Luna, New member of the family

My big girl has been dreaming about having a puppy for a long time. Finally, we surprised her with a puppy as her early birthday gift. She was very excited, jumped up and down, had tears in her eyes and said” my dream has come true! For the first time I am crying with joy”…so sweet!!!. She named her girl puppy LUNA. Luna is a toy poodle and she’s very adorable, with a sweet personality. We easily fell in love with her. My kids play with Luna like a human baby or a toy…poor Luna! I can see how Luna becomes so tired when she’s in my kids’ hands.After about 10 days having Luna, I felt like I have a newborn baby. It has a lot of work for a puppy. Just be patient for potty training, things will get easier!!!. I would like you all meet Luna, new member of family.

These pictures were taken on Sunday last week. We were ready for going to visit a relative.

My big girl, she’ll turn 8 years old next week.
My little one, she turned 6 years old 2 weeks ago. She has a silly personality.
I wore embellished hoody and joggers by Christopher Kane for Topshop, Sam Edelman boots.To be fair, I kiss or hug one girl and do the the same to the other girl. So, they are not jealous.Wishing you all a wonderful day!!!
Thank you everyone for visiting my blog and comment!!!
Big hugs…Hanh;-)
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55 thoughts on “Luna, New member of the family

  1. omg!
    luna is soo cute and she's getting fashionista
    like her lil'!
    true! i can tell that lil' girl (youngest daughter) has
    silly personality. she's a fresh lil'!
    while big sister is so prim and reserved type.

    hanh- i adore your outfit here.
    i've never seen a stylish hoodie and sweat pants like tis.
    have a good night!

  2. omg!
    luna is soo cute and she's getting fashionista
    like her lil'!
    true! i can tell that lil' girl (youngest daughter) has
    silly personality. she's a fresh lil'!
    while big sister is so prim and reserved type.

    hanh- i adore your outfit here.
    i've never seen a stylish hoodie and sweat pants like tis.
    have a good night!

  3. Aaawwww happy birthday to your princesses and congratulations to your new baby/pup!!!! It is a lot of work to train a puppy but it's all worth it :)

  4. congrats on your new puppy! when our dog was a puppy, it was a lot of work but definitely worth it. small dogs are very bright and quick at learning tricks/being potty-trained. just be very consistent with the "rules." crate training helps with the potty training too! : ) good luck!

  5. ooooh my god, how sweet is Luna?? adorable!
    and you girls are always so beautiful and stilish! I used to have a pair of pink camperos too, a lots of year ago! :D

    your look is great, those pieces from Kane collection are two of my favorites!
    have an amazing weekend!

    PS: thanks to "our error" about topshop gift card, my boyfriend has finally decided to take me to London as soon as possible! And even if he's not attracted by this city (he's mad!!), and usually forbid me to shopping while we are travelling, he said that this time he will turn a blind eye on it! ;D so I should thank you two times!!!

    big kisses


  6. Hi Hanh, what lovely shots, your puppy is very cute and so are your beautiful girls, hope you have a great weekend, Pearl x

  7. Hanh! Awwwwwww!!!! she is sooooo cute! :) Im such a doggy person we have three dogs which is actually the leasta mount we have ever had! But you are right they are alot of work!! Love this outfit on you! Can i ask do you wear flats? Or are you just a heels girl? I would love to see a post of you in flats or a post of all your flats like how yu did with your heels in sea of shoes post.. I wear flats alot for work and would love to see how you glamour up flats. :) xx

  8. Aaaah so cute! We have a puppy (Maddox) for two weeks now! Never leave his side! Puppies are so fun to be around!

  9. Hanh- you have the most adorable children ever and your pictures are amazing! Luna is so cute as well! Congratulations on expanding your family. Having a dog is so rewarding and fun- you'll love it :) Thanks for sharing this will all of us!
    Enter my GIVEAWAY!

