Tei Tei for Japanese cuisine // Creamy


I love my old silky, creamy Giambattista Valli for Moncler blouse, especially the puffy sleeves which made the statement. When I saw this Yigal skirt some time ago, I thought about the top; they would go perfectly together. Until now, I haven’t had a chance to share with you this look, an elegantly soft-sophisticated-yet-chic look.

I love the beaded details at the skirt’s waist. Cross bracelet from The Woods. Other cuffs from brand ??? Tei Tei
If you ask me what is my all time favorite restaurant in Dallas, I have to say it’s Tei Tei. It’s a mixture of traditional and contemporary Japanese cuisine, and is billed as a Robata Bar. If you’re looking for a restaurant that has a fair price, excellent service, fun/hip/chic environment, deliciously fresh food, Tei Tei is the perfect restaurant for you. You’ll find many dishes that are casual and simple, such as the king crab legs or giant shrimp, which are simply grilled with a little salt. It’s absolutely fresh, of the highest quality, and has a natural taste. They have incredibly fresh sushi and sashimi selections; my favorite is Spanish mackerel with deep fried its bone. Too many good things to say about this place. We love TeiTei and always have a delightful experience there..
Appetizer plate created by the chef to complement our glasses of Rose’.

I love the texture of ice-fish. It’s kinda crunchy.

Slow braided cooked snail, my favorite. I love to try exotic food.
Fresh grilled big eye golden fish. This is just simply grilled because it’s the high quality and freshness of the fish that’s important. Naturally sweet, it melts in your mouth..yum!!This is my hubby’s favorite dish, scallops with sea urchin.A glass of Merriman Pinot Rose, selling by the glass at the Tei Tei bar. It delightfully complements the food.
Rose’ wine is just the perfect drink for the spring and summer. It’s so sexy, chic and sophisticated. It’s like a party in every glass. Ready to rock!!

Thank you so much for your support and comments!

Wish you all a happy Sunday!!!
Big hugs….Hanh 😉
Ps: TeiTei restaurant
2906 North Henderson Ave
(214) 828-2400

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47 thoughts on “Tei Tei for Japanese cuisine // Creamy

  1. Chère Hanh, this "creamy sounds like scrumptious" silhouette exquisitely ilustrates "Architectural softness" idea, AND the way your dizzy Heels highly tend to "fetishize" it . . . simply Bewitching Dear !!!

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  2. I just adore the second photo of you! You look absolutely beautiful, I just love your make up and hair, especially in this picture – it's just displayed at its best! Love the stool you're sitting on too. Yay for the fresh sea food, my absolutele favorite! And I've just had some sparkling rose wine today, what a nice coincidence to see you posting about it now :)

  3. You should have a whole post of your big-big closet, how it looks like, how things are sorted and how you find everything. To be honest, I can not imagine how big it is :) Adore you, as a fantastic mother and a style icon!

  4. The zipper detail on the shirt is very clever – it keeps the look from being too saccharine. And the food looks delicious as well.

    xx Persephone

  5. Love the oversized sleeves on your blouse. Your write-up on Tei Tei makes me wish that I was in Dallas so that I can try it out…I love seafood! :)

  6. those two pieces go so elegantly together. I like the sleeves and colour of the top.wonderful and all this food has made me hungry!
    hope you are well Hanh

  7. WOW! What a stunning outfit! You look great! :)

    What a classic shirt with a wonderful twist! You will have this shirt forever! You look so classy and stylish here. My favorite part about the outfit (if I had to pick) are the bracelets though. If you remember what brand the bigger bracelet is, please let me know! I just LOVE it!


  8. You look so beautiful … i'm Polish and i've just watch your blog and it's amazing :) you look so friendly and nice girl and i think you are great mum :)

  9. You literally look like a movie star in these pictures. You'd be right at home walking the red carpet in this fabulous frock, in fact!

    And the food looks and sounds delicious…I'd love to visit this restaurant someday!! :)

  10. Hi there,
    Thank you veryone for your comments!!!

    About my lipstick color. Well, I used to have one exactly the same shade from Nars and my kids love to play with my lipstick. Too bad, it lost. So, for these photos, I created by applying two colors of lip liners; one is nude/pink from Shu Uemura underneath Funny Face Nars. Blending and clear gloss on top.;-)

  11. This is such a lovely post! I love the look of the Valli top paired with your beautiful skirt.

    And beautiful blog! It's very inspirational.

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