Ann Demeulemeester Zipper Belts Spring 2010

Zipper belts from Ann Demeulemeester runway spring 2010.
Fall/winter 09, I got the 14 buckled belt and fell madly in love with it. It’s like a masterpiece of art – something that you would see on a runway more than in practical life – but I’ve worn it anyway and received complements, like “Fantastic belt that you have on” every time.
I decided to have an Ann D belt collection. Here they are! zipper belts from Ann D spring 2010 arrived a few days ago. It’s so exciting! I love them! I haven’t actually worn them yet but will soon. These belts are easier to understand, more practical in daily life and are another fabulous creation from her.Thank you Ann D for a wonderful gift of 10 silver rings. I love them too!A Cold Night.This winter in Dallas has been colder than years before. Some like it, some don’t. I do. It’s cold enough for me to layer my clothing and still look stylish. I would be sick if it’s long, extremely cold winter like some places up north. Last night, I went out to dinner with my husband. It was very cold, but I felt like wearing this Rick Owens fur vest anyway.Worn with Rick Owens Lilies jersey dress, Janis Javitt necklace, Guiseppe cut-out boots. Hi everyone, I hid when my mom was taking pictures. I just wanted to come out to surprise and say Hi to everyone. Can I tell you something? My mom didn’t know I was behind her, until she saw the picture! hehe…

Berry Pie.There are many requests to post the recipe for berry pie. Here it is: roll out Pillsbury pie crust (for sale at grocery stores like Tom Thumb) dough on the baking pie pan. Fill it with 6 cups of blackberries, raspberries, blueberries already mixed, with 2 0r 3 tablespoons of sugar (you could use more sugar if you want – up to 1/2 cup), 1/4 teaspoons cinnamon, 2 tablespoons corn starch, 2 tablespoons cooked tapioca (you can skip the tapioca, it won’t make a big difference), and dot with a little butter as in the picture. Then, cover the pie with a top dough. Now, you seal the edge of the two doughs together (cut away any extra dough at the edge if it’s necessary). Make sure to cut-out the top dough a few holes for steam to exit during baking. Bake 350 degree for 50-60 minutes or until it looks nicely golden. Let it cool before serving. Now, you enjoy the most healthy pie ever.With my experience, using more blackberries and blueberries gives the pie more natural sweetness than raspberries, which give the pie more sourness. You could skip one kind of berry if you like. I’ve been baking this pie almost every other day for breakfast, alternating with my healthy apple pie 😉 since Thanksgiving day.Thank you for your visiting and for your comments. Wishing you a fabulous day!!Hugs…Hanh 😉


Seeing kids licking their lollypops is so innocent and cute. It reminds me of being a kid and loving lollypops and popsicles. It’s nice to look back, and to have lovely memories of those sweet times. What was your favorite flavor? Mine was strawberry.

Alexander McQueen Flats.
Since I haven’t owned many pieces from McQueen, and because of what happened to him (everyone is sad and shocked), I have started looking for more pieces to own from his line. I just wear flat shoes when I run errands, take care of my kids or travel through an airport. These are my new additions to my shoe collection.I love the silver skulls tied at the heels. Wishing you all a happy Sunday and a wonderful week ahead!!!Thank you for your visiting and comments!!!

Big hugs…Hanh;-)

Ps: don’t forget to enter the giveaway gift contest that was posted in the previous post. It’ll be fun! Good luck!!

Fashion Blog World’s Inspiration

Hello everyone,Hope you’re doing well. I just realized that I haven’t had a giveaway gift for this year. Therefore, let’s start it now. The “Fashion Blog World’s Inspiration”. I know there are many of you that are very inspired. The idea of this contest is just for fun. It would be lovely to share your style here at Life-in-Travel, and I’m excited to know more about your sense of fashion. Everyone (including international contestants) can enter this contest giveaway gift, just send me at a picture of your outfits with your name and what you’re wearing. Please, summit your one or two photos by March 3th. I will choose around 20 faces and let all the readers rate it. The winner will get $125 giftcard from the store of your choice, or cash. Have fun with your fashion creation and GOOD LUCK to you all! 😉

Comme des Garcons runway spring 2010. Me, wearing Comme des Garcons jacket (love all the different textures, prints and fabric which make the jacket interesting. Cool styling, too), Yohji Yamamoto gray top, Club Monaco black turtle neck, the Row legging, Christian Louboutin ankle boots, F21 cuffs.
Changing the style of the collar.
Christian Louboutin ankle boots.Wishing you a wonderful day!!! Thank you for reading!! Again, GOOD LUCK on the contest!!Big hugs…Hanh 😉

Fresh Snow

I Woke up in the morning, looked out my window and I was like WOW…Everything is beautifully white. I love to see Dallas covered with white snow. I remember six years ago, it was snowing on Valentine’s day and that was perfectly cozy for the day. This time the snow came a couple of days early but it was just so beautiful; I felt like I was in a different city. I took my camera and walked around taking photos. Usually Dallas does have some light snow during the winter, and the weather is very moody and sometimes drops to freezing temperatures. Dallas becomes a frozen town. Here are the photos of fresh snow that I captured yesterday.

