Hi everyone,I honestly want you all to be winners and want you all to have a nice Xmas gift from Life-in-travel. But if I do so,I’d be broke for sure…and we have rules that only one can be the winner. Please, don’t be disappointed! Now, allow me to congratulate What Was I Thinking?…the winner this time.The pictures above were taken some time ago when the weather was much nicer. It’s lately very cold. I love this pink/silver Balenciaga skirt that was bought last year and I styled it with my favorite grey Junya Watanabe top and fuchsia Nina Ricci laceup ankle boots. I have to say that greys paired with stronger hued pinks create a fresh fall color scheme. I’m a pink lover, so thank you to fashion for making richer-pink desirable for fall. No doubt, pink as fuchsia adds spark to the fall palette and is especially good at lifting grey, charcoal or black.

Thank you everyone for reading!
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97 thoughts on “Pink/Grey

  1. Hi Hanh,
    I've been reading your blog since you just started and I can see you're rich but so down to earth, honest and generous.

    I love your shoes.


  2. you are a wonderful person. your contributions are awesome.

    i don't see how anyone could judge a person by their cover? yeah she has a fashion blog, but that doesn't mean that's all of her. tina should really think about this before typing.

    anyway, another good site for donation is it's a site where loan out funds (microfinance) to people who need it in developing countries to start a business, own a goat, basic things that embrace their entrepreneurial spirit to survive. they pay you back in a certain period of time. once they pay you back, you can recycle that money to another budding entrepreneur. there's a clearer video on how it works: but it's a great idea

  3. Hanh, I have been a reader of yours since you started and obviously Tina doesn't know you. Granted we have never met or even spoke to one another, but I never got that vibe from you. You're so far from that! Anyone can tell you're nothing but a sweetheart and anyone would love to get to know you as a person. Don't let her get to you. I guess a successful blog will have its lame comments now and then, but you know we love ya!

  4. Hanh, what a wonderful post. People should not be so quick to judge. I believe that you are a beautiful, honest, and genuine person and what you do with your life is definitely your business. Plus, I love reading all of your posts and thank you for sharing a piece of your life with all of us. Sorry I haven't been blogging up to date. Just finished with finals. I told Nini I will hopefully go to Dallas this winter break. It would be so nice to see y'all again! Take care!

    PS- My parents just got back from Vietnam a couple days ago!

  5. Hi Hanh,

    I've been an avid reader and have yet to comment on your blog. But considering the touchy subject you covered on this post, I knew I had to say something. It is quite obvious that the level of interest people have in your site go beyond what you wear. There is something genuine and honest in your writing and that is why I enjoy reading it. You are blessed with amazing things and I didn't need to see that you donate so much to be able to tell that you are much more than the garments you choose to wear. Nina Ricci, Yamamoto, or Balenciaga or whatever. I'm sure at the end of the day you put your life and its priorities above your fashion. Shame on Tina for being so small minded and judgemental.

  6. Wow drama!!! love love love your skirt and your top….by the way I think all comments whether positive or negative should be welcomed and should be posted because the whole point for allowing people commenting is letting readers speak their mind and express their opinions. This is a personal blog and of course everything is about your personal style so there will be people that love your style, or love part of the outfit/post; there will be people who love everything about your style, then there will also be people who will think what is she thinking…..if you are confident in your own personal style then you should never let negative comment bother you because afterall no one is perfect…no matter how well you think you dress there will be people who will not like your style…

  7. You are such a wonderful inspiration, both as a fashion icon and as a humanitarian! I really love your style and the way you view the world! Thank you for your blog!

  8. Hi Anonymous,
    I understand this is personal blog and I welcome positive or negative comments. I always post them. But it should be about my look, my style, and it should not about somethings else as my giving…
    I don't mind a negative comment about my style as long as it's not a abuse-comment. That's away too much..

  9. I have been reading your blog for long time and I never write my comment. This is my first.

    Tina didn't comment on your look. Instead, She gave you a lecture about your spending and that's not right. She should think twice before she typed.

    I agree with you that a negative comment is fine but abusive comment is too much..

    I love your skirt, btw.

