Eyelet Body Suit by Christopher Kane

Hi everyone,How are you all doing? I hope you’re doing great. Thank you very much to you all for comforting comments and continuing support my blog. Your sweet-honest comments mean a lot to me. I’d like thank you Julia from Moxsie give us another give-away gift. Please, you make sure to visit and support Moxsie website as much as I do!! As you know, Moxsie launched in January for independent fashion designers that are affordable and pretty hard to find. Also, they donate a portion of their proceeds to a charity that you get to choose during check out.This time, the give-away gift is Matt Bernson grey peep toe/side-cut-outs ankle boots, click here to see more details. Everyone can enter this contest by simply submit a comment and it will randomly pick a winner. The winner will be announced on the next post. Make sure to leave your name, and GOOD LUCK to you all!!!

Eyelet Boby Suit by Christopher Kane for Topshop
My husband fells in love with this bodysuit and I did too!! I styled it with Comme des Garsons mesh skirt, F21 legging, YsL boots from last year season.
Tortoiseshell sunglasses by Oliver Peoples-limited edition, Madewell scarf.
Wishing you all a great fabulous day!!!!
Thank you for reading!!!
Kisses…Hanh ;-)
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113 thoughts on “Eyelet Body Suit by Christopher Kane

  1. Hi Hanh, he has good taste! Does he tell you when he really likes something you wear? You're beautiful anyhow, I bet he says so everyday! Oh I prob won't be able to make good use of these boots so pass my chance along to another reader. Thanks Hanh!

  2. hanh that body suit is amazing. i loved a lot of his pieces but by the time i was sure i wanted to buy something they were all sold out.u're so lucky u scored so many great finds.
    u look amazing as always.

  3. WOW Hanh! this combi is great!! In this period I'm loving maxi skirt so much, and this one is just perfect!!
    about the eyelet top… it's fatntastic!

    big kisses


  4. You are undoubtedly one of the most stylish mothers I know! Women like you prove that having a family, children, and a busy lifestyle doesn't necessarily mean giving up fashion. Love it!

  5. Hahah..it's always a good thing when the man likes the same fashionable items as you..then you know it's worth buying!

    How do you get info about these fabulous giveaways?? Those are nice boots, and the fact that they donate to your choice of charity is a plus. I'll have to check out the website now.


  6. i love your blog so much and i loved the last contest so much, i cant wait for this one either!!!
    GORGEOUS darling, totally flawless outfit as always.
    i literally wow-ed my sister with how awesome your blog was tonight, we love it!
    thanks for your inspiration, love it
    cant wait to see who wins!!!

    check out my blog @

  7. OMG!
    The skirt is amazing!!! I love the way it flies around!
    Comme des garçons will never desappoint us!
    And the gift is a bomb too!


  8. oh well hello ysl booties. long time, no see. :)
    and hello gray peep toe booties! :) i want to have you! haha

    happy birthday to the little girl!

  9. hanh!
    i'm in love with the eyelet bodysuit too!
    the holes makes it unique!
    you look gorgeous in all photos!

    oh, i want that boot!
    i'm crossing my fingers and toes for that boot!

  10. hanh!
    i'm in love with the eyelet bodysuit too!
    the holes makes it unique!
    you look gorgeous in all photos!

    oh, i want that boot!
    i'm crossing my fingers and toes for that boot!

  11. Oh wow the YSL shoes are amazing! For a second I thought you cut your hair in the second photo. :P

    Thank you for replying to the email earlier, it was helpful :)


  12. Great outfit, as always, amazes me how you look so well put together all the time with two young girls, two puppies and parents staying! I take my hat off to you!


  13. Looking great as always, amazes me how you look so well put together with two young girls, two puppies and family staying over! I take my hat off to you!

  14. HI Hanh! :)
    Love the yellow bottom to your YSL boots!! fab!! these grey boots are so beautifuk! please enter me in for these giveaway! :)
    magpie-girl.blogspot.com xx

    ps Im doing a giveaway at the end of this week! so keep an eye out! :)

  15. I have so many good reasons why those shoes should be mine ;)
    1)I never won anything:(
    2)I want so much peep toe uncle boots
    3)Grey boots are welcome as I do not have this color in my shoe collection
    4)I'm shoeholic, what means I can take care well about those cuties booties:)

  16. Absolutely loving your outfit – but then again, in all seriousness, when do I not?? Ahh all black ensembles are fabulous, though not so great when it's extremely hot! Mmm I love that flash of yellow (thank you YSL!) but then again, who doesn't love YSL?! Also love the contrast between the eyelets, the transparency of the body suit with the flowing, opaque skirt. Keep up the blogging! xxx Deborah


  17. hi hanh! how have you been? very gorgeous as usual!

    the eyelet bodysuit looks great on you! ive been eyeing this piece for a while too!

    great giveaway… please put my name in to join! ;)

  18. That is an amazing pair of boots!! I have a problem with shoes! lol…Please don't let people's negative comments discourage you! I adore your blog and you defintely inspire my style!!

