Maison de la Truffe

I had already mentioned about this restaurant, Maison de la Truffe, in the past post, a long time ago. But I’d like to do a post about it again. Because we love this restaurant and especially we love truffle. We accidentally knew about this restaurant by watching the show called Bizarre Foods on Travel channel. Maison de la Truffe is located in the prestigious, Place de la Madeleine, Paris. It has become a real gourmet institution and offers high quality truffles that are priced surprisingly fair, less expensive than in the US, at least in Dallas. If you like truffle, this is a place to go.

Scallop Carpaccio with lemon-flavored, black truffles. Chef’s suggestions.
Shrimp green salad with white truffles.Risotto with black truffles. My husband favorite dish. Black truffle-flavored cream brulee. It’s exotic!Warm chocolate cake with truffle-ice-cream.Another fun thing to do that we enjoyed in the Paris trip is tasting wine at Lavinia, located at 3 boulevard de la Madeleine, near the Maison de la Truffe. This is a machine that you serve yourself wine by inserting a card which you buy at the cashier. This is a fun way to taste wine. Unfortunately, it’s illegal in the US, at least in Dallas, to serve yourself wine in public.Aha…My husband tried to taste the Chateau Latour from Bordeaux.
When I saw Barbara Martelo wearing a spring fur coat from Isabel Marant in Jakandjil blog. I said “What an awesome fur coat! I wish to have it!” When I visited Isabel Marant boutique in Paris, I saw the coat and it’s just so stunning in person. I was surprised it’s not pricey for a fur coat (about the same price with a great pair of Gucci shoes). I have to say Isabel Marant clothing is very fairly priced compared with other designers.
In my shoe collection, these old Marni heels and Rick Owens wedges are the most comfy to walk in for hours. But I always have flats for back-up. The Rick Owens wedges are an exception, they’re super comfy 100% like flats.
Thank you everyone for your comments!! Wishing you all a wonderful day!!

Big hugs…Hanh 😉

Around Paris, France

Paris is a city of lights, arts, fashion, architecture, history, design, shopping, partying, fine cuisine and luxury. Paris is the utmost definition of chic. There are so many things to do in Paris that even the most sophisticated and informed Parisian still discovers hidden treasures of this city day after day. I’ve never tired of Paris. In fact, I can’t wait to go back with my kids this August to show them how wonderful Paris is. Excited!! Anyway, when we talk about Paris, we’ll talk about visiting the Eiffel tower, Place Vendome, Le Concorde, Tuleries garden, Louvre museum and the Pompidou modern art museum. Shopping along the Rue St Honore’ is absolutely fabulous, even just window shopping is just great. The neighborhood of St-Germain des Pres is charming. Notre-Dame cathedral is marvelously stunning. Just walking around Paris with your partner is already joyful and romantic. Every corner, you turn your head around to see beauty of the city. Oh, don’t forget to take a boat cruise to see the city from the Seine river. It’s just awesome!!

Eiffel Tower seen from the Seine
My favorite bridge in Paris.Do you see people seated in the right side of this picture? In fact, there are many people sitting along the Seine to get some sun with bikini on. They don’t need to go to the beach.Notre-Dame seen from Seine river.Louvre.Louvre seen from Seine river. Le Concorde.Fountain across Le Concorde.Place Vendome at night.Rue de Rivoli.To me, every cathedral here is beautiful. Walking around Paris at night is a fun thing to do. We actually love to take a walk at night, every time we’re in this city. You feel like Paris belongs to you. It’s just wonderful. You can’t ask for a more romantic setting than this when you’re walking with your loved one, hand in hand, around the Seine river, under Paris lights with the moon in April. It’s truly magical!Notre-Dame at night.Street performers in front of Notre-Dame were very entertaining.I have a crush on this classic, well-dressed French guy in the right side of this picture below. Oh!…wait a minute! He’s actually my lovely husband…hehe…Me, wearing my new Rick Owens top and Lanvin lucite sunglasses. Yes, I had flats with me for back-up.Thank you everyone for your continuing support!!
Wish you all a wonderful day!!
Kisses…Hanh 😉
Ps: for food in Paris, check out the restaurants that we visited on this trip, click here.

