Black is classic, elegant, modern, chic, edgy, tough, timeless color and it’s never out of season. I love black! I have many favorite black outfits… All black outfit is not boring to me, and I know many of you love black as much as I do 😉

My little girl is in kindergarten. She came home and told me about her science experiment of black in her class. She explored what makes up the color black, and this experiment will be displayed at science night on this Thursday night. I can’t wait for her to show me how she did it. She also told me that she just like black for Halloween, her favorite color is purple;-)
Wearing: Rebbeca Taylor ruffle-sleeves sweater, AA black bodysuit, Alaia skirt, Fallon necklaces. Christian Louboutin shoes.My little Princess

She and her big sister (she didn’t want to be in picture, this time) love to play dress-up as princesses. It’s lovely to see them have a fun time. Sweet!
Thank you everyone for your continuing support, your love and your comments. I gracefully appreciate it as always. Wishing you all a wonderful day!!!

Big hugs…Hanh;-)

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74 thoughts on “Black-Classic

  1. ooooh your girl is so cute!!! as a chemist i know the reason why some thing are black, an some other are red, white and green. but it should be very interesting to see how children are teached to learn about this photochemical phenomenon!

    your look is just perfect, the structured skirt is amazing as the rest of the outfit.

    big kisses Hanh

  2. Hello : ) U look amazing, luv how u layered everything, luv your shoes and ur daughter is soo beautiful! I have emailed you as well, pls let me know when u get it. Have a stunning day! xxx

  3. I love black just like you do.
    Black is my favorite outfit to wear
    especially going to a night party.

    Hanh- you look great as always!
    Your loubutin shoes are so beautiful!

  4. I love black just like you do.
    Black is my favorite outfit to wear
    especially going to a night party.

    Hanh- you look great as always!
    Your loubutin shoes are so beautiful!

  5. Hanh- that is a beautiful outfit! I'm totally crushing over your necklaces! And those shoes- to die for! You have such an amazing style! I was always into brown but in past year or so I've noticed my closet morphing into a lot of black pieces which I'm loving! The photos of yoru daughter are adorable! Have a great day!

  6. Your little girl is the sweetest princess ever! What a little treasure!
    Adore the skirt you are wearing and also think your house (or what I can see from the pics) is absolutely stunning!
    Have a great day, Hanh!

  7. Your little girl is AMAZINGLY cute! so pretty!

    and yes, i love black too. sometimes i wonder if my obsession with black is bad, because it's an 'inauspicious' colour? haha lol but black is a wonderful colour!

  8. Fantastically gorgeous outfit!! It looks perfect on you, showcasing your frame at its best and accentuating all the right places… God, I think it's my favorite look of yours to date! LOVE it that much :) And, of course, stunning CL shoes!

  9. I'm a huge fan of black and the all-black look, but maybe it's because I've been living in a city for too long 😉 Beautiful outfit as usual! But when I was a little girl, I too preferred purple and pink. It's funny how things change as you get older!

  10. what you're wearing is the epitome of contemporary classic. it's classic pumped up a few notches, which is the only way to do it, IMO. this is one of my favorite outfits of yours…and i have so many favorites. :)

    and the little princess looks so sweet!

  11. Funny, I vaguely remember a similar experiment in art class when I was little.

    That necklace is amazing, I was browsing through the collection of Fallon jewelry on Barneys' website this morning on my way to work, but I love the cross one you have on.

    Black will never go out of style, and neither will Alaia. 😉

  12. My fav. color is black too! My mom even complains that I wear too much black. I love edgy fierce sexy look combinated with classy taste.

    Anyways your youngest daughter is very beautiful, you're blessed.


  13. you're absolutely right about black!

    I love especially how black extracts different forms and textures
    now we can see this – beautiful ruffles on arms, transparent/open-work details of skirt,
    very beautiful outfit
    and very romantic, in spite of the colour 😉

    lovely boots – nice match of spots and lace

    Your little princess is adorable

    Watching the waves

  14. that CL platform heels is definitely worth lusting for as its look alike python pattern is currently selling for £1200++ in Net a Porter after sales reduction.

    your child is no doubt really really cute and angelic like. i'm sure you're very proud of her ^__^

  15. AND I really like the way your matching / "second skin-esque" Bodysuit sounds Here as the electrifying twist in the middle of a Timeless/classy silhouette . . .
    ps: I Frankly think that the Heels' (Dizzy/Roaring) close up MUST be tagged "with a high content of Fetish Bewitchment" Dear Hahn !!!!

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  16. I love black too,hey I was watching Fashion tv a few days ago I was surprised to saw you on the Rodarte fashion show.You looked great in front of the camera.

  17. I love those shoes! I remember when you first posted about them. Black is such a staple in my wardrobe. Even when I deviate and try other colors, I always go back to my favorite!

  18. well hello gorgeous
    what a flawless, classic look
    loving every bit of it…im always envious when you rock your louboutins
    fabulous! love the skirt as well
    cute pictures of your little princesses!
    thanks for sharing as always
    and thanks for the sweet comments, i really love them!


  19. Black for beautiful mom Hanh and pink for your sweet little girl 😉

    And another adorable "Hanh-outfit".
    Wish I could call an Alaia skirt mine, too 😉

    Have a beautiful day ahead with your family Hanh!!!

  20. Your daughter is adorable! She reminds me so much of my niece, who is about the same age. She insists on wearing a tutu everywhere.

    Love the LBD! A classic.

  21. Hiii :)

    What is it about tutus? when I was a little girl I was absolutely obsessed and insisted on wearing them out and about-heh! Your daughter makes a beautiful princess :) Those Christian Louboutin shoes….such a statement. You look classy with a twist as always.

    Cheers, Jesa

  22. Hey my love,

    it's been a while… once again! So time went by again.
    Funny though is that I'm thinking of you very often and I wonder what you might doing now, how your family is and what the little dogs are up to… :) I always wish and hope that you are all doing very well!
    Btw – any plans going to France this year?

    Like the outfit very much – you are a real ALAIA lady… :) Your house looks amazing on the pics.

    Lovely, lovely picture of your little darling in her princess outfit! She looks so happy and magical!
    That reminds me of carneval in school when I costumed as a princess too (first year in school) – I'm looking so deeply sad on the photos and I can remind that my dress was very uncomfortable…. Ahhhh, those precious memories :)

    Wishing you and the family a gorgeous weekend!
    Sending you much love always

  23. Wow! This looks gorgeous, Hanh! And I love all of the texture and design elements going on…the way you wear black makes it so interesting, and far from just basic! And your little girl is adorable. :-)

  24. you are one of my favorites. decided to tell you that now, haha. nd you were CROSSES! JUST WHAT I BLOGED ABOUT! YOU got to tell me what you think about the necklace I found! Would mean everything!

  25. I am agog.

    Truly you have an amazing blog and wickedly wonderful fashion talents! THOSE SHOES! I can only dream…

    Visiting from the blog EP32S, from whom you received a beautiful and fitting award!

    You are going on my blog roll for pure enjoyment and inspiration as well! Glad to have met you!

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