Venice, Italy: Magical City On Water

We visited Venice once, and we believe Venice is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It attracts millions of travelers each year. The city is built on the water, just two or four feet above sea level. Unfortunetly, it is rotting away, sinking slowly into the sea. It truly makes you a believer in fairy tales. Cars are banned, so the only way to get around this 5th century city is by foot or by watertaxi. You’ll be awed by the magical beauty. It is filled with extraordinary architectural masterpieces and art – The Peggy Guggenheim museum is amazing. Fine shopping and little stores are on every corner; some of the local specialties are carnival masks, Murano glass, and marble paper. Relax in the Piazza San Marco, feed hundreds of pigeons, visit the basilicas, drink a bellini at Harry’s bar, wander the romantic alleyways and bridges, and ride on gondolas through canals: These are just some of the unbelievably fabulous things to do. It’s really a perfect place for a romantic getaway. Gosh!!! Writing this post makes me want to visit Venice again, right away…It brought back so much sweet memories that’s filling my heart.
Piazza San Marco, with Bell Tower and Basilica San Marco ahead.

Basilica San Marco from the corner.High water in Venice, when the tide rises.In St Mark’s square (Piazza San Marco) with high water, they have to build the platform walkway.Magically, the high water is gone the next morning.St Mark’s square at night. Live music and seating outside of a cafeteria in St Mark’s square at night.Basilica Di Santa Maria Della Salute seen from Grand Canal.Gondolas are an icon in Venice.One of the narrow canals.Ponte Della Paglia bridge.Bridge of Sighs at night.Riatto bridge.Bell Tower, Doge’s Palace, St Mark’s square seen from seaside.Doge’s Palace. Tourists.Forever 21-Fun

Forever 21 sequin-faux fur jacket, tank, tutu skirt, new F21 leggings. Ysl pumps, Alaia clutch.

Wishing you all a HAPPY Thanksgiving day and a wonderful weekend with your family and friends!!!eat alot of pie, joyfully laugh and party hard with your loved ones!!

Kisses…Hanh 😉
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55 thoughts on “Venice, Italy: Magical City On Water

  1. I visited Venice for our honeymoon and we love the city…It's magical city on water as you said.

    Love your F21 outfit as well. You make the outfit looks so great.

  2. Venice is one of the most beautiful places in the world!! I love it and hope I get to go back again one day!!

    I love how your outfit incorporates different types of grey, you look wonderful:)

  3. the overhead picture of the gondola is beautiful. i love the red and black floorboard. i heard a funny saying about venice, "if you fall into one of the canals, you have cooties for life." LOL!
    I never knew that cars are not allowed. the buildings are so beautiful. thank you for sharing!

  4. wow, seeing photos from Venice wanting me to visit it so soon!
    i hope to visit that place someday with Mr. Freddy.

    Hanh- life is treating you so well.
    you're so blessed to have been to see many beautiful places in the world.
    you do great in all gray outfit. loving the metallic leggings.

    happy thanksgiving!

  5. wow, seeing photos from Venice wanting me to visit it so soon!
    i hope to visit that place someday with Mr. Freddy.

    Hanh- life is treating you so well.
    you're so blessed to have been to see many beautiful places in the world.
    you do great in all gray outfit. loving the metallic leggings.

    happy thanksgiving!

  6. Wow! You make F21 clothes looks high price clothing. This is your magic!!

    Is the water come up all the time like the picture when the tide rises?
    I want to visit sometime in the future, it's a beautiful country surrounded by rivers.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving day!

  7. Hi Fashion and Things,

    About the high water, when the tide rises. We were lucky to see it happened when we visited Venice in September, years ago. I heard it is more likely in fall. It's perfect time for visiting is in spring time or fall.


  8. uuuuuh this look is so sweet! love all the pieces (after a year, I'm still lusting on this pumps!)

    Can you belive it? even if I'm italian I visited Venice only once when I was 13! my boyfriend doesn't love this city so much (MAD!!!) so, since it's 9 year that we are togheter… no Venice anymore :(
    oh Hanh… if one day you will come to Bologna, say something! I would be very happy to meet you, even if only for a goodbye! 😀

  9. You look gorgeous!

    I have been in Venice in August this year for the first time and what an amazing city! I did go for a gondola trip! It was so wonderful!
    Your pictures are stuning!

  10. this is gorgeous, hanh! thanks for sharing ur pictures of venice! hope to visit the city one day:) love ur ballerina inspired outfit:D happy thanksgiving to u, too!

  11. I hope to visit venice one day! what marvelous pictures!! :)

    F21 looks great on you… you make those pieces look luxurious! Stay fab and lovely.


  12. I love those photos of Venice – such a beautiful place that I hope to visit on day.

    By the way that sweater you're wearing…I just recently left my job as a Visual Merchandiser at F21 and I remember seeing that sweater and being undecided about it. But somehow you managed to make it look so cute and high fashion. You really gave it some personality – it looks great on you.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving :)


  13. Even though we don't celebrate Thanksgiving I want to wish you a happy one :)
    And Venice looks gorgeous! Added it to my need-to-go-to wishlist. Oh the idea of great photo opportunities and small shops makes me all excited inside.
    And like very one else I love love love your shoes. Most platform shoes with stiletto heals feel so chunky but these are perfect (ofc).
    Aren't you afraid that your kids might steal your whole shoe collection when they're older? 😛

  14. your photos of venice are so beautiful and well-shot!they make me really want to go back!:D and your outfit is so inspiring,too!you make everything from F21 looks expensive 😀 that tutu skirt is very adorable, i must find it at F21 now! :)

    Happy Thanksgiving to you & your family!


