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Hi everyone,Thank you everyone who sent your photo for the Fashion Blog World’s Inspiration contest. There were many of you entered the contest which is more contestant than I expected. That’s awesome. It was really great going through all of the photos. You all absolutely look beautiful in your fashion creation and you’re truly inspiration. That made harder for me to pick out final of 20 faces. Luckily, most contestants have own blog. So, I’ve learned a lot more about the contestant’s sense of fashion by visiting the contestant’s blog and that helped my choosing.The winner of this contest is the one has the most votes from readers and will receive a $125 giftcard from the store of her/his choice (or cash). Please, help me to pick-out the winner by voting for your favorite contestant by number and welcome to leave a comment for your contestant. I will leave the vote opens for 10 days which will end on March 17th 11:59:59 pm CST. Thank you very much for your time and your vote! I hope you have fun while doing this and have a fabulous day!! xoxo…Hanh 😉

Ps: For contestants, you could tweet and/or blog about this vote. So, your blog’s readers, your fans, your friends will know this to vote and support you. GOOD LUCK!!For my readers, you could tweet this to your fellow tweeters to vote for your favorite contestant here at Life-in-travel. Thank you!!

Here are the final of 20 contestants.
2. Anjelica-Mode Junkie. 3. Juley-Swankheights.
4. Ewelina-Dram of Glam.
5. Frida-Fyndigt by Frida.
6. Marcella-Fashion Distraction.
7. Cruz-Denim on Denim.
8. Mr Freddy’s mom-Mom and Son.
9. Cindy-Come over to the dark side We have candy.
10. Doreen
11. Stella-In love with Fashion.
12. Kookie.
13. Ray-Pathway.
14. Roxana.
15. Grace-VitaminnStyle.
16. Alex-Refuses to Label.
17. Thuy Dinh.
18. Khatu-IamKhatu.
19. Tiffany-Iamashoewhore.
20. Radostina.
Again, thank you everyone!! and enjoy the post!
ps: thank you everyone for well wishes to my daughters. I’m thankful that they’re well now 😉
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326 thoughts on “Vote For Fashion Blog World’s Inspiration

  1. Wow everyone looks fantastic!! But if I have to choose only one it is number 8 Mr Freddy's mom, she always has great style and is such a lovely person. So glad your girls are better now xx Pearl

  2. Hi Hanh!

    My vote goes to # 15Grace-VitaminnStyle.
    I love her charming smile and she always know to to add a touch of elegant! And last but not least she has a wonderful personality!
    Good Luck, Grace and all the other 19 contestants!

  3. Wow,some truly amazing and inspiring contestants! Congratulations guys!! Really difficult to choose but number 18 receives my vote.It's a classy ensemble.Great colours and details,love the glove!!

  4. can I vote even if I'm a contestant? if yes… my vote goes to the lovely Anjelica, so number 2!

    thanks for choosing me as one of the 20 contestant, I'm so happy! 😀
    big hugs Hanh!

  5. Wow,thank you so much,you've made me extremely happy.Only being one of the 20 girls it's enough for me:)
    I really like # 5's outfit and #20's necklace and that Christopher Kane dress:X

  6. Oh it's no easy choice! There are some outfits in here that I really like, but I'll go with:

    18 – I am Khatu

    Because of the extra effort and the fabulous idea to wear a scarf across her body like that!

  7. I have to vote for #2 Mode Junkie! She's one of my faves.

    This is an amazing and arduous task you've undertaken, Hanh. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication to your blog!!

  8. Wow this contest only proves that you have some really amazing readers!! I wish they all had blogs so I could check out more of their style. In the end there sadly could be only 1 to vote for so my vote is for #6!

  9. #10 Doreen!

    I love the touch of humor mixed in with her outfit. It shows that she doesn't take life too seriously even though she is seriously fashionable.

  10. omg. thanks for considering me hahn! 😉 being with all these lovely girls is an honor enough! 😉 cant even choose one because they are all GREAT!


  11. A big thank you to Hanh for featuring me! All 19 women are exceptionally stylish and inspirational, good luck to all!


    Alex @ Refuses to Label

  12. Everyone look so great!!! I especially love #5 Frida, #16. Alex-Refuses to Label. # 9. Cindy-Come over to the dark side We have candy ( love her hair ) #7. Cruz-Denim on Denim. #3 Juley-Swankheights, but my vote will go to #8. Mr Freddy's mom-Mom and Son. She's a hot MAMA :-)

  13. THANK YOU HANH! Really great that Ive made it too!

    Love all the girls you have picked out!

    Can I vote too?

    If so: My vote goes to Kookie! #12 Love her style!

  14. Cindy from "Come over to the dark side We have candy" is soo gorgeous – so i definetely vote FOR HER 😉

    This was such a great idea to do this kind of contest! :)

    And GOOD LUCK TO all of contestants ! :)

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