  10. Hanh, u look great as always:) pink is definitely a great color on u! i'm sorry about the negative comment that u received. i can see that u're very well off and i enjoy seeing ur gorgeous collection of clothing and reading about ur travels. at the same time, i really love that u are very down to earth and unpretentious:) i think some people are just a little more blessed than others and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. u shouldn't have to apologize for this:) u seem like a very genuine person with a kind heart. it's wonderful to see that u and ur husband share ur blessings with others in need especially the kids in vietnam:) negativity will always come around especially on such a public platform like blogs, but it doesn't mean that it has to prevail. just keep doing what u're doing and stay u!:D

    p.s. congrats to the winner!

  11. Hanh,

    First of all I would love to say that you have fabulous taste in all things fashion. You seem to be a generous person and your donations to Vietnam are very sweet and inspiring. Tina has no right to critique your spending, what you spend your money on is up to you…obviously.

    Keep up the great work! Love your blog:)

  12. i completely agree with you! just because someone is into fashion, doesn't mean they don't do charitable things.. some people can be so thick! and like you said, after all.. this IS a fashion blog. what else do other people expect? take it, or leave it, i say!
    thank you for being so honest and straight up :)

  13. my god… I was sure that someone would told you this! I WAS SURE!! I don't understand people like Tina and I totally agree with you.

    Why are you reading a fashion blog if your interest it's only criticize people? and in addiction… you don't know if a people donates or not and how much it donates. So… shut up!! and you're right… why are always "normal rich people" to be criticized and not, for example, famous people who obiouvlsly will be richer?

    said that… your outfit is gorgeous as usual, I especially love the shoes and the top but also the skirt is amazing!

    big kisses


  14. I love the structure of that top, and pink + gray is such a classic color combination. Speaking of class, you gave such a classy response to Tina. I know you didn't have to, and now I admire you all the more. :-)

    By the way, I hope this is all right…there's a lingerie giveaway contest happening at the blog and I'd be delighted if you enter!

  15. Pink and gray go so good together, no doubt about that. Love your smiling photos! Is your Balenciaga skirt of their "BalenciagaSilk" line? It just looks like it could be made from silk, although I migth be mistaken of course.

    I agree with what you have to say regarding someone named Tina's comment, Hanh. It's a sensitive issue, of course, but no one should judge others especially when they don't know the real situation… And well, everyone chooses for themselves… I never really understood people who follow and read stuff on the web just to say negative things and upset others – don't like something then leave it to those who do. With that being said, I also need to mention I can udnerstand where Tina's coming from, but if you dont have anything nice to say, maybe just don't say anything at all.

  16. Oh man Hanh, what happened? i was quite supprise about the havoc caused on your lucky draw. It shouldn't have happened. At first, i though it was a kind & thoughtful gesture to give away your outfits to your readers (you always did, not just during Christmas season, i noticed). Its like sharing with others the good stuffs. Its very good, i like it and most people like it too i believe 😉

    i always hope everyone could post and accept comments as polite and open as possible to avoid unnecessary arguements and misunderstandings. However, as individuals, we are all unique and different from each other. Therefore, i do not expect compliances all the time but it is also not wrong to speak our minds out. Bear in mind that some comments are developing not destroying and vice versa :) We can never please everyone. i do receive a quite a sarcastic comment from my reader too saying that "its disgusting, you own a fake A.Wang boots" when its F21 and widely owned by many people besides bloggers too.. where's the logic and am i the only one getting this comment? funny 😀 BUT it's okay, because if i am a designer, i also hope people will by my product instead of the inspired version. i totally understand that.. and i will when i have the money 😉

    i just got a feeling that Tina is just too fast to speak before she thinks, it happens at times to all of us, its normal. She probably judge by your outfits counts vs your charity act counts. From what i read, besides blogging and taking care of your family you do donate (secretly & quietly) in other words humbly :) which is true sincerity, i believe. People do not necessarily show what they donate to tell the whole world that they do great stuffs & contributions.

    Well, i do hope Tina & you could patch things up. As much as i love to read positive comments, i also expect some honesty & sincerity in its content but it should be done in polite manner, right Hanh?

    Keep on the good work, we are all waiting for your new giveaways :p he he! Don't be discouraged.

    Oh ya, Congratulations Christine of What Was I Thinking?

  17. Congratulations to the winner! The skirt and shoes are as fabulous as you are always! :)

    I guess some people are just too shallow and opinionated about something.