  15. And I'm gonna say you're probably not gonna like: I think Venice is soooo overrated. It looks beatiful in pics, but the wild hordes of tourists, the smelly canals full of litter, the "vu cumpra" trying to sell fake gucci bags make it impossible to live in or even visit and experience the real charm of the city. Plus, I had an impression that when tourists leave (or stay in hotels) at night it's a ghost town. No real life, no real inhabitants, it's all a huge money-making industry now. Sorry for the deluge of words, but Venice is so cliche I couldn't help myself! BTW you look as lovely as usual!!!

    Can't wait to go there as this is a point on our list for next year!!! HURRAY!…
    Very, very beautiful pictures <3 <3 <3

    And very lovely pictures of you and your outfit. So awesome in different shades of gray.

    Dear Hanh, wishing you and your gorgeous family and all your friends a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

    Thinking of you and sending you hugs and kisses your way.

  17. thanks Hanh for your quick response.

    great photos. hope i can make it to italy early next year. i had to put off a short one for a few reasons. it's wet and cold this time of the year so i wonder if fall is really the season for sightseeing.

  18. darling Hanh, love you in those f21 pieces! how cute is the skirt?!
    your images of venice are stunning!what a beautiful beautiful magical place!so stunning.
    big kiss

  19. looking forward to my own trip to venice in the coming year (fingers crossed), AND PIE TODAY! love the leggings you're wearing here.
    do you celebrate traditional thanksgiving or with a vietnamese twist?

  20. Hi Hanh,

    Thanks for sharing. Above all, i can't stop but to feel that Venice is just a normal city after looking at you pictures. i am looking and expressing in a point of 'realistic' way. So please do not take it so personally :) Its impossible to be beautiful with the smell of water (doesn't looks good judging by the color :D) The multiple people walking around, could be overcrowded with their loud voices (Italian language as similar as Spanish, beautifully loud and aggresive and they are both my favourites) Nevertheless, it's a good place to parade our outfit! Gosh! i wished i was there to be part of the community! i felt as if there's an automatic 'self-confidence' will arise when we walk with int he crowd there. And no one will look at us as if we're alien from somewhere, simply because we dressed fashionably (i hate the place i'm residing now, its so not cool at all!) And also, because it is a floating city on water, many love stories are associated there. But their food are simply marvelous! Looove italian food, so rich and tasty! Yum yum! i do agree with 'assonnata' statement that Venice is overated at some point. Not just that,'Paris' or 'New York' could be as well. i personally feel there's a better place that we all should be aware of its beauty.

    As for your outfit, i do agree with Christine 'What was i thinking' that you really did a great job in pulling off those F21s in a very interesting way, it looked as if you're wearing a 'designer's' piece 😀 It's the style that counts, not the brand. Brand doesn't define us, but style does. People who have got no identity, goes for brand (most of the time), those with one, create their own style 😉 Bravo Hanh! Do more pics of your own pairings, i loove your ensembles.

  21. Hi everyone,
    How are you doing?
    Hope you all have fab Friday!!

    Hi Assonnata,
    Hi Styleantagonist,
    I didn't noted or remember that Venice has smell of water. I thought it's romantic, beautiful and fun to's maybe I went with my sweet lover who are my fab hubby…and everything was so wonderful…The smell of water disapeared on me 😉
    When were you guys there, recently? Let me know because it's too bad that Venice smells..because i love the city, especially St Mark's square.
    Thank you for visiting my site as always.

  22. Hi my super stylish tourguide Hanh! Another great post again.. Love the way you style your outfits the inexpensive and highend items just blend with each other creating the Hanh look..

    I know you're busy with all the festivities and family members staying in but I tagged you in my latest post.. Pretty easy tag, I think your girls would have fun helping you with it..

    Join my Perricone MD Giveaway!

  23. Sorry for styleantagonist and assonnata, but i live near Venice, and visited it so many times. First, ther's not smell of water, because it doesn't stay, but flow. I'm coming back from Paris, and i've never smell something worst, not only in metrostation, but also in the more famous corner, like Sacre Coeur Church at Montmatre. Venice, at night is a sleeping city as most of italian city, specially in north, and dipending on season.
    People speaking in high voice: when a lot of people stay in the same place, nationality makes no difference.
    Sorry but i find in your comment some racism, and prejudices on italian lifestyle.

  24. Oh i LOVE venice as well! Been there two times, the last was in early october this year. The tide water is so sad to look at, it makes me so happy I've been there to see the magic before it disappears!

  25. Venice is a magical city indeed.Just thinking about it makes my heart feel warm.I recently saw some pictures of the carnival and it's a must see.Especially Il Ballo del Doge,which is one of the things you must do in a lifetime.All those costumes,and the fact that it's held in a palace,I really think that for a few hours you might think you live in other times.Unfortunately not many could afford it,the entrance fee is about $1200.Plus the costume which would cost $500 to rent.Anyway for now I'm still lucky because I get to fly to Venice for $30 (round flight).I live in Romania which is pretty close to Italy.
    Btw,I looove your blog.I found it while googling a Rick Owens jacket.It was a joy for me to go through each page.I think that you are such a great women,you have beautiful daughters,you have a great sense of style and I admire you for that.
    I can't wait to see more :-)

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