Winter Ski

Almost every winter break, we go to Beaver Creek, Colorado ( about 20 min. from Vail) for our family ski strip. Beaver Creek Mountain features a long ski season, lasting from November until April, and its summit elevation is about 11,440’/ 3,488m. We love to ski here because of the friendly environment for kids. It has amazing things set-up for kids; a Goldmine where kids can hunt for gold (fools gold), a Bear Cave where kids can see what it’s like for bears (also fake bears) in hibernation, and a Jack Rabbit Run where kids can race through the trees. There are truly awesome things for the kids to do. They also have an excellent kids’ ski school here.The natural beauty of Beaver creek and the nearby villages of Arrowhead and Bachelor Gulch provide many leisure options no matter what the season or weather. In the summer, they have hot air balloon rides, horseback riding, bike trails, a challenging golf course, and mountain camping for older kids. We would like to come here in summer sometime for these cool activities.

The view.
This winter, they have The Crystal Grotto. Guests can experience North America’s only performing arts center created from ice and containing instruments carefully hand-crafted from ice. They sound pretty good like normal musical instruments. The Crystal grotto is at the unique ice theater located near Spruce Saddle Restaurant, almost near the top of Beaver Creek mountain.
Too bad, those pics taken at The Crystal Grotto are not clear! It was fun to watch and a great experience that I never had before.
The ice-balls are the drums.The guitar and the cello
The Pipe DrumsThe xylophone.FAMILY RANDOM PHOTOS.
Time for fire and marshmallows.
To see if the marshmallows ready yummy for tummySisters movie night in the hotel room and sharing popcorn is so sweet, so cozy!I want these boots. Too bad, they are too small for me :-(We were on the mountain, my hubby and kids discussed which run we’re headed to.My big girl skied through heavy snow.It’s me, in black and grey color ski suit.Me, in white winter ski suit.My little girl said ” Good afternoon” to Jan, 1, 2010. She woke up at 2 o’clock in the afternoon because of staying up late for the countdown to the new year.Looking through the door from the room. Snowing! Sisterhood is the sweetest thing!MY OUTFITS.Wearing: Marni coat, Pipit silver dress, Valentino belt, Vera Wang necklace, Ysl pumps for a fancy dinner at the Ritz.Another outfit for a casual night out. wearing: Givenchy sweater, Vera Wang necklace, Club Monaco white tank, F21 leggings, Sam Elderman boots.
Thank you everyone for your new year wishes, your comments, and your support. I hope 2010 treats you well. Wishing you all a wonderful day!!!
Big hugs…Hanh 😉
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67 thoughts on “Winter Ski

  1. Wow, I love the view of the mountain!

    The crystal grotto is fun. I love your both outfits, and your kids are adorable.

    looks like you had a great trip.
    thank you for sharing!


  2. Hi Hanh – I've only recently found your blog, and it's just lovely. I'm hooked! You and your daughters are so beautiful! Thanks for blogging and please continue doing so!

    My husband and I love Colorado (he's a CU Boulder alum) and we go back yearly. I'll need to suggest a ski trip next time!

  3. oh, it's all so lovely- the snow pics, your little girls all snug in their winter pjs, and your chic attire. i really enjoyed this post!!!
    that snow seems so far removed from my tropical environment!

  4. happy new year, hanh!
    are you back from the trip yet?
    the mountains are so beautiful in white.
    i can't wait mr. freddy grows bigger enough and take him
    to ski. the crystal grotto is great and unique! all the musical instrumentswere made of ice. wow! just wondering if they sound like a typical musical instrument.
    the kids are so sweet. i miss my sisters already when i saw your sweet little angels.
    hanh- i'm sure you're the most fashionable and glamorous woman that night. i love your outfit. very elegant.

  5. happy new year, hanh!
    are you back from the trip yet?
    the mountains are so beautiful in white.
    i can't wait mr. freddy grows bigger enough and take him
    to ski. the crystal grotto is great and unique! all the musical instrumentswere made of ice. wow! just wondering if they sound like a typical musical instrument.
    the kids are so sweet. i miss my sisters already when i saw your sweet little angels.
    hanh- i'm sure you're the most fashionable and glamorous woman that night. i love your outfit. very elegant.

  6. I'm Aquiles. Pleased to meet you.

    This is my first time on this blog. I saw it on Mom and Son!

    I really like the blog's concept. The Colorado mountains look like a true winter wonderland. I love these photographs. It is definitely great photography.

    I look forward to reading and commenting more in the future.

    I hope we can become friends. Perhaps swap links?

    Buenos deseos,
    Aquiles from The Coffee Cup

  7. What a wonderful vacation for you and your family! I loved your pictures of the Crystal Grotto. Your Vera Wang necklace was fantastic.
    I worried about your all white snow suit though; were you worried about blending into the white snow around other skiers?

  8. Hi there, anonymous!
    I'm not worried about wearing the white ski suit to blending into the white snow around other skiers because I styled it with black gloves, colorful hat and black big band belt crossing my waist in the back of my jacket and it doesn't show my back in the picture ;-)..I'm safe to wear it ;-).
    Thank you very much for visiting my site. I hope to see you around and have a good night!

  9. Hanh,

    I love all the pictures at the ski resort and the white snow….so beautiful, I miss skiing. I already went skiing last month so my next trip will be a warm weather destination. Have a great 2010.

