Christopher Kane Rivet boots for Topshop

Wearing: F21 plaid shirt (yes, I wore it again;-)), F21 scarf, Rick Owens coat, the Row leather pants/leggings (I’ve been wearing this leather leggings too much;-) It’s comfy, warm, edgy and a great piece for investment).

Since I attended The Crystal Grotto (ice-carved musical instruments performing in a unique ice-theater) in Beaver Creek, Colorado, I started searching more about ice-sculptures. It’s fascinating to learn the techniques if creating it. The temperature of the environment affects how quickly the piece must be completed to avoid melting. Ice sculptors use power tools, such as chainsaws and specialty bits fitted to a die grinder. They also use razor-sharp chisels that are specifically designed for cutting ice. Many sculptures are now created largely by machine. Color effects use techniques that includes the addition of colored gels or sand to the ice. The lifetime of a sculpture can last from minutes to possibly months depending on temperature of its environment. There are several ice festivals held around the world, hosting competitions of ice sculpture carving.

While searching this subject, I ran into a Boston Globe website that posted information about an ice sculpture festival in Harbin city in China. It’s been displaying and has amazing workmanship. It’s interesting and very entertaining to read comments of the post, click here if you’re curious.

Here are some ice-sculptures somewhere around the world that I found on google.haha…this ice-fountain sculpture has no work involved. It naturally froze by the cold of this winter.Big thank you to Jasna-FashionJazz for this award. I’d love to pass this to you all, but there are a limited number of them, sorry about that. So for now, allow me to pass it to 10 fabulous blogs: Pear Westwood , Janet Taylor, Style Odyssey, A Daisy Chain Dream, The High Heel Time, VitaMinn Style, Fashion Titbits, Dream Of A Life Time, Watching the Waves, Haute World.Wishing you all a blessed day!!!

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50 thoughts on “Christopher Kane Rivet boots for Topshop

  1. Awesome boots!

    Cool ice-fountain! I'll check out the Harbin ice-sculptures on Boston Globe web. Thanks for sharing!


  2. hanh- i guess this is the continuation of your previous post.
    you're really into plaid lately.
    aside from stripes. i'm a sucker of plaid too.

    if mr. freddy didn't get sick we would have gone to the
    ice sculpture exhibit this year. those ice sculptures are really awesome.

    good night, hanh!

  3. hanh- i guess this is the continuation of your previous post.
    you're really into plaid lately.
    aside from stripes. i'm a sucker of plaid too.

    if mr. freddy didn't get sick we would have gone to the
    ice sculpture exhibit this year. those ice sculptures are really awesome.

    good night, hanh!

  4. I loveee plaid!!! Wear it as much as you can. And OMG WOWW those ice sculptures are amazing!!!! Especially the first one.. wow.

  5. congrats on ur awards! well deserved:) omgosh, these ice sculptures are beautiful!! can't imagine how long it took. u look great, as always:D love ur comfy chic look!

  6. I like the way you mixed the 2 types of plaid together! Those boots are killer.

    Hehe I think the natural ice sculpture rivals the man-made ones in beauty!

  7. I got the sandal version of those CK shoes, now I regret not getting the boots cos they look so good on you!!

    Would love to trade links definitely, would be an honour! :)

    xx Marcella

  8. OMG, I luv ur boots so much honey!! Wow and thank you for doing a post about ur award and I luv the bloggers u passed it on too. I also wanted to give it to everyone, but these awards always come with some rule : ) hope u had a fabulous wknd, chat soon xx

  9. Hello Hanh!

    How are you doing on this cold tuesday?
    The weather is so crazy here right now…

    Your "Row" leggings are too adorable! So I can truly imagine why
    you love to wear them! Adorable mix of plaid colors!!!!

    Have a lovely day with your family!!!!

  10. hanh you have the most amazing shoe collection! i love how you paired the plaids with..the plaids! haha. have a wonderful week xo

  11. Wow Hanh, those booties do take you to soaring heights! Saw the sandals version too and it's on sale… hmmm tempting!

    Love the entire outfit and esp the mix of plaids!

    We're also going to have an ice sculpture carnival here in a few weeks, can't wait to see the exhibit. A few years ago, they built a towering ice castle!

    Super, super thanks for the award!! Coming from you, it truly means so much! Thanks for making my day, Hanh!!! =)

  12. these boots are fantastic! this outfit rocks

    awesome ice-sculptures, they're like from some fairytale, wow! you can see every detail, this is amazing.

    Hanh, thank you so much for your sweet award! <3
    I adore your blog and I'm very appreciated!
    big kiss :)))

    Watching the waves

  13. Hi Hanh! Aww thank you for the blog award, this really cheered me up in this awful cold weather. How on earth can you walk in those boots, you are my heel's icon, have a great week, Pearl xx

  14. Hanh, thanks so much for the lovely award! I'm honored…will mention on my next post. :))
    The Kane for Topshop boots are fantastic!! I'm impressed by the styling and quality. I wish there was a Topshop near me.
    Really cool and edgy, and absolutely perfect w/ your outfit. RO coat is killer. Love it all.
    Pretty ice sculptures- very impressive, aren't those? Looks like a lot of work!

  15. Thank you for the award my dear! I never tire of seeing that Rick Owens coat… the perfect combination of edgy and classic. I just got one of his leather jackets on a sale and I'm in love with it (but unfortunately it's too cold to wear at the moment).

    The ice sculptures are amazing. I saw those on CNN a while ago and was very impressed. Hope you're having a great week so far!

  16. Hi Hanh,
    thank you for accepting my tag and I hope you will have fun to serch for those lucky five photos from the past, you can put more photos if you like. I'm sure we (your readers) will like it! :)

  17. I knew YOU would definitely rock the riveted Chris Kane for Topshop booties. I saw a wonderful pair on sale and was wondering how they would look in person. So sad I didn't get them because you look marvy.

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