Forever 21

Before I went to Cancun, I bought this Forever 21 jumpsuit which comes with the belt and packed along with me. This jumpsuit has become my favorite outfit on the trip. I’ve got so many compliments from it and I styled it with many different looks.

Worn with F21 plaid shirt, and I belted the shirt with a Jcrew gold shimmer belt to give it a fancier look and a touch of the unexpected.

I paired the outfit with my new Ann D spring 2010 boots. The power of Ann D design is striking, strong and serious. It’s an urban chic look, but I wanted to make the boots suitable for the beach, giving it a tropical feel. Wooden cuffs from Target, Gucci sunnies.

Let’s give it a little casual, relaxing look by taking off the Jcrew belt and loosening the F21 plaid shirt.Wore the F21 jumpsuit with a Target scarf, and F21 necklace. The Ann D boots were actually practical, being versatile on the trip (talk about packing lightly for travel, I just brought along the Ann D boots, one pair of Prada sandals and Jcrew flip flops)

Again adding a Jcrew gold shimmer belt for fun. Target bag and scarf as a headscarf.See you all in Dallas! Wishing everyone a fabulous weekend!!!
Thank you so much for your support!!!
Kisses…Hanh 😉
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41 thoughts on “Forever 21

  1. Aww, Hanh, you look totally adorable in all of these photos! Love all the ways you styled this jumpsuit, what a versatile piece and what a versatile color too! Love the sparkly belt idea… And wow, I normally don't like those type of shoes, but they way you wore them in the pictures above is too adorable for words. I seriously love the way they look! I have to say, that out of all you gorgeous and more posh looking outfits, this is going to be one of my most favorite looks of yours – there's just something so you about it. It's feminine, gentle, sweet and yet edgy and quietly and gently posh. I think if I was a man passing by you dressed in that I'd fall in love a little haha Have a fantastic rest of your family holiday!! xo

  2. Lovely jumpsuit I have a really similar one in brown. The new Ann D's are absolutely stunning, I am glad she kept the same shape to the boots as with the lace ups I love how they make ankles look tiny! Can't wait to some sandle worthy weather xx

  3. What a great colour combo! You look wonderful and the pictures are so clear and bright. I wish i could wear jumpsuits but my body is too long.
    When will forever21 come to Australia!?

  4. Love the scarf and the color of your new Ann Ds! I didn't see them in that tan color before.
    I need a linen jumpsuit like yours; it's perfect for the tropics.

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  6. cute jumpsuit, hanh! i love the all the different ways u styled it. my favorite look is the outfit with the head scarf! so chic!

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