    Hanh,I know it may have made you very uncomfortable showing here the charities and the people that you support personally and privately just to prove to somebody that she's wrong about you all along and I deeply admire you for that.

    Just keep up the good work and I don't think it's a sin to dress and look good if you can afford it. 😉

    Have a lovely weekend ahead!

  18. Hanh I'm sorry that you had to recieve comments such as those of Tina's.. I don't understand these people, they seem to think that if you spend money on nice things such as shoes and clothes it's the only thing you spend on and not care about hunger and poverty.. To the close minded people please read this: First of all there is such thing as HARD WORK and Hanh and her husband for sure do this to get whatever they have right now. So please don't judge her just because she acquires lovely things.. Second, please do not dictate on how someone should spend their money.

    Congrats to Christine! Maybe next time I'll be the next winner. I'll just keep on trying hehe.. Keep on blogging Hanh, you are the perfect example of style and substance..=)

    Click here to POP YOUR FASHION PILL

  19. hanh- you really touched my heart knowing that
    you're helping the less fortunate people in your country.
    You are so kind and generous!
    I love reading your post about a comment from someone.
    btw, you do look great!
    i like pink too because of it's girly color.

    have a nice morning!

  20. hanh- you really touched my heart knowing that
    you're helping the less fortunate people in your country.
    You are so kind and generous!
    I love reading your post about a comment from someone.
    btw, you do look great!
    i like pink too because of it's girly color.

    have a nice morning!

  21. Wow, first of all I luv ur outfit, the mix of pinks is really stunning and 2nd, your response to Tina was really good and honest : )All I can say is that I wish people were not so quick to judge. Have a lovely wknd xx

  22. i strongly believe that each and everyone of us plays a role in these world. And life is not fair. If it's fair then it's more chaos! Life is not life at all if not lived to the fullest. if we work hard enough and lavish ourselves with nice and beautiful things it is our right to do so.

    I really hate those kinds of comments. It's not their place to do that. We're all advocating for something, but it should always be done with grace, love and manner.

    Do not feel guilty hanh. God wants us to have a quality way of life.

    you are gorgeous hanh. There is nothing pompous about you.

    have a great day! Bless you for having the gift of wanting to give.


  24. I think you did a great job answering Tina's question and it's clear she isn't really familiar with your blog or you. Otherwise she would know that you weren't always financially well-off and that you worked very hard to get where you are today. Not to mention the fact that you're good at getting a lot of the pricier designer outfits/shoes on sale. If Tina wants to complain about people's wealth, you're right, she should start writing Gucci and people who really are ultra rich (i.e. the ones who fly around the world in a private jet… I know at least 10 people who do it every month)…

    Love your outfit, especially the draped top. The color of your shoes is awesome! I just bought a top in that color and wasn't sure how to style it but I'll definitelly pair it with charcoal or gray.

  25. Hi hahn,

    I love the way you approched the "return" comment via Tina's comment. It was done in a classy way!

    1. I noticed some people saying that "hey some people are blessed more than others". I disagree!! If you woke-up this morning you were BLESSED! You get another day to do something productive and get closer to your goal(s). Because some may have this or than and you/we dont has nothing to do with being more Blessed. If anyone would like to take a look at the Book (Bible) of Job-the entire scripture reads of a story of a well Blessed servant of God….things took place and happened as a test to Job-He lost EVERYTHING! However, in the end, upon his Believe in God, He obtained more than before. Yet he was Blessed through-out his trials and tribulation and continued to praise God-inspite of. Have a look at that scripture, it very very motivational and inspiring!!

    Lastly, I love your blog, comments, style/fashion. I even like the photography. Your pics always seem light & bright…just like your personality.

    Please continue to do what you love and dont let comments get in the way of it. You have advid readers, so you're doing something RIGHT!


  26. hi Hanh, thanks for your reply. i must say you're being an angel for taking things so lightly. i'd like to think i'm above petty issues but i kid myself if i say i don't get emotional about certain issues. i've improved and i hope to improve more and more each day. i sure won't mind if i can look younger! lol.

    i love this colour combo. me thinks perhaps a long slim skirt would really rock. i'm liking your last outfit alot.

    i'm lately more educated about logical arguments, thanks to school. just as Tina has made a faulty causation about you by looking at your blog, her -ve comment doesn't mean she shouldn't be looking at blogs. i'm not defending for her. just pointing out what's being said :)

    it's wonderful that you're contributing in your own ways. are the same people still trapped in poverty? did some of them stop receiving aid?

