Edginess of Black

Wearing: Rick Owens jacket, Jil Sander over knees boots, F21 dress which I bought so long ago. I’m wearing it for the very first time and also like to wear it backwards for this look.
I don’t really like my face expression but I like other elements in this picture. Necklace by Annie Costello Brown.
Zipped up.

A few people have asked me for tips for packing and traveling. I always like to take advantage of mix-and-match clothing as much as I can. Here are some things to think of when you pack clothing for your trip:

  • What is the country or city that you are going to? Paris, New York, Cancun, Hawaii, Amarillo or some places in deep countryside in Vietnam?
  • What is the season?
  • Your trip will be casual or fancy or both?
  • What are your activities on the trip?
  • Shoes: I usually bring one comfy pair for walking, one fancy pair for dining out, one pair that you can dress up or dress down. Make sure the shoes you bring can pair with your outfits that you brought along with you.
  • Make-up: limit things in this area because it could make your bag heavy. Just bring things that you really need such as 1 lipstick, 1 small eye-shadow case, blush, a small sample of foundation., etc…
  • Skin care : I just bring a small sample of face lotion and eye-cream and face cleanser.

I hope this will help some of you that want to know some tips for packing. It’s okay to repeat your outfit on your trip 😉

Wish you all a joyful weekend with family and friends!!! Thank you for your reading and your comments!! Big hugs…Hanh;-)

PS: click here and here to see more of my styling for this Rick Owens jacket.

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37 thoughts on “Edginess of Black

  1. I've seen you wearing RO jacket many times and I love the ways you style it. It's amazing piece to own.

    I love your F21 dress!! and stunning boots!


  2. A very edgy look indeed! Love the fact that you're not scared to wear your dress backwards, I do that too with soem of my clothing… Especially this one sweater I have. Depending on what side I put it on it has a big cleavage and neat ornament on the back with a little bow detail or it has the ornament on display on teh front and shows off one thirsd of your back (the way it's supposed to be). It also looks good with an undershirt, if I need soem cover up, say for work. Gosh, don't you just love versatile pieces like that? I think it's a great thing to pacl along with you when traveling! Especially if one doesn't like repeating their looks when traveling.

  3. Good morning everyone!
    How are you? Hope you have a happy sunday 😉

    Hi -h,
    I bought the F21 dress over a year ago. so, I don't know if it's still available.


  4. Hanh and Rick Owens at his best 😉

    Happy sunday to you, Hanh..
    Can you believe it´s again snowing this evening here…
    How stunning are the princess sleeves and the pleated details of
    your dress…

  5. the styling options for that jacket seem endless.
    great packing tips- rather similar to my own. i just bought a great pair of comfy but cute & edgy walking shoes…trying them out around south beach later this week.

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