Pink Sky// Give away Gift

Pink Sky
I felt like to mix relaxed elegance style from Dries Van Noten with strong-edgy from Rick Owens. I wanted something that’s radical for night out with my husband after the big storm last night. Here this is how it looks. I wore The Row legging, F21 tank, Dries Van Noten scarf, Rick Owens jacket and my new Proenza boots. Love this Dries Van Noten scarf.
RO jackect, love the spiky wings at the sleeves.Beautiful pink sky. These Proenza boots are awesome and very radical. Love love the lace-up and details. The yellow trim is just a cool touch. GIVE-AWAY GIFT—- GIVE AWAY GIFT……This post is exactly 100th post on my blog..;-). I would like to take this opportunity to thank you everyone for your continuing support, taking your time to visit my site and your sweet comments. I greatly appreciate it as always and I would like to give-away gift-a $100 gift card at your choice of store. Everyone can enter this give-away gift. You just simple submit a comment and it will randomly pick a winner. The winner will be announced on the next post. Make sure to leave your name. Gook luck to you all and have fun!!!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekday with your family and friends.!!!!

Love you all!!!Hanh;-)

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230 thoughts on “Pink Sky// Give away Gift

  1. What a gorgeous sky!!

    you look fabulous as usual Hanh

    oh just a quick note, I was watching the Rodarte show video on and I saw you sitting in the background behind kirsten dunst!!
    I thought that was so cool – and just thought you might want to check yourself out!!

    take care

    x Chloe Lou

  2. Such a stunning effect, I love the combination of the surreal sky and the reflections on the ground! You are looking fierce yet elegant as ever Hahn :)

  3. Hannhhhh, I love love love and adore your Dries Van Noten scarf! It's so pretty on you! :) And what I really enjoy about your blog is that you take the time to go back and look at ours! That's so down to Earth of you and really cool. I also really appreciated the e-mail about how school comes first! <3<3


  4. Hi Hanh.

    I love the pink sky and the reflection of the pink-gray ground!
    It really gives more elegant look with your hard mix style.
    As always you look amazing.
    Have a great weekend!

    love, shiki

  5. whatever you wear you always look so modern and chic – even if I don't like every part of your outfit, the whole combo is always just stunning;

  6. Beautiful combination of Rick Owens and Dries van Noten…two of my favourite designers! I love that your outfit is still very edgy but is offset by the scarf. I wasn't too sure on the Proenza boots before but am slowly warming up to them, they look great on you.

  7. wow this shoes are so gorgeous! and the details on jacket sleeves is stunning!!!

    another give away!! I hope to win this time! 😀

    kisses and have a nice weekend!

  8. What a great outfit…! I can't get enough of those wings – never seen anything like that before, at least nothing I wanted to wear. You look amazing!

  9. hey Hanah!

    Your blog is amazing… I'm reading it for quiet some time now and I must say I adore your style. You are not only a fashionista but also a mother! I wish there were more mums who'd care about thier style!

    And I was soooo surprised when I saw your comment at my wall! I felt so excited… OMG!!!
    hehe Tnx so much Hanah!

    I hope you'll are a great weekend


  10. Hi Hanh on a rainy friday afternoon!

    Coool Proenza Schouler boots!
    Love your Dries van Noten scarf, the sequins, the black "extra ribbon" with the pearls…. awesome!
    And It matches so perfect the pink sky!

    Have a wonderful weekend ahead!!!

  11. I usually dont post comments just ogle at your pictures and wish I could be a fabulous mum like you when I become one. but $1oo dollars is at stake so I looked for the "post a comment"

  12. Hi Hanh!
    Thanks so much for visiting my blog! I'm loving yours- and the photography…WOW! Love it! Love those Proenza boots, the yellow trim just adds so much to the shoe. And that Dries scarf! I would die for it- it's gorgeous!! But then I'm a scarf person :) Great post- can't wait for future ones!

    Have a great weekend

  13. Hi Hanh,

    I love those Proenza Schouler boots and have been looking for them everywhere! But it's not easy given where I live. Could I ask you where did you get them?


  14. the jacket and shoes are breath tak'n….i wish i was brave enough to wear those pants….

  15. Only two bloggers I've seen with those rad boots: you and jane a!
    you're so lucky to have acquired those boots and rocking them! :)
    always love your style and how you mix feminine soft pieces with the edgy ones like everything from your rick owen's collection! 😀

  16. I have been following your blog for some time now and I must say, your photos and clothing are getting more and more beautiful with every post. I have a gigantic crush on that Dries scarf – – or rather, everything that Dries does, but you always manage to use your Dries pieces in unexpected and exciting ways. It's very refreshing to see how you compose your outfits.

    -Hannah S.