  27. i have to agree with some of the other commentators that as fabulous as you are, you also seem very down to earth and humble! which makes you even more fabulous! you made such a good point: "We don't give so that we can lecture others on giving". in my culture, i was always raised with the saying that when you give "it is so that your left hand doesnt know what your right gives." but thank you for sharing with us the story about the things that you and your family do in your home country. :)

  28. Hi Hanh,

    that's just life that people judge us, often in a wrong way; what I love about your blog is that you write your sweet comments, thoughts about your lovely family and that you're always so classy and polite and care about your readers.

    That's so great you support people in your mother country, but that's not a surprise for me :) I was sure that all this fashion world is not the only thing in your life

    hugs from Poland

  29. Hanh, don't let people like that childish, rude commenter get you down. There is always one in the bunch, trying to steal joy from others.

    Your blog is such an inspiration, and always uplifting and positive. You are a dear, kind person, and that always comes through in your posts. There is absolutely nothing wrong with loving and indulging in fashion, or whatever out particular passion happens to be (its horses for me!). Having fun and enjoying our lives is not against the law, and we can be charitable, as well indulging in our own interests. This person certainly felt he/she could indulge in her hateful words…that doesn't sound like someone with a charitable heart to me. I've never understood the self righteous,arrogant mind set that makes a person think they can impose their hostile views on everyone else. I love your blog, and love your sense of style, so please keep sharing your fabulous outfits with all of us who love visiting you every week! :-) Merry Christmas!

  30. Those shoes are just perfect :]

    And the comments of that girl Tina was just…wtf. Ofcourse most people who read this live in a wealthy land, ofcourse you like to spend your own worked-for money on something you're really passionate about. And so do many others. That doesn't give this girl the right to blaim you for not living at a minimum just to help others. You're such a nice and warm person and i wasn't suprised at all that you help so many people already.
    And why would the whole fashion industry be so enourmously successful when people aren't buying stuff because 'they need to support the helpneeded first'.

  31. Hanh – It's easy, as a reader, to be envious and wonder where fabulous fashion bloggers (like you!) get the $$ to buy such gorgeous designer clothing. That being said, it is 100% not our business to know! I believe when readers make comments like that, they do it out of jealousy and resentment. It is clear from your blog that you are beautiful inside and out and obviously very generous. Perhaps you are blessed financially, but that's nothing to hold against you. I love how you answered Tina's question, and I applaud you for taking the high road.


  32. Hahn, you look beautiful as always. I adore the skirt. It's so vibrant and delicate, simply gorgeous.
    As for the comment. Don't even think of her words or get upset about it – she isn't worth your attention, time or nerves. I am sure that if Tina had an opportunity to buy designer labels she wouldn't think twice about it. She is purely jealous, it's just pathetic. She could just as easy blame the Queen of England or President of the US or any celebrity or a rich person – she didn't. She chose you because you are an easy target and a nice girl. Which makes her even more pathetic.

    Have a nice day, darling!

  33. Hi Hanh,

    I found your blog by accident, when I was planning for our Europe trip back in the summer. But I became a follower of your blog because of your sense of Fashion & Style and I enjoy reading it very much. You bring the fashion from the run way and magazine to live and that's what I love.

    What I love most is when you combine high ends fashion with something cheap & chic like Forever 21 stuffs and made a great combo out of that.

    Humble people are the ones don't boast about their good deeds, they donate or give quietly as styleantagonist stated and that's what you and your family did. Like many have said you're down to earth and beautiful inside and out.

    Just continue with what you're doing, especially, the give aways. :)

    Han T. Yin

  34. hey Hanh, don't worry about people's jealous comments. Your spending habits (and your charity works as well) are your own business and you shouldn't feel compelled to explain yourself. Have fun and show us many more wonderful outfits!

  35. I love this outfit! Also, I've read more and more comments on fashion blogs just like the one you posted. I don't get it either! I guarantee it's just jealousy. You seem like an awesome, down-to-earth person who just happens to appreciate beautiful clothes :) There's nothing wrong with that!

