Moxsie Give-away Gift

Thank you Julia from Moxsie for give-away gift this time. It’s the Hellz Bellz cropped crew neck sweatshirt, click here to see more details of the sweatshirt. It is a perfect casual top for fall to wear on your casual day. To enter this give-away gift, you just simply submit a comment and it will randomly pick a winner. The winner will be announced on the next post. Make sure to leave your name, and GOOD LUCK!!!!! This contest just apply for US readers only. I’m very sorry to my sweet international readers, and don’t disappointed-please stay tuned for next give-away gift that apply for everyone.
Moxsie launched in January for independent fashion designers that are affordable and pretty hard to find. Also, they donate a portion of their proceeds to a charity that you get to choose during check out. I hope you come back to visit their site and support them as much as I do!!!

The Tuck-In

The tuck-in is one of hot trends that everyone can wear. This style is great for day or evening. It’s also give you a edgy, whisper sport-chic. Great trousers and fabulous over-ankle length or calf-length boots will do the look. For more extreme, you should go for this season thigh-high boots to get the inspiration look of Isabel Marant F09 as I posted it in the past post(lick here to see). In this post, I wore Balenciaga jacket, F21 tank top, Mayle trousers, Lezilla boots, Lanvin bag and The Wood bracelets. Thank you to you all for sweet comments.

Wishing everyone a wonderful day!!!! big hugs…Hanh!!!

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69 thoughts on “Moxsie Give-away Gift

  1. I love how you wear such expensive clothes but still manage to throw in items from F21 and other affordable stores in your outfits. oh and I love the sweatshirt, would love to win! Thanks, Allyn W.

  2. Love the top. Too bad I can't enter. And you look gorgeous as usual. I especially love the fact that you always find these amazing photo shoot locations.

  3. hi hanh!
    it's very fabulous outfit and
    you always look gorgeous always.
    yay! actually, i worn my trousers yesterday and
    tucked in my shirt too.
    i will post it soon!

    have a great morning and good day ahead!

  4. hi hanh!
    it's very fabulous outfit and
    you always look gorgeous always.
    yay! actually, i worn my trousers yesterday and
    tucked in my shirt too.
    i will post it soon!

    have a great morning and good day ahead!

  5. Hi Nini, I really love the tucking in of loose pants with boots too! Good luck to everyone in your competition (I'm in the UK),
    Pearl xx

  6. Hanh, incredibly styled outfit. I'm in love. Seriously wow. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous….obsessed with yours and Nini's blogs…

    they are perfection!

  7. you're so beautiful! i love that you're not afraid of being a fashionista and a mother all at the same time. so cool!


  8. Oh My God!

    You're awesome. You look amazing. I like your style so much much much *puppy eyes*.

    The trousers, the jacket, the shoes! Great combination!

  9. Looking good, Hanh! I had a funny comment from a COP the other night when I tucked in my pants in the boots. hahaha

    - Vyvian

  10. I love your outfit, Hanh! Gorgeous badass booties you have there! And Lanvin will never go wrong!

    Have a fab week ahead!

    Love, Adela

  11. the give-away piece is FLAWLESS
    as a college student, something like that is complete perfection to throw on when running out the door to class
    and i absolutely love the boots with the pants..great pairing of pieces
    the brushed hew of the cropped jacket is so chic, simple, and a beautiful architectural piece
    love it darling!!

    check out my blog @

  12. Hanh…you are always so fashion forward and lovely! I enjoy all your posts. Maybe you can wear purple soon….

    Chantrell Steward

  13. Any chance if you will be getting rid of the jacket one of these days? I will be waiting.. ;)

    Love the outfit, it's a killer!

  14. Just got back and I'm catching up on all your posts. I must say my favorite is the zipper vest you posted a few posts back… incredible! Also congrats on getting the Ann D buckle corset. Happy birthday to your little girl by the way. She looks so adorable in her self-designed pink dress! Hope you and your family are having a lovely week so far! :)

  15. Hanh, your site has become a must-read. I appreciate not only your chic style, but also your positive and thoughtful approach to life in general. Thank you in advance for including me in the giveaway drawing.

  16. Hi Hanh.
    You always care so much about your posts ;)
    I remember you wore this stunning Balenciaga jacket back in NY!
    Your whole look is adorable as always!!!

    How sweet to read about the little surprise for your daughter! I´m sure she will be head over heels in love!

    Happy sunny day to you and your family!

  17. I love the color and architectural shape of the jacket, it really pops from your entire ensemble! I love your site and check it often for inspiration :)

  18. Hello, Hanh!

    I finally got to wear your necklace giveaway! I didn't know if I wore them well but more outfits to pair with them soon. ;)

    Love the Lanvin bag and the Balenciaga jacket. They're so cool just like you and so uber chic! :)

    Have a love day ahead!

  19. Hi Hanh! Thanks for commenting on my blog :) Yes, I know how you feel about not being completely up to date with technology. Hopefully my Macbook Pro doesn't fail me now!

    I haven't seen the MyTouch yet! Did you figure out which one to buy yet? :)

    Hope you're having an amazing day with your family!


  20. Hanh i hope you're blog continues forever. i love your style, very fashion forward! i just love love everything about your blog the photos are awesome. your 2 daughters make me want to have daughters too! more power and God bless!

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