One day in San Francisco

It was the craziest travel experience in my life. Our fight was canceled, along with everyone else’s, because of the volcano ash from Iceland. After my husband spent 5 hrs on the phone calling airline and travel agencies. We got lucky and found a connecting flight to the US. We got on the flight. And four hrs into it, the captain announced that the plane is returning to Paris because of an oil leak. I thought I was dreaming. 12 hours after getting at Charles de Gaulle airport, we were back. We waited until midnight, the next day, to board again. 13 hours later, we arrived at 4 Am in San Francisco.
Yes, we made it to get out of Paris. At this point, any city that we landed in the US, we considered “Home sweet home!” (we had one day to stay in San Francisco waiting for the flight to Dallas). First, we checked in the Le Meridien Hotel (we like its convenience location) that we already booked for our room in advance. The hotel was full and because of their mistake at our reservation, they gave us a penthouse which it was available with the same charge for normal room. Good news! Awesome! After a nice nap, we woke up at 10:30 and started our day by walking to Chinatown for Dim Sum at City View, recommended by the concierge. Great meal! We continually walked around Chinatown and ended up in a beautiful, serious Italian/Asian antique store. After having a conversation with the boss of the store, we told him about how we were in San Francisco because of a crazy flight in Paris. He is kind enough to offer us a ride around town. That’s super awesome! The boss’s younger brother drove us to Coit Tower for a great view of the city, to Lombard-the crookedest street, then Twin Peaks which is another place for a beautiful city view. After that, visiting Sausalito was a great experience. Finally, he dropped us at Union Square where there is great shopping. At the end, we walked back to our hotel to get ready for dinner at Betelnut. It was so nice that our waiter offered us a complimentary desert for welcome home. This was an amazing day. We had great fun. It accidentally ended up San Francisco and was a perfect way to end the trip.
The view from penthouse at Le Meridien. Chinatown is the oldest Chinatown in North America (its establishment in the 1840s) and one of the largest Chinese communities outside Asia. It is also a major tourist attraction-as its shops, restaurants…It’s a perfect place for buy in Chinese souvenir, eating Chinese food. To be honest, I like it more than Chinatown in NYC.
A dragon gate on Grant Ave at Bush street in Chinatown.Dim sum at City View restaurant on Commercial Street in Chinatown. Crispy crab claw ball is my favorite.Coit Tower was built in Pioneer Park top Telegraph Hill in 1933 where you can have beautiful views of the city.

City view from Coit Tower.Golden Gate Bridge seen from Coit Tower.Bay Bridge seen from Coit Tower.The city view from Coit Tower. The tallest building is Tranamerican Pyramid.Alcatraz Island seen from Coit Tower, Alcatraz Island is located in the San Francisco Bay. It often referred to as The Rock and it used to be a military prison. You can get there by ferry ride from Pier 33, near Fisherman’s Wharf-located at Pier 39- where it is also my favorite place to walk around to see Wax Museum, street performance, especially eating crab on the street is fun. I like to come here every time when I visit the city, but we didn’t make it this time.One of the best things about San Francisco is its passion for the unique. So it’s not surprising how much the City loves Lombard Street, one of the most crookedest street, extraordinary roads in the US. Not only is the road crooked, it’s also very steep. It’s a tourist attraction street. No matter the season, every time I come to town and visit this street, its landscaping is always beautiful. San Francisco is famous for its hills, including Nob Hill, Pacific Heights, Russian Hill…Twin Peaks is a pair of hills resting at one of the city’s highest points, forms a popular overlook spot. This is a view form Twin Peaks.Golden Gate Bridge was the longest suspension bridge span in the world when it was completed during the year 1937. It has become an internationally recognized symbol of San Francisco and California.Sausalito. Across the Golden Gate Bridge, just minutes from San Francisco, lies the picturesque waterfront community of Sausalito, world renowned for its Mediterranean flair and breathtaking views of San Francisco. It’s charming little town and offers many local boutique shops, restaurants, boutique hotels…Down hill is Union Square. It’s a great shopping area that you can find from big department stores as Neiman Marcus, Sak Fifth, Bloomingdale…to high-end boutiques as Chanel, Gucci…or less expensive shop as H&M, F21…Dinner at Betelnut on Union street, contemporary Asian cuisine. You can find dishes are in Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese, Indonesian style. It’s a hip and fun place.Me in Sausalito town, worn my new Lanvin lucite sunglasses, RO sweater. Bought them in Paris.If you have more time in San Francisco, I would recommend you get on Cable car is fun. It is an icon of the city. Visiting wine country is fun thing to do that you don’t want to miss.Thank you so much for reading and your continuing support!!Wishing you all a lovely weekend with your family and loved ones!!Kisses…Hanh;-)

April in Paris

Hi everyone,

We arrived in Paris on Thursday at 11:oo am. We checked into the hotel and had a big nap. I woke up about 3:00 pm and I realized that I did something terrible that any blogger shouldn’t do….I actually brought my camera and left the batteries at home…nightmare, yes?..Well, I tried to put that behind me and headed straight to the Rick Owens boutique, Miu Miu, then Colette. After that, we had dinner at Le Dome du Marais. It was a beautiful meal. We continued walking around Paris that night. That was our first day in Paris.

