Rajasthan text by Dhamendra Kanwar

Rajasthan is the largest state of the Republic of India in terms of area. Though a desert with a few hilly spurs, Rajasthan is one of the world’s most colorful regions, with heritage that spans the historic and the chivalric, blending it with the artistic and the aesthetic. Rajasthan is replete with splendid palaces, temples, wells, exotic wildlife sanctuaries, colorful festivals, and rich culture-in brief everything that travelers find interesting. I hope that one day I would visit Rajasthan with my kids when they’re big enough and ready for interesting and exciting adventure.This book, Rajasthan (text by Dhamendra Kanwar ), is a tribute not only to their kingdoms and the culture they developed, but also to the joie de vivre which marks the people and their lifestyle even today. In this book with amazing photography, you will learn alot and get inspiration through their architecture building, their lifestyle, especially their clothing and jewelry which we like.
Jaipur’s signature building is the Hawa Mahal. Tonk was a Muslim kingdom, the only one in Rajasthan, and its Suehri Kothi or Golden Palace is appropriately named for its gilded interiors which are among the most lavish in Rajasthan.JEWELRY INSPIRATIONHer jewelry reminds me of my Dries van Noten scarf spring09.
Her jewlery inspires me to bring out my beautiful Dries van Noten scarf which was made in India. I paired it with a Janis Savitt necklace, RO tank, Zara leggings, Christian Louboutin ankle boots. The scarf and the necklace for this look were inspired by reading through this book.
The jewelry of Indian lady also reminds me of Dries van Noten sandals-spring09, especially these pairs. Photo from style.com
Wishing everyone a wonderful day!!!Thank you for reading!!!
Kisses…Hanh 😉
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38 thoughts on “Rajasthan text by Dhamendra Kanwar

  1. Actually I Always use to see India (notably) as an earthly bunch of divine colors, a land whose People's joie de vivre is (of course without sinking into naivety in front of Poverty) dedicated to inspire "Westerners" . . .
    ps: AND your outfit subtly/softly sounds as a pastel declination of this colorful aesthetics, until your pink lipstick . . . Graceful a Always Dear.

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  2. Everything look great from the top down to your knees then the boots really killed this look, they make your ankle look super skinny and too small for these boots, not proportional otherwise would be great.

  3. Hanh, I didn't know this sort of thing interested you so much :)

    If it does then I would reccomed for you to learn about a majestic and beautiful muslim empire called the 'Mughals'.
    The food, the culture, the education, the craftsmanship, the elaborate and intricate architecture, the gardens, the forts, the lifestyle, the entire era!!! Was fascinating and fantastical.

    You can first look it up on 'Wikipedia' and then look further if it interests you, which I think it definitely will.

    Islam was known for being one of the most modern, progressive, innovative and educated religions in the world. Though, today all this has been overshadowed by a few fundamentalists and terrorists, who actually have nothing to do with the religion at all. But they've exploited and used Islam to hide behind and carry out their hideous and brutal activities and in the process have tarnished Islam's image in the west.

    Islam was never has been about such things. Islam actually means 'Peace'.

    If you actually discuss the religion with educated people you find how beautiful the religion is. Or if you visit countries where it exists peacefull you will see how vibrant it can be.

    The 'Mughal' empire was the era in which Islam was the most vibrant and prosperous. However, the 'Mughal' people became complacent and lazy and the west took advantage and began to exploit the religion.

    Largely where the religion exists and existed in the East was wealthy land in terms of resources like metals and especially oil. Allot of poverty existed as well and people were vulnerable so the people who call themselves religious and holy took advantage of the vulnerability of the masses and exploited and used them in the name of Islam. They distorted the essence of the religion which was beautiful and peaceful.

    Have a look Hanh, in your spare time.

    I took the time to explain this to you because I find you a very warm and sensible human being :)

    Also if you want to know more about Islam itself, a fantastic place to start is the youtube channel of Queen Rania of Jordan. She explains evreything simply and sensibly. She is the face of moderate and educated Islam in todays world. For Islam to regain it's identity more people need to be educated about the truths and moderate muslims need to speak up.

