Spring Candy

Hi everyone,Are you ready for spring? I know some of you who have lived thru a long, cold winter are tired of the cold and want to say goodbye to it. Dallas’s winter is not bad. To be honest, I’m still enjoying wearing my jacket, fur, gloves… and not ready to say goodbye to it. Although, I’m excited for the arrival of spring and can’t wait to see the fashion trends.

I told myself to slow down on my shoe collection. It’s easy to say, but not easy to do. Instead, I’ve managed to put “the pedal to the metal.” Shoes are like candy to me! I’m still waiting for more pairs to come in. Crazy!!!

Wore this outfit for a lunch date with my friend Nini today. It was a great date! good chat! really fun.
My very first Rick Owens jacket, Ann D shirt dress, new Ann D boots, and Target pink scarf. Eddie Bruno necklace. My new Ann D boots-spring 2010. Love them! Alexander Wang leopard wedge-spring 2010. I love the pattern combination.
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Have a wonderful day!!! kisses…Hanh 😉
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43 thoughts on “Spring Candy

  1. lovely look as usual Hanh! and what a great purchase! I adore this alexander wang wedges! pitty only that they're too expensive for my poor students pocket :(
    I can't wait to se you wearing them!

    on my own I make myself a promise: to buy just one pair of shoes per month this year! but it's so hard… too much hard! 😛

    big hugs

  2. I'm very excited to see your spring wardrobe! It's rainy and dreary here in the northeast so seeing you and Nini out in the sun always cheers me up.

    P.S., you MUST do a post with your Ann D. zipper belt soon!!

  3. Wow, it looks like it's getting real warm there! And so sunny too! Love your sunglasses, btw, they're so perfect for your face! And those leopard Wang shoes are just dreamy, ah!

  4. Happy friday, Hanh!

    Can´t tell you how happy I am that weekend is so close 😉
    You and Nini seemed to have a wonderful time! I love the photos
    when you two are staying together for lunch and shopping!

    Haaanh!! I have to confess: i love your Ann D´s maybe more than my pair 😉
    I didn´t know about this gorgeous color!!! Agh 😉

    Have a lovely weekend ahead with your family!!!

  5. Hanh, those new Ann D's and Alex Wang wedges are fa-fa-fabulous!!!! hahahahaha! i'm green with envy! double hahahahaha!


  6. A.wang leopard wages are one of my favourites this season and EVER. I hope you show us many outfits wearing them. Do you know where can I buy them online ( I live in Spain and can´t found them in any store ). Thanks ( my e-mail if anyone can help me, is: thacabo@telefonica.net )

    Thanks for your help

    By the way, I love fuchsia on you very much!!!!

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