Pinkalicious. This title was named by my 6 year old girl. When she saw me wearing this outfit for dining out with my family she said “Mommy, I love your sweater and your lip stick color. It’s pinkalicious!”

The sweater is Yohji Yamamoto. This is my first time wearing over knee boots with shorts. Well after all, it’s too young a look for me. I should have tights underneath the boots, but I had no time to take the boots off and put them on again.

Alexander Wang tank, F21 shorts.
Necklace by Appartement a Louer.Jill Sander over knee boots.Pinkalicious. Its name reminds me of our trip to visit the Rose Garden in Portland, Oregon. It is one of the oldest continually running rose gardens in the United States and the world. This is what gives Portland the nickname the “City of Roses,” and is the host of a yearly Rose Festival and parade in June.
The garden features over 7,000 plants every year, representing over 500 varieties of roses and botanicals. The Rose Garden Arena hosts plays, concerts, and classical music concerts throughout the year. The best time for visiting is late spring through late summer, but it is very crowded in June during the Rose Festival when the park area comes to life with the powerful color of flowers and picnickers.

My great nephew and my two sweet girls.

Wishing you all a fabulous happy weekend with your family and friends!!!!
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62 thoughts on “Pinkalicious

  1. nice to see you're rugging up for winter!! :D …you look amazing just like you're posing for a winter magazine spread! the outfit is gorgeous & i love your make-up! ..the garden's pretty too!

  2. You certainly rocked this whole look, Hanh! And no, this is not too young for you at all. Plus, you certainly have the legs to show, so why hide them? =)

  3. I lovethis outfit and you are young enough to wer it, of course! The pink sweater is really nice. This outfit made you look really beautiful and chic! Kiss

  4. I like the cut and color of the tables of the Yohji Yamamot's sweater. A very versatile piece and wearable !!!! The garden I feel wonderful. A luxury space to enjoy …. a MUAA

  5. Oooh the "pinkalicious" sweater looks very cozy! And I don't think the thigh high boots w/o tights look is "too young" for ya… you look just fine.

  6. WOW! You always blow me away with you outfits! You are definitely not too young for this look! It looks gorgeous on you! Love that pink sweater as well! Great piece! Would love to get my hands on a vest like that!

    And such an CUTE and cool photo of the kids!

  7. OOooooh Honestly the way you wear these over-the-knee boots suits you perfectly (not to young ???!!! "Incredulity"), But if you want to match it with tights, I (modestly) think that polka-dots ones should be perfect to "Retro GLAMorize" their sexy/powerful Trendy Appeal . . .
    ps: "Pinkalicious" until your sweet lipstick !!!
    I wish you a Wonderful Week-end too Dear.

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  8. gorgeous yohji sweater- is this a fall 09 piece? i'd love to know where i could find! hopefully he will bounce back soon from the bankruptcy :(

    beautiful necklace, too! xx

  9. Pinkalicious*** Pinkalicious ***

    that´s what you are ;)
    Love that term and love your look.The black/pink
    Yohji Yamamoto jacket is stunning!!!!

    Enjoy your weekend with your family, Hanh!

    P.S.: Got last week my iphone and I looove it. It´s so easy to handle!

  10. HELLO GORGEOUS! I love your outfit! Haven't heard from you, I hope you're doing well!!! Enjoy your weekend and may you have a blessed week ahead!

    Love, Adela

  11. Hi Hanh-
    the sweater looks so good on you. You pull
    off the outfit really well even without tights.
    I'm off today so hopefully Loc and I will go take some
    photos for the blog.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  12. You are not too old for this look, Hanh! Everything you wear looks stunning on you…I don't know how you do it, but you just wear clothes so well. Beautiful roses too. :-)

  13. Beautiful sweater! Lovely boots. Chic lady. What more can I ask for? ;) You're pretty little girl was right. You look pinkalicious. :)

  14. Hanh, hi, in my humble opinion you give a whole new meaning to the words gorgeous, style, beauty and class. That outfit is great. I think the boots without leggings makes the outfit just so much more interesting. Leaves a little for the imagination.


  15. What a gorgeous sweater! Like a massive luxurious blanket…. So beautiful and cozy… I love the colour, too. Also adore the boots and frankly, the entire outfit. :)


  16. Yoo look amazinglicious!!! LOL Seriouslyy I love the boots with the shorts, and your necklace is fab!

    Your kids are the sweetest, take care :)

  17. I love how your little girl is going to grow up and be every bit as fashionable as you. You would be the new mom and daughter traffic stopper!

  18. Your little girl says the cutest things!=) you are never too old for any outfit because you pull them off so well with your confidence and positive disposition!=)

  19. hanh- your daughter is so cute.
    she has a good vocabulary.
    pinkalicious sounds sweet.

    you look glamourous as always.
    i adore how the cape matches your make up.

    have a great day!

  20. hanh- your daughter is so cute.
    she has a good vocabulary.
    pinkalicious sounds sweet.

    you look glamourous as always.
    i adore how the cape matches your make up.

    have a great day!

  21. hey hanh, so cool outfit. Love the necklace and your overknee-boots, the heels have the perfect shape. Your daughters are so cute.

    xoxo zola

  22. you look amazing!! pink-tastic!! :) thank you so much for your comment on my blog Hanh, really appreciate it, some bloggers like to keep an air of mystery about things like the fashion shows.
    love the rose photos, they are my fav flower :) xx

  23. Wou look good. who cares how old you old are. As long as you have the body for it. Wear what you like. I think it looks great without the tights.

  24. wonderful pics! The one with your little kids is my favorite!

    about your look what can I say… just fantastic! pinkalicious is the right word to decribe it! the sweater is so gorgeous and the boots…. perfection! I think that you look great even without tights! also, in this post you remind me a lot at Yoon-jin Kim who impersonate Sun in Lost tv series! when she wears long hair is so similar to you!!!

  25. Haha, your daughter is so awesome! And so are your boots – they look fab on you <3 I actually think I NEEED those boots of yours :p

  26. Hanh, I really love this look! The sweater and the boots are incredible :) And you look great in the shorts and boots combination. You rock it!

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