  17. Hi my name is jennifer from SF,CA. and i love your blog..check in once in awhile to see where you've traveled…love these photos thank you for updating as frequently as you do =OP

  18. Mmmh Actually What I like the Most on your Stunning boots is that their radical creative side gladly comes along with a Dark uncluttered One, . . . highly "twisted" by the "Snake-likesque" yellow trim AND the wood effect's "Cow Girl-esque" vibrancy !!!
    ps: This Pink sky is simply Enthralling.
    Hope you're Well Dear.

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  19. Love your The Row leggings!!! When I was younger I used to believe moms could not be fashionable. I was obviously wrong! Your outfits always inspire me 😀

  20. Hi Hanh! I too think that Dries and Rick Owens often make the perfect combination. They balance each other out, but still manage to look edgy together!!!!

    I hope you're having a wonderful day!

  21. Hanh, I always look forward to reading your posts with that unique blend of fashion & travel! Thanks for your help (re: RO boot sizing). As for your outfit, I love the combo of layered softness and edginess. Perfect!

  22. love the new shoes! ur awesome for thinking ab ur readers all the time :) i cant believe its been 100 posts already. i remember when u didnt even have a blog and i was looking at ur pics on ninistyle!

  23. Hi, CONGRATULATIONS on 100 posts!!!

    You look totally fabulous, I love the boots and the jacket!! Those little wings, OMG. And the sky behind is perfect. I checked the video from the 1st comment and I saw you!!!! LOL, so amazing, behind one of my fave actresses.

    Have a great weekend, take care.

  24. Congrats on your 100th post, Hanh! And you sure did make everyone here so inspired with each of your stylish post!

    Lovely outfit as always! You are very edgy and you easily pull off this look!

    Cheers to a thousand more posts and beyond! =)

  25. Hanh, I love those proenza boots!!! I saw Jane Aldridge from sea of shoes had them as well… It seems the pointy toed booties are very popular this season. I just wanted to say that I greatly enjoy your blog postings… not only the fashion, but your poise and MAKEUP!!!! You have impeccable style…

  26. I can't believe I have never commented on your blog before and I visit everyday. It's a great blog.

    I love the sleekness of the looks that you post and I really love this Rick Owens jacket. The wings are nice and whimsical but I really love the sharp collar.

  27. Hi Hanh. I started thinking about having kids lately, and even though it won't be for a while (my husband is younger than me!) I admire the way you still make time for yourself and your passions even while you are a full-time mom. Thanks for giving me a great example.

  28. I have been following your blog for quite some time now and I can't say enough how much I enjoy it!

    I love your style and your ability to incorporate such artful fashion pieces into outfits that are suitable for dining and even everyday wear.

    Those boots are AWESOME! You definitely make it work so well with that look.

    Great giveaway, you are too generous!


  29. Congratulations for your 100 post. See you at 1000! I'm from Romania and every morning when i came to work i'm checking your blog for new posts. Sincerly you're an inspiration to me Hanh! {}

  30. This is the favourite shooting of yours I think, everything looks so dramatic with the pink sky in the and I love how you combine all black with a touch of pink [purple?]!=O


  31. Wow, I really love these photo's, especially with the sky in the background! And youalways look so pretty, Hanh!
    Another great outfit! I also love those skarfs, and your boots are awesome 😀
    Hope you had a good night out :)

  32. Hey you !
    News on :
    – Betty and Alix the two web-figure of Chanel
    – Olivia.A one of two creators of Daily-Women :)

    Come on.
    See ya, xx

  33. dear hanh,
    I check out your blog for lond long time, but i never thought about saying something. I think you have great style, beuty, family.. I'm only 17 y.o. now, but in some way i felt in love with You :) you're style is so pure, and you are the most charming person i have ever seen. I think that the 100 post is the best moment to say some words to you. i hope you will run this blog forever and ever. i really love it, (not only me)
    i read your blog with my mom , who is also really impresst.
    we are from Europe, we live in small country in Polend near Krakow. I wish you visit Polend soon, an show it on Live in Travel. it's really different country.
    i wish, someday i will have a chance to visit as much places as you have been.

    sory for my langauge..
    hear, we have only 5 houer of english weekly :)

    best wishes Dear.. you have fabolous live, and family, and your dothers are so cute, as You :))

  34. Hi Hanh ~
    You and your style are so inspiring! I love your taste and how you mix your clothing together. Love your edgy style! The Proenza booties are so fabulous. Did you see that Jane got them too? :)
    Have a great weekend! Looks like the rain is on it's way.
    ~ Athena

  35. oh my GOSH…this jacket is so gorgeous!!!!!!
    the detail on the arm is so beautiful, and the boots are absolutely gorgeous
    the scarf is totally flawless, the detail on it is not only intricate but really adds something to the overall outfit
    can't wait to find out who wins the giveaway!!!

    check out my blog @
    or e-mail m:

  36. Thank you so much for visiting my blog Hanh…it means so much!!! I've been following your blog for so long now and so grateful that you stopped by!!! Congrats on your 100th post…and please pleasee keep posting!!

