Pink Autumn

Early this morning, when I was helping my kids get ready for school, I realized that autumn is officially here. I can feel the air getting cooler, the skies are changing into gray, and the sun likes to hide in the clouds. I had a strange feeling, that time is running too fast. Next month, my kids will turn one year older. I truly love their age right now, very innocent and sweet. I suddenly wonder about their teenage years and hope they will be good teenagers. I heard that dealing with teens is not easy. My kids and I are best friends now. We have a “Girl best friends club” at the house with a best friend secret code. Hopefully, the girl best friends club will last forever and we share all our secrets. That might help me to understand them more at teenage years, I think.., I hope…. I worry too much, don’t I?.

Look at my big girl, she is getting bigger everyday.
I wore MMMargiela one shoulder body suit from Century 21 store, CdG skirt from Ina consignment store, Ysl bag, and my new Nina Ricci shoes. The fur scarf, I forgot its brand.
I wish you have a fabulous day!!!!Big hugs…Hanh!
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71 thoughts on “Pink Autumn

  1. Hanh that's so cute that you are best friends with your girls. I know it's not the same thing but I have a younger brother and sister, and we have a really big age gap. Lots of people think they are my kids! When they were younger they used to look up to me and think I was 'cool', now we still love each other, but they think I'm too daggy for them, haha! I think it is all just a part of growing up, but if you are able to maintain an open level of communication that would really help when your girls become teenagers!

    Also your Margiela bodysuit is gorgeous, I haven't seen that particular style. And the shoes…wow, Barbie pink never looked so good.

  2. Hanh I really love this blog and need your help.

    I am fifteen right now and my mother is away, I need to speak to someone about hair removal and am not able to contact my mom about it aright now.

    I don't know what is normal and what is not, and what are the basics for one's personal care and grooming..

    I didn't know who else to ask right now and wud really appreciate your advice and thoughts..

    This is a personal question so if you do not wish to reply here, I can leave you my email address if you post a comment here.


  3. Aww…that's so sweet. Teens may be hard but think about when they get even older than that! You girls will still be best friends. Enjoy the love now and forever!

    – Vyvian

  4. I don't have kids, but I worry about things like that. I'm sure you'll be fine, you learn as you go along right? You know the saying, kids don't come with instruction manual. I have nephews and nieces and sometimes they surprise me with the things they say. They talk like grown-ups! I always tell them don't grow up too fast!

    PS. I love your bright pink shoes!!!! And your daughter is such a pretty little fashionista, she takes after you!

  5. Amazing shoes and the way you put it all together is just great.
    I have 15 months old daughter and I'm thinking very often how it will be when she grow up, but I believe also this is us parents who just have to think and be worry.

  6. i just found your blog, god i'd kill to have your wardrobe, its absolutely amazing. i just went threw your entire archive. gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous.
    your little girl is quite the budding fashionista herself, the boots are so cute.

  7. The teenage years can be a little bumpy, but I hope it'll work out well for you and your girls. With a mom like you, it just has to! :)
    The outfit rocks absolutely!

  8. Oh, Hanh, my friend who's got 2 girls had these thoughts a while ago, too. :) So you are not alone. And I think they are going to be sweet teens as it comes from a family and they way they are brought up, so I don't think you'll have any problems.

    I adore your skirt… It's like an origami piece with a delicate flower! Gorgeous!!!


  9. Your girls are so adorable and stylish like you tooo ! So sweet :)

    Ohhh my the skirt and the shoessss are to die for <3
    Esp. the skirt,I love the fullness and the structure of it !

  10. Hi Hanh,

    This is so good! i love your idea of the girls best friends club in the house. Something new and practical. However, if you don't mind.. i would suggest that you have to move on with their development progresses too. Though the idea might be adaptable to the current age but bear in mind, it might sounds childish when your elder daughter gets older. Try to be in their shoes but at the same time you need to distinguish between mother & daughther relationship. Do not overly done, else you might having hard time handling your daughter. Teenage years is indeed a very fragile year for most child to go trough. They will want to break free from home or always wanting things. Freedom & obsessions are usually their concerns, i noticed. Give them only what they deserves, do not spoil them but at the same time try not to make it a horrid experience for them. Its not easy to achieve that, i know. Of course eveything needs hardwork to succeed. And its always not easy to get the title "Good parents" no matter how hard every parents tried to. There bound to be downwards but deep down a children's heart, i believe they will always love their parents no matter what. Furthermore, you treated them well :) Be positive, your girls will do well. Which is why family foundation is very important. It shapes & defines a person from the root. All the best & submit your prayers to God, He will see you through!

  11. Your daughter is absolutely beautiful and so adorable. She looks like a little budding fashionista! Love your look here. You are always so chic and classy.

  12. I'm 25, and my mom and I have always been best friends :) Also, with a closet like yours, your kids are definitely going to want to stay on your good side!! Your daughter is beautiful!

  13. maybe you worry too much right now! enjoy the very moment and you'll worry when you'll have to!
    your girl is very pertty and beautiful I understand you're proud of her!

