Fresh Snow

I Woke up in the morning, looked out my window and I was like WOW…Everything is beautifully white. I love to see Dallas covered with white snow. I remember six years ago, it was snowing on Valentine’s day and that was perfectly cozy for the day. This time the snow came a couple of days early but it was just so beautiful; I felt like I was in a different city. I took my camera and walked around taking photos. Usually Dallas does have some light snow during the winter, and the weather is very moody and sometimes drops to freezing temperatures. Dallas becomes a frozen town. Here are the photos of fresh snow that I captured yesterday.

On the road.
At the park.At the small lake. Some Family photos.
My sweet mom.My big girl.My little girl.Snow ball fight.Here comes the cute puppies: Luna and Goldie.Take it easy, puppies!Luna and Goldie wanted a ride on the slide, too!We built a snowgirl.Here is the snowgirl! Her name is Peggy.I arranged these flowers for you to wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day!! Full of love!! and have a joyful Valentine’s weekend with family, friends and loved ones!Oh, yes, and Happy Chinese New year too!!!Kisses…Hanh;-)
ps: just add to my link a new blog Ponyarts.
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39 thoughts on “Fresh Snow

  1. Looks like you and your girls had so much fun in the snow! We've gotten too much in the Northeast :) Beautiful flowers-I love the way they're arranged. Happy Valentine's Day to you and your family!

  2. Happy Valentine's Day!
    What special family images- joyous and carefree, living in the moment. You are sweet to share these.
    The snow pics are enchanting. My favorite is the one w/ the pool.

  3. Happy Chinese New Year
    and Happy Valentine´s Day to you and your sweet family, Hanh!

    So many beautiful and fun photos!!!
    I honestly have to say I can´t see the snow anymore. It´s snowing here since weeks, the winterwonderland is beautiful but it´s every day the same fear to drive with the car. Some interstates are already closed and more snow is expected during the week… agh 😉

  4. Wao, thank You SO much Hanh:) By the way the trees have been "dressed up" in white here in Estonia since December… It is crazy how much snow there is! And it's still snowing more and more… unbelievable:) But it's So beautiful just as in Dallas.. Snow makes me really happy!


  5. I just have to say that I am really glad that I found your blog by accident. I really like your style and I am also crazy about traveling. And your kids are so adorable :)

  6. what a gorge winter wonderland! your mum is gorgeous. darling hope you had a gorgeous vals day, just posted on what i got up to and wore.
    have a fab week

  7. Your pictures are refreshing and full of life! Lovely post! Also, the flower arrangement is very sweet. I hope you enjoyed the New Year and Valentine's Day with your family!

  8. hi as im planning to buy a dog and am still clueless in which kinds of dogs to get.But as i read through this post i saw your pictures of your two little puppies!they are just so adorable!may i know what dog breed is it?

  9. wow, a winter wonderland! Wonderful photos! The closest I can have as "winter wonderland" was when I went snowboarding up in Big Bear -_- lol!!

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