  19. I love theeeeeeem! What a color!
    I would be delighted if I got these.
    But even if I don't, your outfit is great, as always. You really know how to transmit your personality through clothes.

  20. i love that top hanh! and perfectly paired with that very unique skirt. Simply amazing.

    Oh and i hope i win that shoe. I've never won anything really so i don't join these kinds of raffle but with this shoe am putting all my faith and hope ill be selected. hihihi.

    have a great day!

    Denise Lozada

    I Am Denise Katipunera

  21. Hi sweetie!!
    Did you receive your latest order? ;)
    I'm just waiting for your posting!!! :-D

    I've just admired your CK 4 Topshop gray jumpsuit set! The body suit is also terrific!! I'm very much in love with the eyelet leggings!!! Received tons of compliments for them already and they were worth the investment at all! :-D

    Wishing you and your family a happy Thursday, darling!!!
    much love + xoxo sofie

  22. LOVE your shirt!! I usually don't like mesh and see through shirts but I love that you wore it is a way that is not gratuitous! Pick me!

    Michelle Terrance

  23. i've been looking for nice examples of the ysl booties that you have on here. they're wonderful with your beautiful skirt.

    big hugs to you, sweetie!

  24. Love the various sized grommets on the bodysuit! And your YSL boots!! Swoon. They look like wedges from the front but ta da, high heels in the back!

  25. these bodysuit is awesome, but only know how to wear it – you know it the best and look in it goregous <3
    skirt is adorable


  26. I love how you put the body suit that has all the metal with the femininity of the exposed bra. So interesting!

    Love your blog– you're so creative!

  27. Hi Hanh, what a great outfit, I do love your skirt and the bodysuit really works so well with it! I nearly bought the same but I decided to get the little lace one shoulder dress. Such a cute range from Christopher Kane – doesnt he look like a lovely guy too! x

  28. When I stumbled across your blog, I could not believe Dallas had a fashionista! My family just moved to the Preston Hollow area, and I'm based in Paris. I feel like we are alike on so many levels! Bravo for being such a well-dressed/well-travelled Dallasite :)


  29. Gorgeous combinations – I was not such a big fan of the CK collection when I saw it online, but i LOVE the bodysuit now. It looks great on you, especially paired with that lovely skirt :)

    Thank you for all the inspiration you provide

    Wishing you a brilliant day,
    Helen A

  30. I don't really like this body suit (I know I know, everybody talks about it) but I must admit that you wear it very well!

  31. hanh thank you so much for the wonderful comment. i know u are super busy so i appreciete the fact that u visited my blog. i did not get a new cam or lens. my bf still uses the same one. we just played in photoshop with the lighting part so we made it darker in the corners. maybe i'll do a tutorial on it one day so that others can do that as well. its not very tricky but it takes time to play around with the lighting effect till u achieve exacltly what u want.

  32. Fantastic blog, love the fashion risks you take! And your contests are awesome. Would love a pair of grey peep-toe booties…(but not as much as your YSLs!)


  33. As always you impress me. I love the skirt totally totally love it. I almost want to try a diy skirt like that with the ruffles.

    Your husband has good taste :)
    Omozele Okosun

  34. Ive been reading your blog for some time now and have never commented before, i'd just like to say you have an amazing style and I can't wait till i'm older and can afford clothes as nice as yours!

  35. really awesome ! looking great and shoes just gorgeous..thanks for sharing .. i found something stylish for you just check DC Shoes uk…

  36. I've been seeing the Kane for Topshop a lot lately and I really like it! Hopefully I'll find a few discounted pieces this weekend when I'm in the UK. Love the bodysuit on you and the combination of the CDG skirt!

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend with your family :)

  37. That CKane bodysuit looks beautiful on u Hahn. Molto bella!!!!! I love how you combined that bodysuit with that skirt. Great silhoutte on you darling. Have a wonderful weekend with the hubby and the girls…what are they going to dress like?

  38. Hello, Hanh!

    The body suit is gorgeous and is your skirt. Missed that YSL too. ;) As usual you look fab.

    I hope I'll win again. I don't have an open-toe bootie yet inside my closet. ;)

  39. hey gorgeous. You look amazing as ever. I love the pieces, the bodysuit is very seducing;)

    Your husband is so nice to take photos of you, my is not always in the mood to do it.

    xoxo zola

  40. Hello Hanh!

    Holy Moly ,…. you already received 101 posts… how do you handle them all ;) WOOOOOWWW!!! Your blog has become so popular,Hanh!

    I´m so in love with your mesh Comme des Garcons skirt! Looks so stunning! BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL!!!


  41. I hope I'm not too late…thanks for the giveaway. I love these booties!!

    Great outfit as always. Bet you're having fun right now with Halloween!

  42. Hi Hanh love your eyelet bodysuit! Out of all the bodysuit's swimming around everybody's blog yours is the most unique..=) and yey another contest I hope I win this time.. How was your Halloween celebration with your girls? I bet they super enjoyed it..=)

  43. Beautiful outfit, just the perfect amount of edginess. Love it. Your style is so fab, and I look forward to all your fab outfits :)

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