Eyelet Body Suit by Christopher Kane

Hi everyone,How are you all doing? I hope you’re doing great. Thank you very much to you all for comforting comments and continuing support my blog. Your sweet-honest comments mean a lot to me. I’d like thank you Julia from Moxsie give us another give-away gift. Please, you make sure to visit and support Moxsie website as much as I do!! As you know, Moxsie launched in January for independent fashion designers that are affordable and pretty hard to find. Also, they donate a portion of their proceeds to a charity that you get to choose during check out.This time, the give-away gift is Matt Bernson grey peep toe/side-cut-outs ankle boots, click here to see more details. Everyone can enter this contest by simply submit a comment and it will randomly pick a winner. The winner will be announced on the next post. Make sure to leave your name, and GOOD LUCK to you all!!!

Eyelet Boby Suit by Christopher Kane for Topshop
My husband fells in love with this bodysuit and I did too!! I styled it with Comme des Garsons mesh skirt, F21 legging, YsL boots from last year season.
Tortoiseshell sunglasses by Oliver Peoples-limited edition, Madewell scarf.
Wishing you all a great fabulous day!!!!
Thank you for reading!!!
Kisses…Hanh 😉

Just Sharing

These pictures are from The Sartorialist Book that I think these looks are interesting of color, pattern and textures combo.

I understand that everyone has their own style, taste and different sense for fashion. Maybe this outfit doesn’t look great to someone, but it looks super great to other people. I like to play with my clothing, take a risk of how I pair them and I have fun, enjoy doing it. Fashion is all about choices-the choice for our style with our own fashion sense. Also in life-our choice of manners, our attitude, and our words make us who we are. I appreciate your support and honest comment. We also have freedom of opinion with graceful or ungraceful words. Here and there, I received couple comments from anonymous with not-pretty words. I normally don’t moderate them and I don’t keep them in mind. Today, with my feeling, I feel like to share this with my graceful readers.

Last week, I went to see Scott Schuman-The Sartorialist, for his book signing when he was in Dallas. It was crowded but worth the wait. I have been learning many things from his book “It’s all about self-expression. I rarely shoot a look where I love all the elements. I don’t need to love the whole look: I just need to identify the one or two elements that mean something to me, and capture it in the romantic way I see it”……” Let’s just say it’s a positive and less judgemental way to look at the world”. In the first introduction he continues, “I hope that, as you look at the images…rather than giving a look a ‘thumbs up’ or a ‘thumbs down’, you will focus on the elements that could inspire you. Maybe you’ll find inspiration in a colour combination, or maybe in a play on textures or a mix of genres”

English is not my first language, as many of you already know, but hopefully what I write is pretty enough for you to understand. I don’t get to visit all the blogs as often as I used to, simply because I have a house full of family! My parents are here from Vietnam for 6 months, and I want to spend as much time with them as I can. And let’s don’t forget the two new puppies! They are a handful. Thank you all very much for reading my blog. I’ll do my best to keep you interested and coming back.

Have a great day to you all!!!
Big hugs…Hanh;-)

Christian louboutin Booties

I had seen these Christian Louboutin booties on Barney’s website and have been thinking about them for weeks. I was not sure whether to get them or not, because it’s pricey. After I saw them again on JakandJik’s blog during Paris fashion week, I knew I had to have them for sure.

I’m not a big fan of animal prints, but lately I let myself add more animal print stuff into my closet. I have to say that I like it more and more. It gives you a fun, stylish, elegant look as long as you know how to mix it and keep it clean.

I paired them wrapped jacket, Junya Watanabe leopard top, F21 skirt, tights from Nordstrom, Erva clutch. Wishing you all a wonderful day ahead!!!Thank you very much for visiting and comment!!!Big hugs…Hanh 😉

Luna, New member of the family

My big girl has been dreaming about having a puppy for a long time. Finally, we surprised her with a puppy as her early birthday gift. She was very excited, jumped up and down, had tears in her eyes and said” my dream has come true! For the first time I am crying with joy”…so sweet!!!. She named her girl puppy LUNA. Luna is a toy poodle and she’s very adorable, with a sweet personality. We easily fell in love with her. My kids play with Luna like a human baby or a toy…poor Luna! I can see how Luna becomes so tired when she’s in my kids’ hands.After about 10 days having Luna, I felt like I have a newborn baby. It has a lot of work for a puppy. Just be patient for potty training, things will get easier!!!. I would like you all meet Luna, new member of family.

These pictures were taken on Sunday last week. We were ready for going to visit a relative.

My big girl, she’ll turn 8 years old next week.
My little one, she turned 6 years old 2 weeks ago. She has a silly personality.
I wore embellished hoody and joggers by Christopher Kane for Topshop, Sam Edelman boots.To be fair, I kiss or hug one girl and do the the same to the other girl. So, they are not jealous.Wishing you all a wonderful day!!!
Thank you everyone for visiting my blog and comment!!!
Big hugs…Hanh;-)

Bone Chaple Portugal// Alexander McQueen for Halloween

We’ve had a chance to visit a couple of cities in Portugal. But, in the Halloween spirit, I invite you to go to Evora and visit St. Francis Church where you will find the Capela dos Ossos, or Bone Chapel.I remember exactly my feeling standing in the middle of Bone Chapel, looking around the walls, columns,and ceiling which are covered in human bones and skulls. It was creepy and scary. I got goosebumps and held my husband’s hand for the whole time. I felt sick after that. Sad!!!!The chapel was constructed back on the 16th century by Franciscan monks who wanted to remind men of their own mortality. No one knows who the bones belong to- apparently they were dug up from a local cemetery which was already old when the monks got to it with their shovels. The bones of about 5,000 people were used to make up the chapel. The chapel is not too far from the main plaza of Evora. These pictures do not do justice to the creepy feeling that I felt.

