Topshop Strong Shoulder Blazer

I always wanted a strong shoulder blazer that looks like the Balmain style. When I saw this blazer from Topshop online (about four weeks ago), I was so excited. I have to say its quality is surprisingly great and I love how the cut flatters your body.

Worn with F21 striped tank, Madewell scarf, Rag & Bone pants, Givenchy necklace.
Guiseppe Zanotti cut-out boots from last spring.Thank you for visiting and your comments, as always!!
Wishing you all a wonderful, joyful weekend with family and friends!!!
Big hugs…Hanh 😉
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51 thoughts on “Topshop Strong Shoulder Blazer

  1. Those shoes are fabulous! the subtle bold shoulder look has grown on me, I'm casually considering either one from max studio or a version from ebay…

  2. Oh I love this look, very city chic :) And I really like how you wore the scarf together with this kind of necklace. I've never thougth of it msyelf before, so thanks for the idea!

  3. hey hanh!! sorry i havent stopped by in ages I have been very ill recently, Im also sorry but i havent sent your Eve magazine yet but it will be in the post this weekend :) Love this outfit, your style is flawless!
    magpie-girl. xo

  4. Nice outfit as usual. I first found your blog last year while doing a Google search of those exact shoes, nice to see them on the blog again.

  5. Hahn, it looks wonderful on you, but then again, you can wear a plastic bag and it will look glamorous. :) LOOOOVE your shoes (again). If you ever get tired of your shoe collection, please think of one girl in England who would be happy to adopt it. :)

  6. Wow, that blazer is incredibly made! I can't believe it's from F21. You always find the best things there 😀

  7. Hi Hahn. I've been a sporadic reader of your blog and I must say I DON'T know what kept me away. I am very happy to say this is the first of many comments to come. I love your blog and your sense of style!

  8. Omg I LOVE this outfit! In fact, I've worn a version of it before haha.. now I feel so fashionable b/c I dress like the amazing Hanh!

    That necklace is gorgeous and it's very cool how you paired it with the scarf.

  9. I didn´t like 80´s shoulder pads at all but I really felt in love with Balmain version!!! And love the combination navy t-shirt, the jacket and that superb necklace. Really chic indeed!!!

    Come to visit some Spanish designers on my blog. I´d thank the feed back from all of you. Thank (

    Kss from Spain

  10. Hey Hanh!!! You look FIERCE….work those booties!!!!! Question: How do you make your pictures so large? I'm so new to this blog thing and desperately need assistance. Thanks!

  11. Happy saturday Hanh!

    That Topshop blazer is truly gorgeous. I saw it a few days ago at Topshop but unfortunately all sizes were already sold! It looks so great on you with the scarf, top and leggings!!!

    It would be so nice to know when you come to visit Paris this spring/summer, Hanh!!! Remember your post about Paris last summer, when you posted your new Rick Owens treasure 😉

    Wishing you and your family a wonderful sunny weekend ahead!!!
    Hugs to you … 😉

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  13. I absolutely must have that blazer in my life. Did you order it from the UK or the US version of the website? Also, how is the sizing? True?

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