On the road.
At the park.At the small lake. Some Family photos.
My sweet mom.My big girl.My little girl.Snow ball fight.Here comes the cute puppies: Luna and Goldie.Take it easy, puppies!Luna and Goldie wanted a ride on the slide, too!We built a snowgirl.Here is the snowgirl! Her name is Peggy.I arranged these flowers for you to wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day!! Full of love!! and have a joyful Valentine’s weekend with family, friends and loved ones!Oh, yes, and Happy Chinese New year too!!!Kisses…Hanh;-)
ps: just add to my link a new blog Ponyarts.

My Little Rock Star

My little girl is our rock star in the family. She really knows how to get attention from everyone, and she’s just a silly girl who like to make everybody laugh. She is one of the most popular girl in her class. Since my big girl had day camp with her school, so my little one and I all dressed up for a lunch date on the past weekend. We absolutely had a wonderful time together. Her look was inspired by Jcrew for Kids look; ruffles top, sweater (not seen), and leggings from Crewcuts.

I can’t believe it! Valentine’s day is this weekend. The smell of chocolate is in the air and the feeling of love… Are you ready? Are you excited? and what is your plan? This year, Chinese New Year happens also the same day. It’s exciting to celebrate Chinese new year with my parents in Dallas ( Vietnamese, we celebrate new year the same day as Chinese, we also use Luna calendar). Therefore, I skip NYFW this time and I can’t wait to see the first NYFW photos 😉
Wearing: Club Monaco turtle neck top and tank, Rick Owens dress/jacket, Alexander McQueen leggings, Givenchy necklace, YsL pumps.
Thank you Elaine for The You Made The Camera Dance Blog Award. Sweet!!

Thank you everyone for visiting and comment! Wishing you all a wonderful day!!

Big hugs…Hanh 😉

Strong Shoulder Blazer, again…

Yes, I’ve been enjoying wearing this blazer. The more I wear it the more I love its versatility. You could style it with the matching trouser to make a bold and formal statement. Pair it with a dress, denim or leggings, it conveys a more youthful and modern look.In the last post, I styled it with the tight pants/leggings to give a downtown rocker-chic look. However, in this post, I styled it in two different looks.

Girly-Fun Stylish Look.
Fashion has always loved stripes, pearls, and a Chanel bag. That has the perfect dose of ladylike stylish-cool. This F21 skirt and the headband gave a more girly fun feeling to this outfit . Wearing: Madewell stripes top, Topshop strong shoulder blazer, F21 skirt, F21 pearl necklace, Chanel bag, Balmain shoes.

Without blazer, I was cold.Edgy-office Look.
In this look, I wanted an urban, edgy look. This is such a polished-sexy, yet edgy uptown image, a powerful statement in the office. I wore this for the substitute-working day in my hubby’s office and this outfit made me feel good and confident on that day 😉

Wearing:Topshop strong shoulder blazer, the Row white shirt, Givenchy cutout black top (I wore it backward), Rag & Bone skirt, Guiseppe pumps ( very comfy).

F21 cuffs.Without blazer.

I would love to share with you that my interview is on Style Scoop. Thank you so much to Jasna for the feature.

Thank you very much for your time and your comments!!!

Wishing you all a wonderful day and confidence at work!! Kisses…Hanh;-)

Topshop Strong Shoulder Blazer

I always wanted a strong shoulder blazer that looks like the Balmain style. When I saw this blazer from Topshop online (about four weeks ago), I was so excited. I have to say its quality is surprisingly great and I love how the cut flatters your body.

Worn with F21 striped tank, Madewell scarf, Rag & Bone pants, Givenchy necklace.
Guiseppe Zanotti cut-out boots from last spring.Thank you for visiting and your comments, as always!!
Wishing you all a wonderful, joyful weekend with family and friends!!!
Big hugs…Hanh 😉

Alexander Wang Leather Vest

Hi everyone,I hope you all are doing well. It was slow updating my blog last week because I was under the weather. It wasn’t fun to have a bad cold, but I feel much better now. A big thank you to everyone for your continuing support and comments. It really makes my day delightful. I feel bad that I haven’t recently visited your sites as often as I would like. I hope you all understand that I have a busy schedule with my family, and I try my best to update my blog. Thank you so much for your understanding 😉In this post, I’d like to share with you some pictures were taken before my cold. It’s so exciting that I bought this Alexander Wang leather vest at a big sale at Barney’s online, a couple of weeks ago.

Wearing with Club Monaco black turtle neck top, Row leather leggings, Sam Edelman boots, Isabel Marant necklace, no brand leather cuffs.
Wearing with DIY skirt.
You’ve probably seen me wearing this DIY skirt before that I made sometime ago. I really love and enjoy wearing this skirt. I have many DIY design-clothing projects but I’m so lazy to make it happen. Sewing requires time and patience, especially if you are not great at sewing. Well, I hope to make it happen some day and share it here with you.
Design of this skirt is in two layers, but I just wore one outer layer for this look.

Jose & Maria Barrera necklace.
The skull gold leather cuff is by Candice Marks. I’m fastinated with The Woods bracelet because of its charms.
Burberry studded shoes.

This is what the skirt looks like with two layers. Click here for tutoring. Thank you for reading. Wishing you all a wonderful day!!!

Big hugs…Hanh;-)
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