Sping Break in Cancun, Mexico

I can’t believe it, spring is arriving in about a week. It’s exciting! And for this year spring break, we’re going to Cancun, Mexico.Cancun is convenient for us to visit. It’s just about 2 1/2 hours flight from Dallas, TX. It is a world-renowned tourist resort. Four million visitors arrive each year in an average of 190 flights daily. The hotel zone offers a broad range of accommodations, ranging from relatively inexpensive motel style facilities to high-priced luxury hotels. If you are looking for a non-stop party, Cancun is your choice! Whether its partying on the beach all day or raving at the club late into the morning, there are no restrictions.Spring break in Cancun is normally busy and hectic with all the college students. Staying at the Rizt Carlton is more quiet, tranquil and relaxing for a family with young kids. There are lots of activities for everyone like jetski, parasail, a trip for snorkeling, swimming with dophins, crafts for kids, and of course the beautiful blue ocean, white sand beach. The hotel staff is well trained to give excelent service.

Here are some our pictures on the beach. We’re having fun!
The beach.
The beach cabanas.Playing with the sand.
Two sisters enjoyed playing with the waves.
My little girl and I had fun with the waves.
My big girl loves chasing the waves.
Activities on the water.
My hubby and big girl were ready for parasail.
My big girl wanted to have a jetski ride.
While my little girl enjoyed doing crafts.
My sweet parents.
Two sisters had fun swinging hammock.
Rest, nap time.Luch time at the beach cabana.haha…posing for the camera 😉 Worn Juicy Couture scarf, D&G bikini .F21 shirt as cover-up, BCBG bikini.
Be creative on the beach, it’s my little one’s idea to used her donut float as her skirt.On the beach at night. The cabanas become private dinning room.Seafood plate for appetizer.Girl with sombrero hat.She pretended her DS as a clutch…very cute! she’s a creative girl. Her sweater, necklace, shoes and belt are from Crewcuts.Thank you everyone for your visiting and comment!!!
Wishing you a wonderful day ahead!!
Kisses…Hanh 😉
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52 thoughts on “Sping Break in Cancun, Mexico

  1. Wooow, looks really great! I'd love to go somewhere warm now! It's snowing here, and I guess it will be snowing for a while still. Bah!
    Have a great week!

  2. Always love your family pictures, everyone looks so content and happy :) Totally agree with you on the RC's exceptional service. Their hotels are indeed great for quite relaxing spa vacations or for family trips. And I looove your daughter's float skirt, what a cute idea indeed! :)

  3. Aaahh, so beautiful! Your little girl is so funny! DS as a clutch hahaha yes, very creative! Your eldest is the adventurous one. And of course, you look great as usual!

  4. Hanh, I love watching the photos!
    Wow, you're so sexy and that great figure
    doesn't show having 2 kids.
    Wish I could wear two piece, huh!
    Too bad, I can't! Stretch marks are all over
    my belly.

    Little girl is very creative. I love her style ha.

  5. Hanh, I love watching the photos!
    Wow, you're so sexy and that great figure
    doesn't show having 2 kids.
    Wish I could wear two piece, huh!
    Too bad, I can't! Stretch marks are all over
    my belly.

    Little girl is very creative. I love her style ha.

  6. Hanh-This looks amazing and so relaxing! The pictures are gorgeous and I'm sure they don't do the place justice. I've always wanted to visit Cancun but definietly not during Spring Break season- you're brave :) Love your little one's idea of the beach tube as a skirt! Very innovative. Have a great vacation!

  7. Your pictures are amazing. I miss the sea now.

    Btw I'm in love with your pictures, and I would love to know what camera do you use ?

    Have a good time !

  8. Hi Hanh!

    So many beauuuuutiiiiiifuuuul pictures!!!
    The perfect place for vacation.
    I´m sure you are so happy to spend them
    also with your mom and dad!

    Enjoy your holidays on this lovely place on earth!
    Love the "beach at night" photo.. simply enchanting 😉

  9. aaaaah what an amazing post!!! you're making me crave the summer!
    lovely pics and… your parents look gorgeous, your mother is still such a beautiful woman!!! 😀

  10. lovely pictures! your daughters are so pretty and stylish! glad you're enjoying your vacation, you're a great mom and deserve it! btw i think it's so sweet that you brought your parents along. enjoy the rest of your vaca! xo

  11. Hanh,

    You look hot…now it motivates me to stay clean and healthy for the next couple of weeks…ouch, I ate crawfish twice this week and has bagels, cream cheese this morning too:(

  12. You and your family are so incredibly gorgeous – and I am OBSESSED with your BCBG bikini…fabulous! So glad you had a great time, my love!! :)

  13. What a wonderful time. Your big girl is going to be just like you. She has such character. You two will have lots the older she gets. They are both beautiful

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