Gareth Pugh

Gareth Pugh cut-out leather scarf is my first piece that I own from his label. He is young British designer, born August 1981. His design is very futuristic fantasy zone. He often uses nonsensically shapes, wearable sculpture to distort the human body almost beyond recognition. He describes his designs as being ” about struggle between lightness and darkness”.I found this scarf at Century 21 store in NY with incredible inexpensive price and I’m already falling in love with it, deeply. I paired it with rag&bone legging, F21 tank, Ysl F09 boots, and Balenciaga snake-skin jacket that I found at Ina consignment store in NY. I also bought this jacket with a ridiculous great deal.

I also found this Celine sunglasses at Ina consignment store in Soho, NY.
F21 cuffs. Close-up the scarf.
Wishing you all a fabulous, relaxing, peaceful weekend with your family and friends!!!!
Big hugs and kisses…to you!!Hanh;-)
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58 thoughts on “Gareth Pugh

  1. I personally love Gareth Pugh but can't seem to afford any of his pieces, how lucky are you to have found the scarf on special! I love the contrast of the texture between it and the Balenciaga jacket. My god Hanh, how do you find all these beautiful items. You must have a real eye for a bargain!

  2. Gareth Pugh´s cut-out leather scarf looks like an super-hip dress/top!!!
    What a fabulous find, Hanh! Also your Balenciaga jacket,especially the color is awesome on you!

    Enjoy your weekend back home with your family!!!

  3. Hi Hanh,

    wow, i absolutely love everything on this look….total perfection!

    Gareth Purgh is coming up with really amazing stuff but i find that people tend to compare his clothes with Rick Owens!

    p.s you and Nini look great in your previous post.

    Have a great weekend!


    :) :) :)

    You're just looking like a supermodel, nothing less! OMG – the Gareth Pugh scarf is ONE HOT FIND! I love his designs, he is doing such an unique work! And what a great fab find was waiting for you on the consignment store – consignment stores are the best, love them so much!!! It's like going for a trip to treasure island :)
    I hope you had a good trip back home, darling!
    Enjoy the weekend with your lovely family!
    big kiss and much love, s.

  5. Mmmh Actually I really like when Futuristic Inspirations decline themselves on such a creative/uncluttered mode like that, AND the way your Celine glasses perfectly match your "GLAMazon-esque" silhouette while subtly instilling a twist of "effortless CHIC à la française" on it . . .
    ps: Snake-skin AND leather, Frankly What a sulfurous mix of textures !!!
    ps: I wish you a wonderful Week too Dear Hanh !!!

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  6. hanh!
    these are all gorgeous photos!
    oh wow, i'm deeply inlove with your scarf as well.
    it's so wicked!
    you really looked stunning in your outfit.
    i can in the first photo, the old woman in the background is looking at you! amazingggg!

  7. hanh!
    these are all gorgeous photos!
    oh wow, i'm deeply inlove with your scarf as well.
    it's so wicked!
    you really looked stunning in your outfit.
    i can in the first photo, the old woman in the background is looking at you! amazingggg!

  8. amazing scarf. gareth pugh is a personal favorite. his aesthetic is intriguing.

    i really like the way you've styled everything here…all gray and black, with various textures. and those boots are incredible–i've been seeing them on various blogs, didn't realize they were YSL…now i like them even more!

  9. Hi Hanh! This scarf is unbelievable! It's gorgeous and so different. It's more like a piece of clothes rather than just an accessory. And the whole outfit is so chic. You look amazing!

    P.S. I left an award for you on my blog today. Hope you like it. :)

  10. I also thought the scarf was an elaborate dress or top, it looks amazing, the jacket has a wonderful color. No wonder the people in the backgound are staring at you, you look like a professional model:)

  11. i had a heart attack when i 1st say the pics at nini's! i want that scarf so bad!!! his leather slashed dress like that physically hurts me that i dont own it!! im so jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    needless to say, you look phenomenal!! if im ever in ny again i must definitely make a point to stop at this century 21!!!

  12. hi hanh…what a great look you've got on here! that scarf is an awesome find. i love the uberchic outfit you've put together. have a lovely weekend:-)

  13. Hi anonymous,
    The scarf was less than $500 included tax from over $2000 original price, and it's only one there.
    Century 21 is a store that you can find many designer brands, but they don't have too many in each item.


  14. i stumbled upon your page after clicking a link from one of the bloggers who commented on your envious shoe collection. I love your blog. I'll be an avid follower!


  15. i loooove this outfit, hanh! (but please stop advertising century21! we've got to keep it on the down-low before all the good stuff is taken! lol…)

    seriously, this outfit rocks. the shoes are fantastic also.

  16. Pugh is amazing. You're very lucky to find a scarf at Century 21! Can't believe you managed to find something nice there. It's hit or miss for me. Hanh, it was lovely meeting you briefly at the IFB event! Hope you enjoyed the rest of your trip xx D

  17. You look fantastic! The scarf is really sick but looks very cool at the same time, plus the YSL boots are extreme in person. Cool look, it's the real fashionista look!

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