Hakone Open Air Museum

Open Air Museum, Hakone.

Once in late winter some time ago, I had a wonderful experience that I visited the Hakone Open Air Museum in Japan. It’s an outdoor museum that displays works by both Japanese and western artists, such as Picasso, Matisse, and many others. It attempts to create a harmony of nature and art by exhibiting various sculptures on its spacious grounds with breathtaking views of the surrounding valley and mountains of Hakone. If you like art and nature, this is the place for you.Besides the outdoor sculptures, the museum features various indoor galleries. There is a sizable Picasso collection, consisting of paintings, prints, sculptures and ceramic creations.

Colorful Diamond Shapes.
Big head in water.Reflective Ball.
Lake Ashi, Hakone, Japan.
Hakone is a popular destination among Japanese and international tourists looking for a break from Tokyo, which I highly recommend if you’re in the neighborhood. It’s not too far and easy access from Tokyo by train. Hakone is famous for hot springs, outdoor activities, and natural beauty. You can reach the Hakone Mountains by ropeway and enjoy spectacular views from the top. When you’re here, do not forget to visit Ashi lake, one of my favorite parts of the trip.
Lake Ashi (Japanese: Ashinoko) is absolutely beautiful and romantic, and is known for its views of Mt.Fuji, the symbol of Hakone. There are several sightseeing boats cruising the lake, providing scenic views for tourists. However, the view of Mt.Fuji tends to be better during the colder seasons of the year than in summer, as told by my tourist guide.
Mt.Fuji seen from the lake. On the right hand side of the pic is a torii in the water.

This view is from the rope way ride to Hakone moutains.This is a famous torii in the water of lake Ashi which is a very popular tourist attraction

And now, me, in Dallas, wearing F21 turtle neck top and sunglasses, CdG deconstructed skirt, Alexander wang wedge, Yigal bag.Thank you so much for your visiting and comments!!Wishing you all a wonderful day ahead!!Kisses…Hanh 😉

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31 thoughts on “Hakone Open Air Museum

  1. This museum looks like a lot of fun. I like sculptures being shown in open air.
    You Wang wedges are an artwork too ^^

  2. i love hakone! its such a welcome and relaxing break from the busyness of tokyo. beautiful photos of the scenery:)

  3. Japan is one of the place I would like to visit
    Hanh, love the colors of your clothes
    and the Yigal bag has a unique style.

  4. Japan is one of the place I would like to visit
    Hanh, love the colors of your clothes
    and the Yigal bag has a unique style.

  5. YOur Wang shoes are fabulous as well as your skirt!!!

    Hakone open air museum amazing!! Ashi lake is beautiful!!

    Love from Belgium,

  6. Oh Hanh you went for the Leo Wangs!!!!!! I deliberated over them but went for the Chloe's instead as the heel was more practical,they look absolutely stunning, hhmmm maybe I might save up for some too! How are they for comfort? xx

  7. I love Hakone, I plan to go for the second time the end of the year! Also, i love your Alexander Wang shoes.

  8. So jealous, those shoes!!
    Love your blog, style.
    Follow you for a while now and you never bored me, good job.

  9. ooooh, i've been to the open-air museum in hakone, too. it's been like 20 years or so ago, but i'm still thinking of it a lot. isn't hakone lovely?

    just discovered your blog. you've got some amazing clothes. looking forward to your next posts! :)

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