    I am so in love with that scarf its not even funny! it blends well with the sky! :)

    – Connie from The Ensemble Project (

  37. i probably have no chance in winning this but right now i don't even care because i just wanted to let you know you're my inspiration! hahaha, if I don't reach your level of ferocity i swear I'll never be truly happy 😉 gosh i think the term m.i.l.f should just be renamed to h.a.h.n. – the classier, fiercer version

    keep on werqin it gurlfran

  38. Congratulations on the 100th post. And more importantly, on this fantastic outfit. I'll be honest here….if you gave me 10 minutes in your wardrobe, I'd be looking to steal this exact outfit 😉

    Love it all.

    hope you have a great week my dear

  39. Hello there. Great post as usual. I really do enjoying seeing what you will post next. I hope you've had a wonderful weekend. Take care. Have a fantastic week ahead. Cheers!

  40. Thanks for creating such an amazing blog, you have killer style. And thanks for giving a lucky someone a $100 gift card, God loves your willingness to give.


  41. Hi Hanh!

    Your PS boots had me at "hello" when I first saw them on Zappos! Congratulations on such an acquisition. Your whole ensemble is just TDF, AND classic at the same time! How can you go wrong with "hard" (ie. the black leather) and "soft" (ie. the scarf and yellow trim) at the same time, right? Perfect balance! 😀

    Keep up the great work on your blog, it's always such a joy to read (and of course, I appreciate the effort you put into the visuals too)!

    xo, Shareen

  42. Never thought the light, pretty Dries scarf would go so well with a jacket that fierce! I'm going to try mixing light pretty things with fierce things myself too! Thanks!

  43. Hanh, your awe-worthy shoe collection has me lost for words… just when I thought it couldn't get any better -you showcase another fabulous pair. I'm a student so I don't get to even go on my own blog that often but even though I wish I got more time to visit interesting blogs such as yours, when I do have 5mins to spare, Life In Travel makes it worth it. So… I guess thanks!

  44. those shoes are gorgeous! they have so much going on, but not in an obnoxious amount. I love how the heel has that wooden touch; just perfect.
    Your style is always an inspiration to me and I love the way you place unlikely things together and somehow make them work.

    -Kirsten Khan

  45. I just recently found your blog and I love that you are a mom into fashion as I am as well! It's nice to see. Your edgy style is great and I love the travel pics. Well done!


  46. Oh Hanh, congratulations on your 100th post!! you look amazing as ever and I love the pinkish golden sky.. It matches with the golden brown details of your clothes! I just wanna say thanks for letting us in on your travels and your life tips! (and also mommy tips, although I'm not a mom yet) I hope you keep on posting as long as you want because you truly inspire us..=)

    ps. Those Proenzas are a killer!=)

  47. Hi Hanh 😀 He he.. i have been off-blogging lately due to workload increased. As usual, you look fabulous! Love the shoes you're wearing, because of the detailings. But at the same time it looks to me like the safety boots they used in factory. ;( And oh! you always have giveaways! That's really good! Have a nice day..

  48. WOW, amazing, I love, love, love thOSE BOOTS, the best I have seen this season Hanh, always very trndy and elegant darling, the RO Jacket is simple and perfect, congrats !!!!!!

  49. my first blog comment ever!
    besides having such impeccable style, I think one of the sweetest and kindest blogger ever. Not to mention you make us Asians look so damn chic. 😀
    Thanks for blogging about the typhoon here in manila. you don't know how it means to us.

  50. Hi Hanh!
    Been a long time follower ;)..just wanted to ask if you could post your blog onto the blog loving feeds so it's easier for us to have updates..Nini should be able to help!!
    Diane from Aust xx

  51. I always wonder how Americans pronounce Dutch names. Everytime I read a dutch name/brand the tone in y head switches from enlish to dutch and back.
    And those boots got some gorgeous details! They really fit your taste perfectly. And I love the yellow, lot's of people are scared of wearing yellow (don't ask me why :P)

  52. Hi Hanh-
    I know I'm a little late turning in my homework but I hope I'll win :) hihihi
    How are you??? I know you had a really busy week with your family and the kids I hope you can get some rest now.
    The proenza boots look FABULOUS ON YOU!!! Greg Asher aka ( our friend, remember him?) tried it on and it's looks really nice on him too.
    I hope you having a fabulous day and I talk to you soon.

  53. wow, great post! those shoes are INCREDIBLE! i've always loved them!

    hopefully i'll be the winner of the gift card, as i've always been an avid reader of your blog! and being a 15-year-old boy, you're such an inspiration!

  54. you're such a sweetheart! congratulations on your 100th post! wonderful! i love the dries scarf too. their embellishments are always exquisite. hugs and best wishes to you!


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