  10. Ahhh, these pictures are ADORABLE! What I love the most is the joy and love you can see on your big girl's face when she holds her puppy…it is so heartwarming:)

  11. Oh, she is precious!!!! I had a poodle before and wanted one again, but here they are UGLY and have long tails, so I went for a cocker and adore my little Oscar to bits. But if you do need any info on how to look after poodles, you are more then welcome to get in touch. It will be my pleasure. I love them dearly.
    Adore her name, too. Very beautiful.
    Good luck with toilet training. It does take time, but she will soon learn. And don't forget to buy her LOADS of toys, so your furniture is safe. :) ))
    Have a nice weekend!


  12. hi hanh, he's so cute, so your daughters too. They look like the mommy. You look amazing although not dressed up and casual. Love your hair-cut. Wish you and your family a lot of fun with your puppy, i have one too.

    xoxo zola

  13. Oh, what fun! A new puppy…how exciting for the girls! And I love the name Luna. These are such great photos of you and your daughters. Three pretty girls, no doubt about it, and all so stylish!

  14. soooooo sweet!
    It is a nice gift to a child especially if the child learn how to be responsible for a puppy.
    You girls are lovely, and the puppy is soooooo cute!!!!!

    nice post!

  15. awww happy early birthday to your oldest girl! Luna is adorable!!! what a sweet little puppy!
    Love the eyelet two piece by Kane for Topshop.
    happy weekend

  16. Luna is the cutest lil thing ever!!! She looks like a pretty stuffed animal. As always, you look amazing, and your daughters are just as beautiful as you are. Have a great weekend. Kisses!

  17. You guys made her day perfect, that is for sure… both of them are so sweet! Not difficult to see who their mom is, they look like you and they dress like you, stylish and chic..!
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  18. Awww what a cutie ! And by the way
    my dog is named Luna too ! :D haha

    your girls are simply adorable <3
    you seem to be a great mom


  19. Hi Hanh!
    Ahhh, the little puppy is so cute.
    Can you imagine I didn´t realize it´s you in the first picture! Thought it was another girl.. you look so young in that picture…. and fabulous stylish as always ;)


  20. Your new puppy is adorable! Like a little teddybear. My boyfriend's family just got a new puppy and I understand what you're saying about how it's like having a baby around. It gets so tiring but they are so worth it! Love your blog!

    -Lara from ClosetCat

  21. Hey there. Great photos. So adorable. Happy Sunday to you. I hope you've been enjoying the weekend. Take care. Good luck with the week ahead. Cheers!

  22. Luna looks so cute and it seems like the kids really enjoy her!

    The last pic is so adorably nice. Love the expression of your eyes and how the kids have such big happy smile!

    Have a great Sunday to the family (including Luna!)



    When you've send me that lovely email I had no idea what would expect me here on your blog!

    Luna is drop dead gorgeous! I'm melting away and jumping up in front of my screen!!! My Mr came along ad was asking me what the reason is – and he can't stop smiling now!
    What an uber cute bundle of joy that puppy is!
    And now half the world is in love with him/her/it :)
    What a most gorgeous, most wonderful present to your daughter!

    And well, I can follow – puppies are a lot of work :) but on the other hand you'll receive a lot back. The smile of your kids and the friendship and the love of this cute little dog!

    I'm very sorry for my long absence in commenting, my precious! Now I'm having a little time and wanted to visit your blog and to send you some hugs and kisses!

    I'm very happy to hear that your parents are staying for a couple of months – that's fantastic! Please give your beautiful mother and your fabulous father my very best regards!
    I'm sure you're enjoying your time together.

    Sending you a big, biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig, skyscraper high hug and a biiiiig, biiiiiiiiiiig kiss!!!
    much love always, dearest Hanh!

  24. CONGRATS on the new puppy!! Luna is adorable!!!
    my bf and I love dogs, i think if we could we would have 10… well my bf atleast haha.

  25. LUNA is soooo adorablee!!! I love dogs. We are still trying to train our pup (also a poodle but mixed) and it's def tough. Please post any tips you have cause we sure need it all! =)

  26. you have a beautiful family! luna is too cute! i feel ya on the dog training aspect. we just had a new addition to our family as well, a lab puppy:) he's a joy, but training him can be frustrating at times. Best of luck with Luna:)

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