  36. I love this outfit, you always change up your style with every post!!

    You're very brave for addressing that comment & I think you gave a very sufficient response. I get offended when people say "how could you spend X amount of money on something when it could feed starving people"… we have to help where we can, yes, but it is impossible to help everyone! How can someone criticize you when they don't even know you… you probably spend more on your wardrobe than most of your readers but it's because you can afford it & furthermore, you probably give more than your readers as well!

    Keep on doing what you're doing because you're fabulous, Hanh :)

    & I can't believe I won the contest, this is the first contest I've ever won!! Thanks again!

  37. Hi hanh –

    I absoluitely love this outfit!! The top, the skirt, and the amazing shoes.

    Regarding Tina's comment, I will always remember an old post on your blog where you were trying to explain wealth to your daughter. You put it so well when you said that in terms of wealth, if you look down there are lots of people poorer than you, and if you look up there are tons of people wealthier.

    It's a battle you can't win, so just keep on collecting beautiful clothes and posting them, knowing that the majority of your readers are fans of your style and prefer to hold judgment on your spending.

    As tiger woods would say (lol), he does not owe the public any sort of explanation when it comes to his private affairs.

  38. Hi Hanh,

    there's always going to be those types of "tina's" out there in the world. thank you for addressing the issue and doing it in such a tasteful manner. as a reader for many months now, i love your blogs which cover not only fashion but life. people should realize that you are not only beautiful and fashionable. but you have a wonderful heart and thats why you are blessed with such wonderful things in life. thank you for having such strength, wisdom and class, even in this world of hypocrisy and negativity.

    pls continue your wonderful blogging and your true readers/fans will support you all the way!!

    happy holidays to you and your family.

  39. Darling Hanh,
    how are you my beauty! That skirt is what dreams are made off! adore it honey.
    The pink shoes are so much fun too!
    Sweetheart please keep doing you,dont mind the haters!
    sweetie could you please change my blog url in your links,my site has new link now.
    big kiss

  40. Dear Hahn,

    I only read fashion blogs, yours is one of my favorites. I never left any comments before. But in this case I just want to tell you that you are fabuolous and amazing. I do not feel like you have to explain yourself to anybody or justify your spendings or feel sorry for anything. It's your life and thank you so much for sharing a part of it with me!!

  41. Great post! I believe life is about being happy and life is full of abundance! Keep on going! :-) Love your blog! I know you have a lot more love to give than take for yourself!


  42. Hey Hann,

    In the bible it says you reap what you so, and you sow and what you do with the money you reap is your business. That's why you should never judge people. God bless you and contnue to do what you are doing I love your blog.


  43. Well, i did laugh at how foolish Tina looked when i read your response.
    I feel that it is what is in your heart that counts, you seem to me to have a big heart and so do your parents. I donate to charities but also if i see someone in the street who isnt begging but looks in need of some help i give to them directly, it isnt much but every little helps!

    Your blog is great, one of my faves! Keep up the posts (and the educated answers to mean comments!)

  44. Go Hanh!
    Agree with u and great to see u giving to the people who need it. It's your money and if you want to buy whatever, it is your decision. I support you. If you don't, we won't have such a great blog to read! Love you girl and happy holidays my Asian sister, lol.


    Very well said!! I get comments like that once in awhile too and it just really boggles my mind. The time that it takes for these trolls to leave a comment on our blogs, they really could be doing something useful with their time. I hope they realize that they're not helping anything by leaving nasty comments on other peoples blogs.

  46. Hi Hanh!

    Loving your outfit!! the wrap top and pink booties are to DIE for! love how you paired everything together. =]

    Hmm, people like Tina need to think before they talk or type in this situation GRRR!!! My family and I donate to kids and temples in Vietnam also!!

    Have a great weekend and take care!


  47. Pfft People always find a reason to complain. Honestly, I hope she at least does what she says so she doesn't seem like a hypocrite AND an idiot.

    Love the shoes! I regret not getting those shoes when I could ;_;

  48. Oh WOW…. people like Tina are exactly the reason why Jane aldridge from sea of shoes closed the comment section of her blog !!!! î believe in fredom of speech as long as its constructive and well directed …. i come on this blog to see fashion, and even so, it is pretty transparent that you have such a good hearth !!!!!!

