Seeing kids licking their lollypops is so innocent and cute. It reminds me of being a kid and loving lollypops and popsicles. It’s nice to look back, and to have lovely memories of those sweet times. What was your favorite flavor? Mine was strawberry.

Alexander McQueen Flats.
Since I haven’t owned many pieces from McQueen, and because of what happened to him (everyone is sad and shocked), I have started looking for more pieces to own from his line. I just wear flat shoes when I run errands, take care of my kids or travel through an airport. These are my new additions to my shoe collection.I love the silver skulls tied at the heels. Wishing you all a happy Sunday and a wonderful week ahead!!!Thank you for your visiting and comments!!!

Big hugs…Hanh;-)

Ps: don’t forget to enter the giveaway gift contest that was posted in the previous post. It’ll be fun! Good luck!!
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34 thoughts on “Lollypop

  1. Awesome flats, Hanh! I think you've managed to get ahold of something McQueen that is not owned by many others – it's honestly the first time I see these flats! Love all the skulls and how the shoes still look so feminine, the pointy toe is a cute detail too.

    I alwyas like the pictures of your beutidul girls you post. Love how her hands are 'decorated' with the smiley faces :) As for lollipops and flavors… It's funny, but when I started thinking about it I realized that I can only remember msyelf loving coffee flavored ones, but those were later in childhood of course – I don't think I've trie dmy first one at least until I turned 11 or so… But oh well, that's still a kid, right? :)

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