    The youtube channel is:


    Take Care Hanh!! And do let me know what you thought of all this :)

    Hope you enjoy all this.

    xoxo Ava

  4. wow
    Indian jewellry attracts me so much. especially the silverish necklace. love them since ever.
    your look is amazing, a bit ethnic but so classy at the same time, I totally love it.
    the pieces Dries has made are stunning.

  5. good afternoon, hanh!

    i all the photos from india.
    the building are so magnificent.
    to visit india is on my travel wishlist.

    i can't get over of your wicked shoes!
    the gray color is soo cool on your feet!

  6. good afternoon, hanh!

    i all the photos from india.
    the building are so magnificent.
    to visit india is on my travel wishlist.

    i can't get over of your wicked shoes!
    the gray color is soo cool on your feet!

  7. Hi Hanh, thanks for stopping by and commenting, you're so sweet to check out all our blogs :)

    Thanks for sharing these gorgeous photos, I can see the inspiration in your outfit, that scarf is exsquisite. It must be pretty warm there, no coat!

    Take care!

  8. Hi Christine,
    It was not too cold either too warm that day, about 60F. I had a light coat on, but didn't show on the pics. Because I wanted focus on the scarf and necklace.

    It' lately cold, high 45. Infact, we had snow yesterday…beautiful morning snow!!!


  9. WOnderful and informative, Hanh. Your blog is great.

    How is everything these days? Me…I got sick :( Hopefully I'll be back to my normal self soon.

  10. u look great, as always!:D rajasthan sounds like an amazing place to explore! i love reading ur travels and how u relate it to fashion, hanh. always looking forward to ur posts! thanks again for dropping by my blog:) i agree, leggings are super comfy! i wouldn't mind wearing them everyday lol:D


  11. I really hope to visit India one day too. I think I really want to save up for it though, because it's just one of those countries where you want to spend a lot of time in, but also choose the best hotels and a proper tour guide, because of the hygiene and safety issues they face (my friend got very ill when she went backpacking there two years ago).

    Beautiful DVN scarf. I believe he takes a lot of his inspiration from India, with regard to the embellishment he uses. I think many designers are actually very inspired by the region… I'd love to own a real sari!

  12. india's a beautiful country. my most surreal experience of india was seeing the taj mahal come into view. the marble dome against the azure cloudless sky – beyond this world. but this is architecture, not quite nature, which offers other outofthisworld scenes. there's also the heartbreaking scenes on the streets of then-bombay…

    beautiful scarf and colours. can i be honest with you w/o being misunderstood as me being jealous or something? i really love everything about your outfit. except the shoes. gorgeous colour but a bit incongruent to your slight frame :)

  13. Hey HANH

    You are on Blog gossip =) You have such an amazing blog which I like to share with others. I love your blog! You so pretty inspiring!

    maybe you'll follow Blog Gossip.

    Go on! I like you damn much!
    X Marina

  14. wow!

    I am always impressed and amazed by you!
    The last pictures are heaven!
    As usual, I also love your shoes and the pics above!

    I love to discover new exotic cultures!

    all my kisses and congratulations for all,


  15. Rajasthan is a truly majestic place. Its culture…especially the costumes and jewelry are truly mind blowing. In fact, in my today's outfit post, I am wearing a necklace bought in Jaipur.
    Btw the scarf is priceless..its so beautiful.

  16. This look I particularly like. The necklace has called me much attention, is superb and looks a lot. The pale pink gives it that sweet spot, elegant, very lady and contrasted with the gray PERFECT.

  17. hi ,i'm Dr. Syed from Tonk. Sunehri Kothi is just a Km away frm my home :)

    i'm amazed at how far could the glory of this building go !

    Adjacent to Sunehri Kothi is "Rangeen Kothi" or the Colourful Kothi which is also worht a look. i'll get some fotos of it n publish on my blog this January. Insha-Allah

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