Comme des Garcons Collar

This Comme des Garcons collar is one of my favorite piece in my closet. It’s versatile that I can pair it with any outfit. It magically made a boring outfit become a interesting, character and fashion forward outfit. Love it!!!I wore it with F21 skirt(love its color), my new F21 tank, my long gloves from last year, Fallon necklace and Nicholas Kirkwood heels.

Tights are from Nordstrom.Thank you everyone for great support and entering the give-away gift. Thank you again to Julia from Moxsie for giving us an opportunity to get to know Moxsie and the gift. This time, the winner is….Congratulation to…Cosmicaroline!!!
Thank you to you all for visiting my site and your lovely comments. Wishing everyone a great fabulous day!!!!..Kisses…Hanh;-)
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64 thoughts on “Comme des Garcons Collar

  1. You look like you just stepped off the runway! I love those tights, been seeing it a lot…guess it's time to pay a visit to Nordstroms : )

  2. yay babe!!! you look sooo pretty!

    I wanted to buy that collar! saw it at lane crawford but thought I won't be able to pull it off…. but now .. you changed my mind!

  3. Hey Hanah!

    This really is amazing… Love this light skirt material and polka dot tights! And this blazer looks amazing!

    Take care<3

  4. The accessories in this outfit are ridiculous! (In a good way of course) I absolutely adore the necklace, I can't stop staring at it :)

  5. wow this look is just perfect! love the long gloves (I want a pair too!) and the dotted thigths!
    like everything this time again!

  6. You and Nini are such gorgeous friends, I love how you embrace the same things, e.g. CdG accessories, long leather gloves but still have your own take on things. The close-up photos are beautiful, you have such a stunning complexion!

  7. Good Morning, Hanh .. the super-woman… birthday of her little daughter, carrying for her family and her parents and doing posts for her blog ;)

    THE CDG is such an adorable piece: a cute little "nothing" and so extraordinary to add to your "wardrobe wonderland".I LOOOOVE it, too ;)

    Hugs & Kisses as always to you!

    P.S.: Jessie from Antonioli sent me yesterday an email that she is expecting the Ann D. belt soon ;)
    You are a doll, Hanh.. thank you sooo much again!!!

  8. this Comme des Garçons collar is so amazing, and you wear it so well girl, so flawlessly ! Love your shoes ! They're stunning !

  9. wow…that cdg little whatever the name is, is amazing! i can see how it transfomr a plain outfit! every post you make is a treat!
    you rock, lady!

  10. Mmmmh Actually I would like to make a parallelism between high socks and long gloves' Appeal, the way both of these accessories (subtly) tend to electrify the skin that it (sensuously) unveil . . .
    ps: Your "GLAMazon-esque" sweetness is especially Bewitching Here, AND your metallic polished toes Truly sound as a "Fetish sign of exquisiteness" !!! Stunning .
    Hope you're Well Dear.

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  11. Oh Hanh- I love your style! Love that skirt as well and the tights…I'm putting them on my must buy list- adorable! The collar is unbelievable-it's one that I can only imagines is more incrediable when seen in person. Great pictures :)


  12. Hello Hanh!
    Thanks a million for exchange links to me! I am in love for your cool and interesting style…you got so much here! I love your combination, it is so modern and edgy! Congratulations for the great work!
    I am already your fan!

    Many kisses and hug!

    Kira Aderne

  13. You look so gorgeous, Hanh! I am amazed by your incredible wardrobe, and the way you put such beautiful, edgy outfits together. This is an amazing look, And I love how you pair mega-high end designers with F21 and make it all look so great! Those tights are the cutest things to top off the look I think.

    I was a teenager in the wonderful 80s, and I remember wearing dotted tights similar to these, only I wore them with little denim mini skirts and brightly colored flats (it WAS the 80s, after all!!LOL). :-)

  14. Hanh, you always look so amazing!

    I like the futuristic feel of this look, the collar just adds such a nice touch.

    <3 Christine

  15. That collar is amazing! And I love your total look so much! Think you make us all jealous with how elegant you always look! :]

  16. i won something???? HOW COOL. thank you so much!!!
    just got your email, and ill get back to you ASAP.

    love your blog, LOVE this look
    the detail on the tights and the cropped jacket is so awesome
    gorgeous darling

    check out my blog @

  17. It's amazing how that CdG collar can transform an entire outfit and make it look more expensive than it is! Love the color of your F21 skirt as well, but my favorite item are probably the Kirkwoods… one of my favorite shoe designers! Hope you have a terrific weekend!

  18. love this collar hahn! like everything in your closet. ;) can i raid it someday? LOL

    ps: i read on your twitter that baby girl is sick. i hope she gets well soon. my prayers are with you!

  19. I love how you combine different pieces together!Dotted tights, f21 skirt and top with awesome CDG collar-nobody can wear this except you!Love your blog and all your fashion experiments!

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