Friday: We woke up late, headed for lunch at the Bistro du Sommelier. Of course, we missed taking all the photos. We immedately went to Fnac store to buy the batteries. YES, I got the batteries, but it needed charging. While doing that, I went to Isabel Marant boutique (I got some goodies), then Ysl, Givenchy but I got nothing at both stores. I stopped at Balanciaga and OMG!! I saw amazing shoes, jackets…I didn’t buy but I couldn’t stop myself thinking about them all night… For dinner, we went out to Hiramatsu which is French food, but a Japanese chef. It’s wonderful dining. Walking around the city at night is a fun thing to do and we enjoy it very much.

Saturday: Wake-up call at 10:00 am. I was so excited to have an appointment at 11 o’clock at Channel boutique on 31 Rue Cambon. It’s my birthday. Yes, I got some goodies. My hubby picked me up at Channel, then we had a very late, long lunch at a fabulous restaurant, Maison de la Truffe. After that, I went to Balanciaga boutique and got the amazing thing which I can’t wait to share with you when I get home. I headed to Comme de Garcons, Lanvin and did a lot of window shopping on Rue de St Honore’. I was ready for dinner at Ze Kitchen Galeries. It was amazing food. Walking around Paris is a great thing to do after your supper.

Sunday: I’m done with shopping. It’s a day for museums. Pompidou is a beautiful museum which has cool, strange, modern art. It’s a beautiful day. People were everywhere; on the street, in the park…We had a good walk, enjoyed a nice day. Dining at Le Reminet, where they serve elegant French country style food. Of course, we can not miss walking around the city at night. Sunday night is sleeping night. It’s more quite, less crazy party scene. We’re ready for going home on Monday. Guess what? our flight has been canceled. Now, we have to wait to see what is going on with our flight. Hopefully, we won’t be stuck here so long. Although, it’s a wonderful place to be stuck. I miss home though. Home sweet home!!

Monday: flight canceled, stay around Paris. We’ll surely find something to do…more shopping? NO WAY, sightseeing YES WAY…;-). Going to Buddha Bar for dinner tonight sounds good.

Tueday: I hopefully we have a flight to go home.

The weather is just perfect around mid 40 F to 60 F, and sun shine. It’s nice enough for you to have a fabulous jacket on and enjoy your beautiful day. April in Paris is just gorgeous. Thinking about Frank Sinatra singing that timeless song “April in Paris”. I love the song!! I love Paris!!

When I get back home, I will share with you all my photos of Paris, food, and my goodies…Wishing everyone a wonderful day!!! Kisses…Hanh 😉

Sacai Before Paris

I’m leaving for Paris this afternoon. I’m so excited. It’s just for a few days, but I’ll try to make it a fabulous time there with shopping, eating, visiting museums. I hope everyone is doing well. Now, I would like to share the Sacai dress before I go. Yigal bag. These are new shades that I just bought to replace my old lipstick which my kids lost when they were playing with them; Roman Holiday from Nars, Schiap also Nars, Brillant a Levres lip gloss from De’ de peau. Do I need a key to clock up all my make-up? What can I say, they are girls.Thank you for visiting!! Wish you all a fabulous day!! Kisses…Hanh 😉

On The Weekend

No School on Friday.
The kids had no school this past Friday. To take advantage of the short, beautiful spring weather in Dallas, we took the family for lunch at Who’s Who Burgers in Highland Park Village. After lunch, we took a walk through the park in the neighborhood, and played in the playground for hours. We delightfully had a wonderful time.
We love to eat at Who’s Who for a casual lunch. The outdoor seating by the fountain is fantastic in the spring. They offer a simple menu but gourmet choices. The kobe burger is about $10. It’s a little bit pricey, but it ROCKS!! This burger basically melts in your mouth. yum!!. My kids are crazy about the fries!! super tasty. No one should complain about the price because you’re sitting in a extravagant part of town. Something about being in Highland Park Village with nice cars and pretty stylish ladies makes this place awesome.
My big girl tried on her daddy’s sunnies and enjoyed her burger.
We walked through the park.With my little one.With my big girl. I brought my McQueen flats for back-up..hehe Enjoying swinging.Two girls were on top of the monkey bars at the playground. Posing in Crewcuts clothing.Playing tic tac toe.Saturday Night Out.
After my kid’s ballet class in the morning, we took it easy for the rest of the day. Then, we were out for dinner at Tei Tei Japanese restaurant. Yes, we love to dine there. I’ve had mention about this restaurant in the past post or you click here to see the review.
Lobster with ponzu sauce. Delicious!!

