Spago, Bachelor Gulch // Rick Owens-Sweater Weather

Spago, Bachelor Gulch.
On my last ski trip, I had a chance to dine at the famous Spago restaurant. The master chef, Wolfgang Puck, teamed up with the award winning Ritz Carlton to open a Colorado ski outpost of his legendary Spago at the Bachelor Gulch resort. Spago continues to set the standard of cuisine, service and style. The mood at night might be casual-sophisticated, chic, edgy and playful ( ladies in hot jeans, fab furs, killer heels, and Uggs; tables of children digging into fries), but the food coming out of the big open kitchen is definitely serious. The menu features Spago’s classics from over the years; contemporary American, regional European cuisine with Asian influences in a sophisticated as well as new signature dishes prepared using ingredients from local organic farming. I have to say the food and the service are impeccable. There is a kid-friendly environment and they offer a great menu for them, even Mickey Mouse shaped pizza which my kids love and ordered it almost every time we ate there.
Sear Ahi-tuna salad.
At dinner, you would be remiss if your table didn’t sample the spicy tuna tartare in sesame-miso cones with chili aioli, tosa soy, green onions, tobiko and pickled ginger. It’s my husband’s favorite. Sorry, we ate one before taking photo 😉Grilled Colorado lamb chop “Chinois style” with hunan eggplant, snow pea and cilantro-mint vinaigrette. Oh, no!..too rare for me, but perfect for my husband 😉 The night before we left for home, we ate there one more time and had a big beautiful dessert Austrian style Kaiserschmarren; creme fraiche souffle’ pancake, sauteed organic strawberries. This is the presentation at the table. Voila! the beautiful dessert at the table. Fresh strawberries and light foam pancake flavor, smelting in your month..Yum…!Rick owens-Sweater Weather.


Turttle neck. Wrapped.In Dallas, wearing: last year’s Rick Owens sweater and top on sale at, American Apparel tank and leggings, Lezilla boots.Wishing you all a joyful weekend!!
Big hugs…Hanh;-)

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46 thoughts on “Spago, Bachelor Gulch // Rick Owens-Sweater Weather

  1. Hi Hanh,
    fairly new to your wonderful blog. My fiancee and I have been getting tons of ideas from your travel, food and especially your clothes! Thank You for sharing.
    Best, Dino

  2. Hanh, all the food looks absolutely delicious in your photos! And I actually like it that you guys ate one cone before taking this picture – they look like a romantic couple on a date sitting across each other at a table in some restaurant to me hehe Yeah, I have some vivid imagination :)

    I also really like your boots! Have just recently tried on something alike, but wasn't sure about getting them… I'm not tall (5'3) and I wasn't sure how they looked on me and if they were making me appear shorter because of their specific above the ankle cut and a thicker buckled part around it. It also didn't help that at the boutique I tried them on I didn't have any clothing options with me besides what I already had on to see what I could wear them with :S What do you think, have you noticed this length of a boot making any difference to one's height? In this particular outfit they look really good, but then again, I don't know how tall are you and I don't usually wear longer pieces like your cardigan.

  3. Amazing Rick Owens cardigan! I have similar pieces in my closet, you have inspired me to come up with an ensemble much like yours.

    The food pictures left me a little dissatisfied with my lunch of leftovers, lol.

  4. I've got those AA leggings, aren't they amazing! I adore the sweater, Rick Owens is such a genious when it comes to versatile items, have a great weekend xx

  5. The food looks delicious!
    Oh, how I love such sweaters, they're so cosy! I'm wearing a similar one in the pictures from my last post. It's from H&M, but still nice :)

  6. wow, those are yummy foods!
    i remember every time hubby cooks steak
    i always tell him that mine will be cooked well-done.
    we're the same boat hanh. i don't eat rare meat
    but to the hubbies they are perfectly cooked.

    nice outfit, hanh!
    love, love the gray sweater!

  7. wow, those are yummy foods!
    i remember every time hubby cooks steak
    i always tell him that mine will be cooked well-done.
    we're the same boat hanh. i don't eat rare meat
    but to the hubbies they are perfectly cooked.

    nice outfit, hanh!
    love, love the gray sweater!

  8. Hi Hanh

    Those photos made me soooooooo hungry! And all the dishes are like a work of art! It must be a wonderful and very special experience to eat something so beautiful and delicious.

    ADORE the sweater sooooooooooooooo much. Simply gorgeous!

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

  9. Amazing sweater!

    Cool post. I really love essie nail polishes.

    P.S.: ♥Please don't forget to join the Three Birds Designs giveaway!♥

    Good luck!


  10. The food looks delish, though the lamb is waaay to rare for me too! I like medium :)

    I like how your wardrobe is so futuristic, I don't know if that's concious on your part but it's definitely a reason why I love your style so much!

    Take care!!

  11. wwwwwwwwwwoooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!
    Hanh… leaving the fabulous life… The spago restaurant looks like its the business !!! i would like to go myself. And we share the love for the same designer : Rick Owens that is … love everything that he does… but i have yet to buy a piece….soon enough… i am getting there….i love your edgy look and the fact that you are married and mother of two also give the perpective that you can be fantabulous and all those things at the same time…

  12. Mmmmm, that food!! Beautiful pics.
    I really like how you style your outfits, showing the versatility of some of the pieces- like this RO sweater.
    And the color combo- black, navy & gray- it's my new favorite mix of hues. You can't go wrong w/ it.

  13. Hello Hanh on a late monday evening.

    Yummy yummy yum…yum food 😉
    I remember when Nini posted you in this fabulous Rick Owens sweater
    on her blog about a year ago and I felt so in love with it!!
    Such a gorgeous piece!!!


  14. Hello honey : ) U look amazing as always and I luv the pics of all the food, yum! I am going to email you next wk about everything we spoke about :) Have a lovely day xxx

  15. Bonsoir cherie,
    how are you??? I hope all is well with family and you and the first weeks of the new year treated you very, very well!
    OMG – so funny – I saw this jacket some weeks ago at YOOX – love at first sight. Of course it was gone before I could have entered it into the basket with my stubby fingers…..
    And here it is shown on you – of course not the same since your jacket is with you for some time now – but the same model! It's such an amazing item – magnificent! Maybe one of the best jackets by RO so far! (it's in my Top10!)
    So even if some wounds are still bleeding because of not getting it I can come across to your blog and watch you in this jacket – which is kind of balm to them :)
    Mmmmmmmmhm…….. You rock this jacket, Hanh!
    much love always

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