Rick Owens Jacket with Blue Scarf

Hi everyone,Thank you very much for your Xmas wishes. I hope you all had a wonderful time with your family and friends on the Christmas holiday, and Santa brought lots of presents to you all. I know that he did for my kids and he brought for me a fabulous umbrella which is the only present that I wished for. I love this Louis Vuitton umbrella, it’s more glamorous than I expected. I just wanted to have a nice umbrella and big enough to keep me out of the rain. Thank you sweet Santa!
This blue scarf from Club Monaco is one of my favorite scarves in my closet, its color is perfectly pops out in winter time. Wearing with Rick Owens strong-shoulders leather jacket, the Row leggings, Zara black turtle neck, Yohji grey top.

Pierre Hardy shoes.

Rick Owens jacket is something that I can never say no to. I’m just crazy about his jacket creations. Again, I style it with the Row leggings (these leggings are such a great investment piece, they look fab on and I’ve worn them countless times. It’s worth it to buy), Phillip Lim black turtle neck and Zara creamy sleeveless dress.
I hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend!!
Kisses…Hanh 😉
PS: The gloves in both outfits are no brand and DIY cut-out to be fingerless gloves
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52 thoughts on “Rick Owens Jacket with Blue Scarf

  1. hanh! you loook so fabulous and so young and sooo great for having two kids, btw, your kids are beautiful! I subscribe to your blog and rarely leave a comment but this post …I had to, LOVE LOVE LOVE your outfits, the blue against the black and the umbrella! I love it! I moved to Manhattan from Texas and some new yorkers aren't even as stylish as you!

  2. Glad you and your family enjoyed Christmas! What a great idea to invest in a really great unberella, I always buy the cheap little handbag ones as I loose them all the time, but I am sure if I had one I loved I would take more care of it xx

  3. AND Now you're Really ready to cross rainy days with a lot of comfy stylishness under your umbrella's cover !!!
    ps: "Sharp shoulders = GLAMazon-eesque aesthetic at its Best" !!!

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  4. Both outfits are really exciting…you styled the RO jackets really well, especially love the Yohji top and blue Monaco scarf. I think in the new year I should really try to wear more colour than just black….looking good :)

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  6. Happy Monday,Hanh!

    Hope you´ve spend a wonderful christmas time with your family.
    It´s always a little bit sad to know christmas is over :) My mom invited my sister and me this morning for a long breakfast brunch in the city and although I expected everyone is staying at home after all the christmas days I never saw so many people in this café.

    Oh Hanh, you have such an amazing Rick Owens collection. I love your longer coat as it looks so cozy and easy to wear!

    Have a beautiful day with your family!

  7. There are a lot of new posts since my last visit, I had to catch up…I love them all!
    This is another epic collection, Santa has been good to you 😉
    I hope you had a great time!

  8. Hi, Hanh!

    Happy holidays to you and your family too! As always you look fabulous and chic. I just love how you mix high street and designer brands.That pop of blue from the scarf was the final touch to both of your looks. :)

  9. Hi,

    I just discovered your blog, and I am delighted with what I see. You have impeccable style, elegant and modern at once.

    My English is not very good, but I try to comment on your posts.


  10. Happy New Year to you and your family 😀

    This outfit is probably my favorite so far because it is something I would soooososooososoo wear everyday if I had rick owens jackets 😛 I wish!


  11. boy I wish I could afford the clothing you wear. I love everything you put on. I adore your style. I wish I could be as daring and look as good as you do in my clothing.

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