Hi everyone,
Hope you’re doing well. I’ve been busy at the house and with my kids’ schedule at school. I just found time to update my blog and haven’t been visiting your blogs as much as I want to – kinda miss you guys and your blogs. I deeply appreciate all of you for stopping by my site and leaving kind comments. Trust me, I enjoy reading every single comment. I wish everyone a wonderful day!
I don’t wear silver outfits during daytime, it’s too much attention for me. But, it’s perfect for a fun night out. I wore Pipit silver dress/tunic, Gareth Pugh leather scarf- love love this scarf, Jil sander over knees boots from F/W08 and The Woods necklace.
Again, wishing you all a fabulous day!!
Thank you for your continuing support!
Big hugs…Hanh;-)
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48 thoughts on “Silverlicious

  1. I do love your style and I think your relationship with your children is just adorable but I think your fashion is a little too out of my range :( I've stopped visiting so frequently because I know I can't afford even 90% of the stuff that you wear so I don't even want to tease myself.. haha.

  2. Hanh, you are beautiful! That silver dress is great and the scarf is amazing. I love your boots as well. You are one hot momma and wife and are so sweet. Your children and hubby are lucky to have you! Take care chica.

    Love & Aloha!

  3. hello hanh!
    it's amazing how you style that leather scarf in so many ways.
    yay! seeing that metallic dress reminds me to dig my metallic
    clothes too!
    very good accessories,hanh!

  4. hello hanh!
    it's amazing how you style that leather scarf in so many ways.
    yay! seeing that metallic dress reminds me to dig my metallic
    clothes too!
    very good accessories,hanh!

  5. Hanh! Long time no talk! I've been keeping up with your blog and I'm so loving your scarf and silver tunic combination. I hope your kids are having a wonderful time at school this semester. Are they looking forward to Thanksgiving break? Hope to hear from you soon! Take care and keep on posting :)

  6. Hi Hanh,
    I seldom comment but I love your blog and check it every day. Remember the post about your shoes? (lined up by the pool) I even printed that one to show my BFF :)

    This is a fierce scarf!

  7. Wow, amazing AMAZING leather scarf! I liked it at first sight, then scrolling down I thought "hm, is it actually a leather scarf?" and voila, it is! AMAZING scarf! :) Love how you wore it with this silver-ish dress!

    p.s. I'm a new reader and follower, but really like your blog already :)

  8. Yet another beautiful outfit, darling! Love the boots and the scarf (such a masterpiece!) All combined with the dress create such a gorgeous combination. Have a great day! X

  9. The metallic foil effect of the dress reminds me of Lanvin's crinkle silver shoes… very cool. Such a shame Gareth Pugh is so hard to find outside of London, or else I'd probably go broke buying his stuff. There's a dress in the same style as the scarf I was dying to get last season.

  10. jil sanders makes the best shoes for everyday use! i love your ensemble here, the scarf really adds a nice touch! 😀


  11. you are such eye candy, and i mean that in a very good way!!
    seriously love that dress- the wrinkled silver, the cut and silhouette….casual yet dressy. it's a label with which i'm not familiar, so i will do a bit of googling.
    and that scarf just blows me away. :)

  12. OKAY! I do believe a FABULOUS FASHION magazine should be created based solely on YOU and your INGENIOUS sense of STYLE! This outfit is without words other than: FABULOUS!:)

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    follow me

  14. Happy sweet friday, Hanh!

    Oh yes… I remember this fabulous shredded leather scarf when you wore
    it back in NY! Such a fabulous piece!!!

    Enjoy your weekend with your family!!!

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