  10. Dear Hanh, I see you had amazing holidays and spent a lot of quality time with your family what is so nice. Maby you will not believe but you made me to go ski, with that snow and view, I'm in:) Your outfits are great as always. Regards!

  11. Hello hun : ) Ur pics are stunning and wow, your outfits are super chic!!! Really luved ur post! I have something for you and your blog on my latest post : ) Have a stunning day xx

  12. you're outfit are always amazing!

    I'm stunned by the lasts two pics before your looks. The one with the chair and the other with your lovely girls. Wonderful shoots!
    I'm going to ski too, I'll leave this saturday! I'm not so fashion on the snow, my ski suit is green, a bit flashy should say, but since I often lie in same position of the guy behind you in the pic with black&grey suit… it's better for me to be visible! ehehe
    I'm joking 😛

    if you'd like to take a look… we're going there:
    It's an amazing place, it's almost 6 years or more that my boyfriend and I go there because we fell in love! We are repetitive, I know, but the Plan de Corones is unique for its ultra modern lifts and for it's location. When you are on the top, you can have a vision at 360° of the Alpes… just amazing! and also I have another reason to go there, in Sud Tirol…
    YUM YUM!!!

    have a nice day Hanh!

  13. what a great post, hanh! i just love the idea of performing musical instruments made of ice! beaver creek sounds like a wonderful place to visit. i'll have to put this on my list of places to go:) thank u for sharing. looks like u and ur family had a wonderful vacation!:D wishing u all the best in 2010, hanh!

  14. The views are spectacular! The Vera Wang necklace is such a fun one and I like how you wore it in the both outfits. All the sisterly photos are just too sweet!

  15. Hi Hanh and welcome back home from your "winterwonderful holidays".

    How cute are your 2 little girls. So sweet to see them together. As I remember me and my sister were so close together, too (we somehow stil are 😉 sisterhood is for sure one of the best things in life 😉
    I´m sure they will love to see these photos when they are older and are remembering their childhood with mom Hanh and Dad 😉

    Have a joyful and cozy day with your family back home!

  16. What great pictures Hanh! Looks like you and your family had a fantastic time! I'm loving the Vera Wang necklace- but my favorite picture is you in the grey/black ski outfit because of the guy who crashed behind you! How funny! Your daughters are so freaking adorable and you're right- sisterhood is so sweet :)
    Happy New Year to you and your family!

  17. Wow it looks just like that out my window here in England right now! Glad you are all having such fun. Love the really elegant look to your outfits here xx

  18. Looks like you had a great time! Your little girls are too cute! And they look like they're already great skiiers!

    Hope you had and your family and a lovely time celebrating the New Year. Happy 2010!

  19. oh my, fantastic! we have pretty snowy winter in Poland now, but these photos are so so great, all looks like some fairytale!
    beautiful views

    your girl are so lovely and beautiful
    hah, yes, one's of them boots are great!

    you look adorable in 1st outfit, so pretty necklace

    kisses :)))
    Watching the waves

  20. 1. I love your skioutfits! I wish I could look so good when skiing, but sadly no.
    2. I love the picture of you in the black and grey suit. It looks like that man behind you had a little fall?
    3. These pictures really makes me long for my ski vacation in week 7.
    4. Your girls are the cutest, ever!


  21. wow, this is my first time to your blog you have written realized stuffs in the post
    very nice scene and people around you
    and i am looking forward to reading more of your real life experienced in the travel

  22. What breathtaking winter wonderland photographs, Hanh! It sounds like you and your family had a wonderful start to the new year! And all of your outfits are stunning…you looked so glam in your ski suits.

    Your daughters are so cute…mini fashionistas in the making, no doubt about it! I hope 2010 is a very happy year for you, and I look forward to visiting your blog every week. :-)

  23. Love this Hanh! You have such a beautiful family, I love seeing pics of them and your travels together. :)

    Also, can you do a post on how you pack such glamorous outfits on trips? I'm awful at packing and always pack TOO much.

  24. Happy New Year Hanh!

    You have such amazing photos, your husband is a wonderful photographer… so very lucky of you. the pictures come out so beautiful, did you shoot with a dslr in the skiining pictures? that takes some mad skills.

    – Bree

  25. You're girls only get cuter each day!! 😀

    And OMG that place looks so beautiful. I would definitely love to spend some vacation time in a place like that.

    You look amazing, also. Kisses

  26. Hey Hanh! Happy New Year!
    What fantastic family pics, my mom and stepdad make it out to Vail a couple of times in the winter and they love it. It looks like you all had a great time 😀

    I love that Vera Wang necklace too!

  27. I get so inspired coming to your blog! You take the most incredibly beautiful pictures! Your kids are adorable! They are going to be heart breakers when they grow up!

    I can't wait to go skiing next weekend, hopefully I can manage to look as stylish as you :)

    Happy New Year!

    Cheers, Jesa

  28. I love your skiing outfits and think that your husband is a fabulous photographer. Curious if you wear a helmet-it looks like your daughters and husband are. Please be careful……

  29. hi hanh…your winter holiday photos are so beautiful! beaver creek looks so picturesque and pretty all covered in snow, and your daughters are so adorable.

  30. Hanh- that must have been a wonderful trip! Your girls are beautiful, of course, and I love your all white ski outfit, and the chic outfit you wore for your fancy dinner out! Happy New Year! xx

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