    I LOOOOOVe the combo pink + beige/natural tones….

  14. your worries are not unfounded. worrying empty will only drain you, though.

    that pair of hot pink shoes is so fun! i like the colour combo of the outfit. is the bag vintage? i quite like ysl bags.

  15. Good morning everyone,
    Thank you very much for your sweet and kind words. Have a great day!!!!

    Hello Sophia,
    email me your concern. I'd help you with pleasant and my best, if I can.


  16. OR When animalistic tones meet "Girly" details, to compose such a creative cocktail of GLAM (Marvelously Radiant on the last picture) . . .
    ps: The combination between this BODY's strong asymmetrical shape AND the liptstick/Shoes' "Fetish symbiosis" moreover sounds as the various shades of "stylish Futurism" !!!
    I wish you a fabulous day too Dear.

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  17. I LOVE that you paired this outfit with the bright pink shoes! Such a great pop of color! The Margiela and CDG are great finds. I'm really loving Margiela at the moment, because the pieces are so versatile.

    And I can totally understand your concern with dealing with teenagers. Not that I have kids yet, but this is already worrying me now… haha. I think you're a great mom though and if your kids are your best friends now, chances are they'll hopefully stay that way and see you as someone they can trust rather than an authority figure who tells them what to do all the time. If I were them, I also wouldn't get on your bad side, seeing how they can borrow so many fantastic things from your wardrobe 😉

  18. wahh your new nina ricci wedges are brilliant! i love that shock of pink it gives. they're almost as cool as those acne atacoma wegdes….on second thoughts they are JUST as cool !

    a little insight into bringing up teenagers…I am no parent (i'm 19!) but technically still a teenager and my brother is still 16 so…

    quite often we are moody. just leave us be, because the more you harass us the moodier we get.

    no matter how moody we are, just let it pass and don't make a big fuss over it and don't dwell on it. you might be surprised the number of times your girls may be storming off to their room and then ten minutes later forget about the whole thing!

    sometimes we can get upset or angry or frustrated over little things and even we don't know why or, we don't know how to put it in words. be patient because in the end we'll always come crying back to you! (I know I did…still do to my mum)

    no matter how much you nag at us our room will never be clean! my mum has tried it! she still hasn't given up lol. what i mean is, most of us teenagers have the attitude like 'oh, I'll get around to it". and eventually we DO, but often not when YOU (parents) want us to 😉

    it's true that teenagers want to explore, want freedom and want to discover themselves. but at the same time don't just let us do whatever we want, because we are always testing the boundaries. if there is a reason why, for example, you don't want your daughter/s going some place then be honest and tell her your concerns and your point of view but never say things like 'because i said so'. help them see your concern as a parent

    and finally i think a lot of teenagers want to be treated as adults, in other words be taken seriously and respected. you have to teach that this is reciprocal and in order to be respected, your girls must respect you and their dad.

    i hope this was a little insightful !

  19. You're little girl is definitely getting bigger and more beautiful everyday and she knows how to pose too! :)

    Love those hot pink Nina Ricci shoes and the skirt with the body suit, oh so lovely. You look chic as always, Hahn!

    Don't worry, your girls will be good girls when they grow-up because you showered them with so much love and attention. :)

    Oh by the way, I gave you an award. Check out my newest post. 😉

    Have a nice day!

  20. the skirt, is definitely a to-die for, just love how volumous and girly it is and goes really well with the body suit. the proportion of tight upper top and voluptuous bottom half just makes the whole outfit right.

    your daughter really is getting prettier and more stylish like you. i'm sure she'll be a lovely lady with great sense of fashion when she grows up, just like her mum ^__^

  21. your daughter is so cute! you look beautiful hanh.
    i dont have kids myself, but many of my friends do from little ones to teenagers. but they do grow up so fast. i wish i had good advice but i was mostly raised by the tv. :/
    i think it's important not to spoil them and to make sure they stay motivated.

  22. hanh- time really flies so fast!
    huh! they grow up so fast!
    before we know it, they're already in college.
    wish they are still a baby.
    oh, big sister is so cute in her all pink outfit!
    hehe.. lastweek, i bought a pair of pink boots too.
    but mine is not as expensive as yours.
    they are only a doc martens-esque.
    but i love them.

    hey momma, you always look so stylish.
    keep it up that way.
    i know how you feel, i worry too much also.
    i want to have a the best relationship with mr. freddy.
    i want us to have just like bestfriend relationship as long
    as the respect is present.
    have a great day!

  23. hanh- time really flies so fast!
    huh! they grow up so fast!
    before we know it, they're already in college.
    wish they are still a baby.
    oh, big sister is so cute in her all pink outfit!
    hehe.. lastweek, i bought a pair of pink boots too.
    but mine is not as expensive as yours.
    they are only a doc martens-esque.
    but i love them.

    hey momma, you always look so stylish.
    keep it up that way.
    i know how you feel, i worry too much also.
    i want to have a the best relationship with mr. freddy.
    i want us to have just like bestfriend relationship as long
    as the respect is present.
    have a great day!

