food is needed and donations can go a long way and now there are 2 more typhoons coming.

    Thank you for your kind heart.

    I love your blog and your fashion sense! More power to you.

  20. Hi, Hahn!

    The photo of the peeing child is so funny! Would love to visit that statue soon when I visit my cousins in Belgium.Your clutch is what I'm drooling about even if it was shown upside down. 😉 Is the Marni fur real or faux?

  21. Thanks for leaving me comment Hanh :)
    your incredible outfits and posture transform your snapshots to editorials, love it! and i really love the stuff about travel and interesting art pieces you shared us beside only fashion, it does widen my sights as i haven't traveled to such places.


  22. WOW! First , YOU are solely right! We must spread our LOVE by HELPING each other, no matter how far away! Thank YOU for this information because I will spread the word and give a donation to the RED CROSS!
    As always YOU LOOK like YOU just walked out of a TOP FASHION MAGAZINE! These photos of Beautiful Brussels make me want to hop on a plane right now and believe me if I could I WOULD!!!!:)

  23. Woow, I absolutely love your blog! I think you have fabulous style and I hope someday I can go to all of the wonderful places you talk about. Such and amazing life of fashion and travel!


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