Kyoto, Japan // Black modern Kimono

Black Modern Kimono

Every time I wear this Ann Demeulemeester belt, I need help from my hubby to buckle them for me. He also tells me every time that I look like a mental patient in a fancy straight jacket!!! To me, I feel like I’m going back into the old days when women wore their corset underneath their dresses for tightening the waist as small as they could. For this look, the Ann D belt and wide-flare sleeves Jean Paul Gaultier dress from last year- It felt like a modern kimono. I enjoy wearing this belt very much.

Tights from Nordstrom. Steve Madden shoes.
And this is how I wore the Ann D belt last time-click here to view.
Talk about Japan, Kyoto is a town I love to visit and must visit if I’m in Japan. It has such a great character that you don’t see it in Tokyo ; charming-calm scenery, poetic-traditional sight. It has interesting culture and architecture, and in many ways is the cradle of Japanese culture. Kyoto was Japan’s capital and the Emperor’s residence for centuries, until 1868. You will see hundreds of temples and shrines surrounding the town. We went to this trip right before we had a plan for having kids and we got tons of pictures. I couldn’t show them all in my blog, but I would like to share with you four places that we love.
Fushimi Inari Taisha shrine is about 20 minutes south of Kyoto. You easily spend hours walking up the hillside and taking beautiful pictures of Kyoto. Its made famous in countless photographs and movies, including Memoir of a Geisha, for the thousands of vermilion torii lining the paths to the shrine.
The Golden Pavilion is the best known temple in Kyoto, and one that you don’t want to miss. It’s north west of town. A tour guide is recommended.
Heian Jingu shrine is famous for having the largest torii in Japan. It also features a wonderful Japanese garden.Heian Jingu garden.Kyoto Imperial Palace built in 794. It was destroyed by fire and rebuilt eight times over of its long history. There is usually a pond in front of the shrines for you to clean and purify before entering them.We were in Japan in the
spring. There were many people going to the shrines to make a wish, and this is how it’s done: tighten paper on a string and make a wish, as I remember…Wishing you all a wonderful, blessed day with joy!!!!
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70 thoughts on “Kyoto, Japan // Black modern Kimono

  1. Hi Hanh! that Ann D belt is such a treasure piece! really gives life to any outfit.. and your dotted tights are very cute but with a sexy vibe..
    the sceneries are gorgeous!

  2. You have such an interesting blog.

    I would totally wear that belt, if I weren't a yoga teacher, that has to dress and undress about six times a day.

    I love the idea of armor and bondage at once. This belt is kind of like woman breaking free of bondage, strong and powerful.

  3. its a beautiful belt and it does very much look like a corset. although not very comfy corsets truly do make a woman more graceful and sensual.

  4. Your outfit is perfect to its every detail! It certainly reminds of Japan at a unique way.
    I would like to visit Japan so much and see its different and beautiful culture…Until then I can look at your picures!

    Love, Danae

  5. I think that the cocktail Black modern kimono / strong oversized belt subtly illustrates the meeting of Tradition AND stylish avant-gardism . . .
    ps: I am Truly Always astonished by the way Japanese Gardens sound as an understated/transcending invite to Serenity. . . that your captivating/peaceful look highly epitomizes Here, beyond the Ocean !!!
    Re-ps: I wish you a Wonderful day too Dear Hanh.

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  6. Hanh, this outfit is so unique, I love it.
    I can't wait to go to Japan, that's on my long list of places to go after school. I like how you tied in your outfit with some travelling, you always make such thoughtful posts!

    Hope you're having fun w/ your family, thanks for keeping me updated here through your great blog :)

  7. hi hanh! definitely.. your outfit looks like a modern kimono! that belt is such a statement piece and ver versatile! you always look so good in everything you wear.

    im dreaming of going to japan too. ive only ever been to their airport on stopover. my husband loved it when he was there for work :)

  8. Visiting your blog is like visiting a fantasy fashion world, and you wear everything so beautifully…I am in awe of your wardrobe, and your flair for putting things together! :-) The photos of Japan are lovely as well…thank you for sharing them.

    PS: Would you mind telling the shade of lipstick you are wearing in this post…its gorgeous!

  9. Hi Belinda,
    I normally don't wear redish color lipstick. So, I don't own one. I borrowed L'Oreal 403 Sheer Juniper (it's a little bit dull red) and I mix with Chanel-Allure-pink Imagination to brighten up its color.
    I've been thinking to buy one red lipstick, since I started to love it.

  10. i don't know what i like better, that very avant garde Ann D creation, or the Kyoto travel photos. never mind, i want both! i've been inspired to visit Tokyo and now Kyoto. must make a plan to go…!

    lovely, lovely post.




    CHECK MY BLOG!! I wait for your opinion!





    CHECK MY BLOG!! I wait for your opinion!


  13. I cannot say how much I love this outfit! It's so perfect! And so many great items without one thing standing out more then the other!
    Please adopt me!! 😛

  14. Hi Hanh!

    The one-and-only Ann Demeulemeester 14 buckle belt!!! So great you did another post with a black/black!Had to smile about your experiences 😉
    I guess while we woman love the belt men are somehow a little bit scared 😉
    I´m awaiting another white tee to wear it underneath and promise to do a post about the belt soon! I will send you another photo I found in the fashion mags about the belt.

    Happy sweet tuesday with your family, Hanh!!!!

  15. hey hanh, you look like a beautiful modern japanese doll. I love your outfit, the belt rocks. Wish you and your family a nice stay in Japan. Enjoy your life in travel:)

    xoxo zola

  16. Thank you for sharing the lipstick names, Hanh! I like mixing shades together to get the perfect custom color too, so I'm not surprised that's what you've done here. The pinkish/reddish tones are perfect on you! :-)

  17. Hanh, your blog is fantastic, I love coming to read about the latest episode going on in your life. Your wardrobe is also beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  18. Very cool look! Great idea pairing the corset belt with the flared dress. I visited Japan when I was a child, but really want to go back, because I don't remember too much of it anymore. I also think there are certain things you appreciate more as an adult. Hopefully I'll get there next year!

  19. love ur blog! u have such gorgeous photos and outfits, too! this belt is awesome! i agree, i like the corset feel to this belt just like back in the days.

  20. WOWWWWW those pictures. I would really love to visit Japan one day, although I know it would take me abot 20 yrs to save to go there for over a week. LOL

    You look stunning, and I love the belt.

  21. I have known for a fact that japan is wonderful place but looking at this photos makes it even more convincing. I also love the modern kimono outfit, very stylish.

  22. I like the modern version of Kimono. It is so stylish. It can be wear at any occasion. I really love how Chinese able to preserve those amazing structures. They are so unbelievable.

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