Stained Glass

Throughout its thousand year history, the term “stained glass” has been applied almost exclusively to the windows of churches, cathedrals, chapels, and other significant buildings. Its style and design have changed through different periods of time.
Stained glass is like an art and a craft. It requires the artistic skill to conceive an appropriate and workable design, and the engineering skills to assemble the piece with lots of details.
I don’t have full knowledge of this area, but my husband and I have an obsession for it. It fascinates us for its details and its brilliant color. We like to capture the art work of stained glass while we travel and visit cathedrals, for example.
From Strasbourg Cathedral.

From Notre-Dame Paris Cathedral.Also from Notre-Dame Paris cathedral. From Chartres Cathedral.

This is from our house, we call it the Meditation Room. As I said above, we have an obsession for it and we built one in our house. It’s Moroccan in style. We also had an original 1930’s stained glass window in our first home in Lakewood, Dallas. Unfortunately I don’t have a photo of it to share. In this post, I wore Marni dress and its print reminds me of stained glass. It’s perfect to wear for this post to show how stained glass has found its way into fashion. Marni shoes.
F21 belt, Jean Paul Gaultier necklace. Wishing you all a blessing day!!!! Thank you very much everyone for your time and comments.Big hugs….Hanh;-)
Ps:Answering the questions for the past posts: I recently bought The Sam Edelman ankle boots from Fashion is Poison, they are comfy and run true size. The grey nail polish was from Urban Outfitters, last year. I believe they still carry it.

Ann Demeulemesster Shirtdress

Hi everyone,My parents arrived in Dallas last Thursday. I’m very happy, and I’ve been very busy with my family and relatives because they’ve been coming to my house to visit my parents. Today, my hubby and I took advantage of Labor day to threw a party for the family and relatives at the house, there were about 30 people (as you know, I have a big family). There was lots of food, drink and laughter…It’s awesome fun and quite a delightful party. They just left and I would like to give you a quick up-date.This is my new Ann Demeulemeester asymmetric softly draped white shirtdress. You could stand in front of a mirror for hours to discover different looks of this dress by changing the wrap and the way you button it. Now, I’m looking for Ann D buckled corset to complete the Ann D F09 look. Good luck to me!!!…haha…In this post, I wore it with Alaia shoes, Erva clutch, Jean Paul Gaultier necklace.

Erva clutch. Silver F21 bracelets, leather cuffs from a local store in Paris.Do you see the leaves changing color from green to yellow and they are falling down on the ground ? It’s a beautiful sign that Fall is coming and I’m excited about it. I love Fall because of its cozy, romantic feeling.
Wishing everyone a wonderful day!!! Thank you to you all for your time visiting my blog and comments. I truly appreciated it as always.

Chef Marvo

Chef Mavro

When I was in Honolulu last month, I had a chance to dine at Chef Mavro restaurant on King Street. George Mavrothalassitis is a chef and owner of the restaurant who took 2 hotel restaurants to the top of the ranks before founding this James Beard Award-winning restaurant. His menu is set menu with wine pairing. It’s French, contemporary American cuisine. I can say the service is excellent, the food is great and the price is little bit high. We enjoyed the food and interesting wine pairing. My favorite one was chocolate tofu. It’s tasty sweet but strange.

Marinate Nairagi, American caviar with quail eggs.

Kurobuta pork “A la Malais“. Big Island goat cheese mouse.Chocolate Tofu with buttermilk ice cream. At the Gas-station in Dallas.

I wore Alexander Wang tank, F21 short, Givenchy necklace, and Sam Edelman booties. I recently bought these shoes from Fashion is Poison and I love them, super comfy.
Wishing you all have a happy Sunday and a great week ahead!!!xoxxoHanh 😉

The Black

The Black

Chloe terry buckle zipper boots, Giuseppe Zanotti for Balmain suede zipper boots, GZ for Balmain buckle boots.


1. How do you keep your body slim and tone after having kids? Do you have a regime or some secrets you can share?.
I absolutely don’t have a regime, but I would love to share whatever I do. I eat everything in balance. I try not to eat much butter and sweets. Doing activities with my kids helps. Before kids, 8 years ago, I did work out 2 or 3 times a week for 1 hour each time. During pregnancy and after kids, I quit working out. Four years ago, I started doing yoga for about 1 year and I quit again. I should go back though, but I’m too lazy. So, You might ask ” How do you keep body tone since you don’t work out for years?”. Well, I’m maybe lucky, or perhaps the games that I play with my kids helps. I also inherited my mom’s gene who is 74 years old, had 11 kids, still looks great.

These are the games that I play 2 times a week. It helps me tone my legs and arms and my kids love it too. We all enjoy that.
For the legs. Game one, we call it ” Air plane”.
This position is called ” Take-off”.

This position is called ” Flying high”. I do these two positions up and down for 40 to 50 counts. We count together in English, Spanish, Vietnamese.Therefore, my girl can learn to count in different language.For the legs. Game two, we call ” Down-up”. Again, we count together and I do many counts for these two position. After doing these games, you will feel sore at your thigh, calf and bottom.Captured her enjoying moments.For the arms, we play a game called “Being baby”. I carry her like a baby in both arms, face up and walk around the room talking/kissing her like a baby. I explained to her doing this game helps tone mommy’s arms. Therefore, she doesn’t get the wrong message to whine like a baby. To be honest, my abs aren’t that tone. I should do some sit-ups to tone it, but I hate doing that. I mean hate! I’m happy with the way it is now, as long as not too big.;-)

2. How do you take care of your healthy hair? How do you get a slight wave? Do you cut it often?
I cut it every 3 months. I used to use Dove shampoo, but I recently started using Biotin Strengthening shampoo from Nature’s Gate at Whole Foods. I don’t use conditioner often enough, but I use Biosilk for my hair’s ends. I don’t use hair products like gel, mouse,…I rarely use hair spray. I also don’t use much hair straightener except for a few times for straightening hair. I let my hair air-dry in summer, and blow dry at the roots in winter. It’ very funny that my hair used to be more coarse and super straight. After having kids, my hair changed into more fine and natural slight waves.

I hope you all enjoy this post. I wish everyone have a relaxing, joyful weekend with your family and friends. Big hugs to you all…Hanh!!!!

Nicholas Kirkwood

Kirkwood strap open toe platform thumbnail, NK-Arch runs small to size. I wore them with AA metallic gunmetal bodysuit, Balenciaga black skirt. This is great color combo in this outfit that I love.

Fallon necklace.F21 cuffs and ring.
Comme des Garcons Inspiration.
Would you wear these shoes? These are from CdG rtw F/W 09. It’s a very fun and funky look, and they are not for me. CdG always has some interesting looks in its collection. If you love to have this look, it would be fun that you could buy a pair of cheap shoes and use white permanent marker to draw on them to get the look of those shoes.
I hope you all a great day!!!!xoxo..Hanh;-)
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