Through The Woods in Fall

Just past Saturday, my daddy, my big girl and I wanted to follow the trail through the woods that’s near my neighborhood. We didn’t have much to do, since my hubby and my little girl were camping with her school. My big girl decided to go through the woods on her moped, my dad by bike, and I walked. We absolutely enjoyed our time with the beautiful fall day. It was truly great and perfect for me captured the natural color of the fall foliage during the walk. I love fall. It’s so romantic and has a poetic feel. Its color gives me a cozy, calm, peaceful feeling. It’s also an exciting season, to me.., when we bring out jackets, sweaters, gloves, boots, hat, scarf… My lovely daddy.
My big girl with her moped. Looking at her playing reminds me of my childhood-I also loved to play by the creek. Kids are very innocent and sweet! My pictures below were taken sometime last week. I was day dreaming during the shoot-the yellow of fall foliage distracted my mind from reality for a second. I was wishing I was somewhere up north, like Central Park, NY, enjoying the fall colors…
I wore Marni fur vest, Forever 21 yellow tank, Prada pants.Alaia clutch.Christian Louboutine Nitoinimoi suede/Nappa boots.Thank you to you all for stopping by my site and your kind comments. Wishing everyone a wonderful day!!!!kisses…Hanh 😉
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53 thoughts on “Through The Woods in Fall

  1. WOW! 1st comment??? Anywayy this pictures are amazing!!! I love the colors of the fall, all those yellow/red/orange leaves… ahh love it!

    And your girl is Love her little motor vehicle tee-hee.

    Happy Monday!!!

    PS: I heart your shoes!

  2. awesome shoots! I should agree with you that autumn is a wonderful season, for the colors which surround us!
    love your girls as usual and your outfit is amazing! love the fur and the pants so much!

  3. What beautiful scenery, I love autumn!
    Such a great outfit, I am attached to my fluffy vest lately and of course the CL's are stunning! I love the strap details.
    Pearl x

  4. The photos in the woods are beautiful & your girl's moped is so cute!

    Your outfit is perfect for fall & I love how original it is.

    Take care!

  5. i love fall, too, but i've truly forgotten what it feels like. fall was always my favorite time of year…sadly, i had to give it up years ago when we moved to the subtropics- proves you just can't have it all! :)
    lovely autumn images- i feel so wistful now! and i love how you've styled your look- casually chic with a glamorous fur bolero and edgy ankle boots.

  6. the moped is a great present and alternative to the usual "suv" to give children!!! thanks so much for the i can't wait for my niece to grow up!

    and those boots, girrl! i near died when i first saw them at barneys..those are breathtaking!

  7. Mmmh Actually I always see Fall as the Season of Melancholy, whose dazzling/crepuscular aesthetic is highly dedicated to stimulate Sensitivity . . .
    ps: You're simply Astonishing on the Rock Dear Hanh, so "Haughty wistfulness" !!!
    re-ps: I wish you a wonderful day too .

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  8. WOW,

    A designer disaster!!! You got so many designers pieces that is just plain ugly and your small boobs is hanging with that tank. I take this back from yesterday. This one is actually the worst outfit.

  9. Hi Hanh!
    How are you doing? Your colors of your fall photos are stunning!
    Beautiful nature!
    Your daughter on the moped-too cute 😉
    And Hanh… so stylish as always. Gorgeous Louboutin heels!!!

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