  24. its natural to worry about your kids growing up, but i'm sure with a great mom like you, they'll be just fine.

    the boots are so gorgeous! its such a lovely hue of pink…and cdg always has these beautiful lavish details.

  25. Another spectacular outfit. The items paired together work soo well. And those shoes, I die!

    And I think you're a great mum, caring enough about them to worry is a great sign of that. They are gorgeous girls and I love the best friends club. Awww :)

    Have a lovely weekend dear!

  26. love those shoes…fierce…and you look amazing. i love that fur scarf. I think you are a terrific mom and communication is the only key to help and support you kids in their transition teens. dont worry am sure you are going to do great.

  27. Hi Hanna… the feelings you have about time moving fast and your girls growing up are natural human feelings that we all come across in our life it shows how much you care for daughter was married last year and it felt like id lost my right arm..almost like she wasn't my little princess anymore, it was a hard feeling to deal with but as time moves on it gets easier :) Beautiful photos and those Nina Ricci shoes are wicked!!!

  28. Aaawww Hanh the girl bestfriends club is so sweet! I'm sure you'll maintain being bestfriends with them even if they're already in their teens because you really take time to bond and spend time with them when they were younger.. I think your close relationship now is a good foundation for when they're in their teens already..=)Your wedges are super amazing and your big girl's boots are cute too.. She is really developing a style that is distinctly her own..

    Keep up the good mommy work Hanh!=)

    ps.. I made a new DIY with the white tank.. hope you can check it out..=)

  29. Hi Hanh!! It's been so long since I have commented! I have been keeping up with your blog on my Google Reader and I have loved every post! I have finally found time to get back on the blogging world for just a bit. School and work have been so time consuming I feel like I have disappeared. Your photos from New York looked fantastic and I am so jealous you got to go to the Rodarte show! Your daughter is so precious and looks adorable in pink! I think this is one of my favorite outfits of yours so far. The pink Nina Ricci shoes are gorgeous and the one shoulder top and pleated skirt are perfect together! I hope you are having a good first few days of Autumn and I hope to come to Dallas soon to visit :)

  30. Hello Hanh!

    Always posting fabulous outfit but this is by faaaar my very very fav, Hanh!!!!!!!!!

    Where can I start.. these fabulous eyecatching pink Nina Ricci heels!!!!
    The perfect skirt, the perfect one-shoulder top… the mix of colors so surprising… forgot the woven scarf !!!

    You find me speechless here!!!

    Have a beautiful day with your family!!!!!

  31. MY WORD. Your little girl is growing up fast!!! She looks like she's going to be a heartbreaker :)

    Great job on the CdG skirt score. It looks lovely on you.

  32. As a teen, I'll admit we're hard to look after. Even with good parents (and I'm sure you're wonderful!) teens WILL be difficult. The important thing is that though we may not realize NOW how amazing our parents are and how hard they work for us, when we become adults we can look back and appreciate, love, and respect all those who guide us to become the people we are. We can only hope that your influence stays with us when its time for us to live our lives or care for our own children =] As someone who comes from a dysfunctional, far from the meaning of 'family' home, it would've meant the WORLD to me to have loving, responsible parents. It'd also be good to cut your teens off from too many material things, and dont hesitate to send your kids to live w/their grandparents! I've heard it makes a BIG difference to their charater development! R-E-S-P-E-C-T. You're so inspirational as a mother, a woman, and just as a human being! Thank you =] (ah so looong!)

  33. Omg love your shoes…Amber Rose "Kanye West" GF just wore them, and i was drooling over them!

    And im sure you and your daughters will have a great relationship throughout the years, because what your doing now is buulding a solid and strong foundation for things to grow and blossom!

  34. OMG! Your daughter is GORGEOUS and YOU are solely BREATHTAKINGLY BEAUTIFUL!!!
    I luv your sense of style and that skirt is sooo exquisite! Thank YOU for stopping by my blog because now I'll be following YOUR FABULOUS SENSE OF STYLE!!!
    p.s. YOUR soles are to DIE for, they're solely GLAM FABULOUS just like YOU!!!:)

  35. Aww your girl is so cute and growing up so fast! Hmm as a daughter, here's my take on how to deal with the teen years: sometimes we need a mother, not a best friend, but always ensure that you are there to accept and listen to them. Also don't be too hurt when we no longer want to just "hang out with Mom" – it's good for children to stretch their wings a bit!

  36. loving the pink hanh! your girls are so cute. my little sister is 12 years younger than me, we go through difficult times as she is getting older=she's 10 right now and i'm almost 22. just remember not to get too stressed and although you love them, you must try to do what's best for them even though you may seem like the bad guy.

    love the shoessss.. i want to get a pink balenciaga, this just reassures me that pink is still in!

  37. your little girl is adorable!

    and i just love your ensemble here. that skirt is an amazing find, but with the other pieces here, it just soars! really the whole look is beyond cool. who would have thought to put those crazy pink shoes with this outfit, but it works!

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