Rodarte S/S2010

A lots of thing to say, but there is not much time. I just have a quick up-date to share with you all about Rodarte show. It’s amazing show with high energy. Everyone looked awesome and were very excited.

At Rodarte run-way.
Nini and me.

I wore The Row legging, Ysl F09 boots, Rick Owens minidress. Too bad, the weather was to warm for RO Jacket. I should just wear it and made it work. That’s maybe just crazy….

Before the show.
With Carine Roitfeld.
With Nini, Julia, her daughter.
Liya Kebede.
Kristin Dunst at the front row.With Susie Bubble, Tavi, Lucrecia.
I were talking with Kate Mulleavy, after the show.
With Nini, Lucrecia, Jak&Jil.
Wishing everyone have a wonderful day!!!!!xoxo…Hanh;-)
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48 thoughts on “Rodarte S/S2010

  1. OMG!!! That's soooo freakin' awesome Hanh!!! I love Carine and Julia Roitfeld!!! Loveeee 'em! I'd be sooo in awe if I see them face to face + pictures with them? I'd probably drop dead right there and then hahaha… And to meet the amazing Tavi, Susie and Lucrecia, that's very cool. And of course Tommy – representing Canada!!! Wow. Fun times! Your pictures are makin' me crazy :)

  2. OH another NYFW post!!!! You look sexy and very model-y, Hanh, in that black outfit! Lovely back, too.

    I like looking at these photos…like a magazine…so excited to see fashion's elite and you stylish bloggers hobnobbing!

  3. You look impeccable. It's hard to believe you're a busy mom, you dress so much better than 99% of American mom's haha!

  4. envious does not even begin to describe…. i can't believe you got to meet Carine Roitfeld and Liya Kebede! AND those bloggers we all know and love! You look great in that first outfit too. =)

  5. hanh!
    you all look so fabulous!
    photos could tell how fun it was to be at the fashionweek!
    especially you met some of the bloggers.
    oh, i love your YSL boots! and of course, you look so
    sexy. when you have that sexy back, flaunt it!
    enjoy, hanh!

  6. hanh!
    you all look so fabulous!
    photos could tell how fun it was to be at the fashionweek!
    especially you met some of the bloggers.
    oh, i love your YSL boots! and of course, you look so
    sexy. when you have that sexy back, flaunt it!
    enjoy, hanh!

  7. flawless post!
    thanks so much for sharing these shots
    you looked flawless, love your chic and beautiful outfit

    check out my blog @

  8. omggggg
    this is the best blogger post ever
    i cant believe you got to meet all these people
    i dont know if i've totally missed some blog posts, but i dont think anyone had a chance to meet such amazing magazine and model people!

  9. Woooooow Hanh, your Dress' side cleavage AND your bare arms already are full of subtle Sensuality . . . BUT the following perspective of your "caressed by the shadow/light" bare back is truly Astonishing, AND your natural haughtiness achieves to create such a "GLAMazon-esque Bewitching effect" !!! Stunning.
    ps: I wish you a Nice "Fashion Week" Dear !!!

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  10. OMG OMG Julia and Carine!! I so love them, you're so lucky..=) I love your outfit Hanh! the draped front and those boots are so gorgeous! Nini's outfit is fierce too, is she wearing her nude Margiela? I'm glad you're enjoying NYFW, nice to have a little ME time, since you're such a busy mommy and homemaker..=)

  11. Hello Hanh from NYFW!!!!;)

    I love the 2 Rodarte sisters. Their dresses and creations are so whimsical and have a kind of fairytale touch!

    Your Rick Owens mini dress is so showstopping!!!

    Enjoy your stay with Nini in NY and have lots of exciting moments!

  12. So beautiful. It's amazing seeing you with those fashion celebrities and bloggers aside from what you're wearing of course.:)

    I bet it was so much fun out there!

  13. hanh!!! amazing photos! you look stunning on your all-black get-up. and the RO mini dress showed your beautiful back. it was so nice to finally meet you the other day too!

  14. hi hanh! those photos are priceless! it must be such an exciting and incredible experience, especially getting to meet some big names in fashion, carine in particular. also, you gals look great too…perfect for the front row:)

  15. Once upon a time, imagine, present days, when two fashion princesses made their way up to NYC to join the Fashion Week…. They've looked more stylish than any celebrity, more perfect than the models, more happy than anybody else there – they were the secret stars of the Fashion week and have quietly been pronounced as the REAL NYFW Queens!!!!
    LOOOOOOVE LOVE LOVE all your and Nini's pictures! So fantastic! So fabulous! So aaaaawesome!
    Tommy is just lovely – and Lucrecia is just gorgeous!
    I'm so very happy that you're spending such a great time IN NYC – and that you are sharing it with all of us all over the world! Love you both! It's always a little bit like being there with you, too :)
    Don't worry about the missing RO jacket – you've rocked the house without!!! 😀
    Enjoy the time, the days, the shows, being one-on-one with the celebs!
    much love always + big, big kiss

  16. I loved loved what you were wearing !!! Those boots are way hot and this all black outfit is so so perfect :)

    All of you looked so so gorgeous ! And its so amazing that you got to meet so many wonder people ! I'm jealous heeee

  17. You and Nini could have walked the runway too side by side with those models. I'm surprised they didn't ask you both!! =)

    Tavi is so cute!

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