Pressed Toro sushi. Yum!!!After dinner, we went to the park near by the neighborhood enjoying the sun still bright with nice breeze.

My big girl.My little one.They enjoyed to climb on the big bear.Pretty Japanese maple tree in the spring.My Outfits On The Weekend.For lunch on Friday: worn my old Marc by Marc Jacobs top, F21 shorts, Alexander Wang wedges. Saturday: worn CdG shrug, Club Monaco tank, Mcqueen leggings (if you take a closer look at the leggings, it has a butterfly print in the front and a roach print on the side), Gucci shoes.Thank you for your visiting!!!Wishing you all a wonderful day ahead!! Kisses…Hanh 😉

Share Spirit-Army Attitude

I found this military style jacket and absolutely love it. It’s 80% cotton, 20% hemp which is perfect for Dallas spring/summer weather because of its light weight. The details are amazing!.

Necklaces from The Woods.
Close-up. One necklace has Buddha, cobra snake. Other one is cross.
A cute pocket on the side of the back jacket. I also love the fact that this jacket looks like it has oil on it.Love the lace at the shoulder and all the pockets.Love all the vintage portrait buttons and the zipper at the collar.Thank you everyone for your visiting!!
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!!! Big hugs…Hanh 😉

Wonderful night at 4510

Last night, my hubby and I went to a 10 year anniversary party for 4510 boutique in Dallas. It was so much fun – a fabulous party. Cheer* to 4510!!!!The store was just beautiful, well decoration with full stunning things. Here is Martin Margiela couture collection, amazing!

Everyone absolutely looked stylish. Meeting fashion designers and fashionistas was great fun. Tina Craig-Bagsnob and Judy-Atlantis Home.

My best part was having conversation with Doori and Thakoon. They are very nice, down to earth people.
Sorry Doori for the bad quality picture.It was a pleasure to talk to Doori. She is such a sweet, classy lady. I felt like I have a connection with her, but because of the party I couldn’t keep her longer to myself. She also likes traveling and cooking, just as I do. I don’t own many pieces from her designs, but I will from now on in order to support this young, talented designer. I admire her that she immigrated from Korea (born 1973). She started out her firm in the basement of her parents’ dry cleaning business to become the big time, a successful designer in New York.
The same admiration to Thakoon (born 1974), he moved to the U.S with his family when he was 11 years old. He produced his first Rtw collection in 2004 and quickly became a well know in fashion world. He is a nicest guy.
Thakoon and me.

On the way to the party, we stopped and took these pics. The wind was so strong, I felt like it could blow me away.Wanted to fly with the wind.

Thank you so much for your supporting!

Wish you all a wonderful day ahead!! Kisses…Hanh 😉

My Heart is Pink

One night, my big girl was on her playdate. We took my little one out for dinner. She likes to try new food and can eat anything. She loves to eat. She is a girly girl and loves shopping too! Especially at Crewcuts!

She loves the camera and poses naturally.
Now, my time with my big girl. Her eating habits are opposite those of my little one. She doesn’t like to try new food. But she is a brave and adventurous girl in other ways.Oh, no!!!Bugs!! run, run….I worn a nude body suit underneath Tao by CdG sheer top, CdG skirt, F21 legging, Pierre Hardy shoes.Thank you for your continuing supporting!!
Wish you all a happy Easter Sunday and a wonderful week ahead!!!
Big hugs…Hanh 😉

Step into Spring

This Prada fall 2003 dress has became my spring dress because of its tulip prints. Since then, I’ve worn it every spring time when the tulips are blooming. I love it. It was a special gift from my hubby after we just had our second child.

Tulips are my favorite flowers for spring. Spring is a time of growth, renewal, of new life. Spring colors make me feel younger, delightfully happier. Yet, my birthday and our anniversary are in spring time 😉
Styled it with my old Aldo belt, Ann D boots, F21 bag.
Fallon necklace.Thank you so much for visiting and comments!!

Wishing you all a lovely time with your family, friends, and loved ones this weekend!! Kisses…Hanh;-)
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