  49. Hanh,
    I HAD to leave a comment after I saw this post.

    1. You have Amazing style and makeup
    2. I really liked that… people shouldn't make judgements about other people's personal style blogs. And it is apparent that you are helping many others as well..

    Anyway I hope you have a great holiday season! I just wanted to tell you that I really admire your style 😀 I hope you are not put down by comments like those.

  50. I agree what you say. And that's why you're such a great person because you're making a difference in many people's lives and inspiring people through your kind deeds and through fashion. Just keep doing what you're doing! Many of us respect you and your blog!

  51. I love this post Hanh! Your outfit and words were lovely. I especially love that you focus your giving of youth education. It is the main key to a better life.

    To Tina-FAIL

  52. I think you handled this negative and close-minded comment gracefully as always. How anyone could think that of you is terrible. I don't pretend to know you, but anyone can tell from how you write that you are a gracious and caring person. Why some people are so quick to judge others and not themselves is a mystery to me. It's obvious that you take care of your family and if you work hard for what you have, why shouldn't you indulge in something that makes you happy? Those who brag about how much they "help" others, or criticize others, are only showing how much they are really seeking others admiration.

  53. Great response to a very judgmental comment. People should not be so quick to judge, especially when you are a very kind and generous person. Thanks for every sincere post–I know it takes a lot of time and effort.

    Your daughters look so happy and beautiful in their holiday outfits, and I love your combo of pink and gray.

  54. What is think is the most outrageous is that the commenter (Tina) did not recognize from the beginning that you are a generous person. She obviously doesn't read your blog very often, or she would know.

    I think it's wonderful that you provide local support for your parents' neighbors. That is so important, and often it is more effective than giving to big umbrella groups. (Which are also important, of course)

  55. I don't think you need to justify yourself to her!! It is very obvious from your posts that you not only have a love for your family, but for the cultures of the world and for fashion. What you do with you money is your business, and yes it is very generous when someone who is blessed financial shares their blessing with others…but if this individual is one to judge, does she share her time with those who need it? We are all so quick to judge others.

    Love Your Blog!! Don't let those horrible comments put you down during this magical season!!

  56. How sanctimonious of Tina! I wonder that she would have a computer and internet connection with which to communicate with you, Hanh, as surely someone who is so passionate about giving knows she could have used the funds to give to the more unfortunate. And what's more, the time she spent trolling and leaving vile comments, she could have used to volunteer to serve her community. Ahhh, people who love to preach rarely own a mirror, yes? :)

    Your daughters are lovely. They'll surely grow up to be as beautiful — inside and out — as their mother.

  57. Keep up the awesome giveaways. Bloggers are not expected to hold giveaways, so your kindness is appreciated.

    I thought it was unfair for some stranger to "lecture" you about what you do give and unnecessary to justify yourself to her. I'm impressed by your honesty and transparency of the matter. Keep up the kindness, in whatever form that may be.

    Cheer up people, the holidays definitely push everyone to be more giving. But let's keep the spirit all year round.

  58. This is my first time commenting here, too. Congrats for the grace and tact in handling the criticism unfairly thrown at you. I've been following your blog for some time and while I've picked up on the affluence, I've never once thought you parade it inappropriately to your audience. In fact, I think you try to disguise it when you can. :-)

    You seem like a warm, caring, humble and giving person–with a fab closet! Keep up the good work!


  59. Hi Hanh! I think your response was well handled. I admire your class and grace! It's so nice that you dontate books and supplies to the kids in Vietnam. I enjoy doing the same for kids in Thailand, especially when we're able to do it in person. Hope you have a wonderful holiday xx

  60. Well done!

    The internet is a mask for people to criticize others with no concequences. Tina had no right to simply assume that you are a selfish person because you have a fabulous fashion collection!

    Clearly, everyone else can see from your posts about your family and friends that you are a caring and loving person. Tina must be too short sighted to see that. What a shame.

    Have a lovely christmas and a happy new year
    Kate x

  61. Hi, i read your blog all the time.
    But this is my first comment, i know i know.
    I should say Hi earlier. Don't worry about that stupid comment. Keep the good work >_<

  62. Hi Hanh! People will always be jealous… but who cares what you want to do with your money? I don't think that's for anyone to decide. Obviously you are very passionate about fashion and clothes (as most of us are); haters are so stupid for taking the time out of their day to write something nasty.

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