Inside the chapel. The walls, columns, ceiling which are covered in human bones and skulls. Some bones fell off of the columns.
Are you ready for Halloween? It’s one of the biggest holidays in America. I’m neutral about thisholiday, but my kids are excited and they want to decorate for Halloween this time. They already know what their costumes are. How about you?
Natalia Brilli bracelet, Disce Mori earrings.
Alexander McQueen ring.
The clutch of Anna dello Russo, credit to Garance Dore’.
Alexander McQueen fall 09, this look is perfect for Halloween..I think.
Wishing you all a fabulous day!!!
Thank you for reading, big hugs…Hanh;-)

Alexander Wang Knit Vest

Hi my fabulous fellow readers,I hope you’re doing well. I’m excited to let you know that EVA NY in Manhattan, 355 Bowery, has launched online store http://www.evanewyork.net/ and their blog past this month. Thank you EVA team for offering 15% off discount for lifeintravel readers. They especially have programmed a discount code for us at the check out and it will discount the purchase, and the code is lifeintravel. They’re also interested in offering a 20% discount code ” evany” for associates of EVA. They have a great selection of labels that I hope you visit their site. Hopefully, you like it and support the store as much as I do!! I’m also excited it’s fall…I can wear my leather jacket, sweater, scarf, gloves, boots…I wore Alexander Wang knit vest, my new F21 tank and knit scarf…love love this scarf, the Row legging, Proenza boots and my long gloves from last year.

Wishing you all a wonderful day!!! Thank you for visiting!!!

A Trip to NorthPark

I have to say that kids recover very fast from their sickness. After three days of flu, my kids already feel much better and they wanted to get out the house for ice-cream. So, I took them and my parents to NorthPark Mall for lunch, ice-cream and play. We had a great happy time, and I love to see that. I want them to be happy. Sweet!!!

Duck pond in front of Neiman Marcus.
Love this squash display. My little girl.
I love this shoes-prints shirt from Crewcuts.
My big girl, I just noticed that she needs a haircut.They had heelys race.
They looked so cute in Crewcuts clothes.
My parents and my kids. The kids got a little bit of low energy at the end.Wishing everyone happy Sunday with your family and friends!!!
Thank you for visiting!!

Comme des Garcons Collar

This Comme des Garcons collar is one of my favorite piece in my closet. It’s versatile that I can pair it with any outfit. It magically made a boring outfit become a interesting, character and fashion forward outfit. Love it!!!I wore it with F21 skirt(love its color), my new F21 tank, my long gloves from last year, Fallon necklace and Nicholas Kirkwood heels.

Tights are from Nordstrom.Thank you everyone for great support and entering the give-away gift. Thank you again to Julia from Moxsie for giving us an opportunity to get to know Moxsie and the gift. This time, the winner is….Congratulation to…Cosmicaroline!!!
Thank you to you all for visiting my site and your lovely comments. Wishing everyone a great fabulous day!!!!..Kisses…Hanh;-)

Moxsie Give-away Gift

Thank you Julia from Moxsie for give-away gift this time. It’s the Hellz Bellz cropped crew neck sweatshirt, click here to see more details of the sweatshirt. It is a perfect casual top for fall to wear on your casual day. To enter this give-away gift, you just simply submit a comment and it will randomly pick a winner. The winner will be announced on the next post. Make sure to leave your name, and GOOD LUCK!!!!! This contest just apply for US readers only. I’m very sorry to my sweet international readers, and don’t disappointed-please stay tuned for next give-away gift that apply for everyone.
Moxsie launched in January for independent fashion designers that are affordable and pretty hard to find. Also, they donate a portion of their proceeds to a charity that you get to choose during check out. I hope you come back to visit their site and support them as much as I do!!!

The Tuck-In

The tuck-in is one of hot trends that everyone can wear. This style is great for day or evening. It’s also give you a edgy, whisper sport-chic. Great trousers and fabulous over-ankle length or calf-length boots will do the look. For more extreme, you should go for this season thigh-high boots to get the inspiration look of Isabel Marant F09 as I posted it in the past post(lick here to see). In this post, I wore Balenciaga jacket, F21 tank top, Mayle trousers, Lezilla boots, Lanvin bag and The Wood bracelets. Thank you to you all for sweet comments.

Wishing everyone a wonderful day!!!! big hugs…Hanh!!!


Pinkalicious. This title was named by my 6 year old girl. When she saw me wearing this outfit for dining out with my family she said “Mommy, I love your sweater and your lip stick color. It’s pinkalicious!”

The sweater is Yohji Yamamoto. This is my first time wearing over knee boots with shorts. Well after all, it’s too young a look for me. I should have tights underneath the boots, but I had no time to take the boots off and put them on again.

Alexander Wang tank, F21 shorts.
Necklace by Appartement a Louer.Jill Sander over knee boots.Pinkalicious. Its name reminds me of our trip to visit the Rose Garden in Portland, Oregon. It is one of the oldest continually running rose gardens in the United States and the world. This is what gives Portland the nickname the “City of Roses,” and is the host of a yearly Rose Festival and parade in June.
The garden features over 7,000 plants every year, representing over 500 varieties of roses and botanicals. The Rose Garden Arena hosts plays, concerts, and classical music concerts throughout the year. The best time for visiting is late spring through late summer, but it is very crowded in June during the Rose Festival when the park area comes to life with the powerful color of flowers and picnickers.

My great nephew and my two sweet girls.

Wishing you all a fabulous happy weekend with your family and friends!!!!
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