Holiday Season

When Christmas arrives the Nutcracker is a classic show for the family. My kids’ school has the Nutcracker every year performed by kindergarten. This year is my little girl’s turn. The performance was yesterday and it’s beautiful. The kids were excited and they did a wonderful job. The Nutcracker truly brings you a cheerful, joyful of holiday feeling. Here are some pictures that taking on stage at the school.
She was a sugarplum fairy, which is the part she dreamed of being.

My big girl was attending the Nutcracker at her ballet school and she enjoyed her part being a mouse. The pictures were in back stage, unfortunately we wouldn’t allow to take picture during performance.We had our photo shoot for the kids and their puppies for our family Christmas card. Here are some pictures.

Luna, a toy poodle, was a model for testing lighting.

Goldie, a havanese, was ready for the shoot. She has beautiful green eyes.The last picture was picked out for the Christmas card. What do you think? It was hard to get all four girls to keep their eyes to the camera.Thank you everyone for supporting me and my blog.
Have a blessed and joyful weekend with your family and friends!!
Merry Christmas to you all!!!
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55 thoughts on “Holiday Season

  1. Hanh,your daughters are beautiful! Just like their momma. :) The puppies are so cute too… and what lovely pics of them in their ballet performance outfits! Hope you and your ohana are have a great holiday season! I'm sure you are.

    Take care & stay lovely dear.
    Love & Aloha, Sharon

  2. the picture you've picked out for your christmas crads is great ! Your girls are so beautiful and they look so lovely !
    It reminds me when I was a little girl I also acted a mouse at my ballet school !

  3. Hi Hanh, aw your girls are surely going to be top models so pretty! Thanks for sharing such heart warming photos, I did ballet as a child and on photo day we could wear any outfit from the props we wanted, I always went for the fairy! Your photos bring back fond memories, Have a great weekend, pearl x

  4. Very nice Christmaspictures:D
    In town they also put up the Nutcracker, but this yesr it is Cinderella, they do every other year.
    I'm not in it, because I dance elsewhere, snd we are having a show today, Awesome 😀

  5. wheewww!
    the little tots are so cute in their beautiful outfits!
    what a lovely christmas pictures!
    i think the first and the 2nd to the last photo
    of them are so perfect for christmas card.

    now that i've mr. freddy, wish i had a little girl too.
    i guess, it's more fun to dress up a girl.

    have a good day ahead!

  6. wheewww!
    the little tots are so cute in their beautiful outfits!
    what a lovely christmas pictures!
    i think the first and the 2nd to the last photo
    of them are so perfect for christmas card.

    now that i've mr. freddy, wish i had a little girl too.
    i guess, it's more fun to dress up a girl.

    have a good day ahead!

  7. Hey most gorgeous and most stylish mom in the world! Oh my…. Your daughters are getting more beautiful and more beautiful every day. And it's so lovely to recognize a part from you every time in their pretty and smiling faces :)
    I'm very glad to read and to see that all girls and the entire family is doing fine and that all is well in these very hectic days before Christmas holidays!
    The Nutcracker – how amazing and uber-cute is that?! All the pictures are a fairytale!
    Your girls look like the favorite little helper of Santa! 😀 Wonderful picture you've chose for the cards! <3 <3 <3 Your tree looks so marvellous and stunning!
    Would love to drink a hot chocolate with you while watching it! :) Will do our tree in end of next week, although the house is already decorated with lots of Christmas stuff and lights! Listening to Nat King Cole right now.
    Feel very hugged!!!
    much love always, s.

  8. this post is totally flooded with cute and gorgeous pictures, you did capture the essence of festive spirit in everyone of them…

    and your christmas tree is really huge, love the deco on it.

    by the way, just wanna say that you and your blog rocks, so just ignore those pathetic haters with their vile words because they don't know you any better and are jealous of any beautiful people (such as you ^__^) outside their world.

  9. What beautiful pictures!! Your girls are so gorgeous, little heartbreakers in th making :) Good to hear your daughter was given the part she wanted so much, how lucky!

  10. How cute! Both the girls and the puppies! Your Christmas tree looks totally stunning too. You must be having an amazing Christmas! :)

  11. Oh, what fun, Hanh! All of these photos are so sweet…love the puppies, and your daughters are both beautiful! I think you picked out the perfect Christmas card picture. :-)

  12. Hi Hanh!
    Christmas is so close. What a lovely idea to send personal christmas cards.
    The first time your kids will celebrate christmas with their little puppies;)

    Your "Nutcracker" photos are so adorable. Wish to be a little sugarplum fairy, too 😉

    Have a very joyful and cheerful 3rd advent weekend, Hanh!
    Sending you a little hug and a little kiss ….

  13. Hey Hanh,

    Your girls are so incredibly cute! I can't wait to have kids & have them involved in school plays & things of that nature. I wish you & your family a very very Happy Holidays! Be safe! Take cares.

    xoxo Nicole

  14. It is always a pleasure to see your lovely pictures of your little ones.
    they are very cute and the pic of the mouse "roaring" is hilarious!

  15. your girls are gorgeous hanh just like you.I like their matching outfits I am looking forward to be a "stage mom" someday watching plays and attending all kinds of meetings for my daughter. sorry to hear you got a sarcastic response from your give-away but you handled it really well. The puppies are so cute too. I had one before, I miss him.

  16. Feliz Navidad from Spain, I have discovered your blog few weeks ago and I love it, you and your children are gourgeous and I like the pictures and your style very much.
    I wish you and your family all the best for the new year! kisses Ana.

  17. darling Hanh,
    how are you dear. your girls are beautiful,so cute! lovely photos. I sent you an email,do check it out when you can.can you please change my blog url in your links.
    big kiss

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