Around Paris, France

Paris is a city of lights, arts, fashion, architecture, history, design, shopping, partying, fine cuisine and luxury. Paris is the utmost definition of chic. There are so many things to do in Paris that even the most sophisticated and informed Parisian still discovers hidden treasures of this city day after day. I’ve never tired of Paris. In fact, I can’t wait to go back with my kids this August to show them how wonderful Paris is. Excited!! Anyway, when we talk about Paris, we’ll talk about visiting the Eiffel tower, Place Vendome, Le Concorde, Tuleries garden, Louvre museum and the Pompidou modern art museum. Shopping along the Rue St Honore’ is absolutely fabulous, even just window shopping is just great. The neighborhood of St-Germain des Pres is charming. Notre-Dame cathedral is marvelously stunning. Just walking around Paris with your partner is already joyful and romantic. Every corner, you turn your head around to see beauty of the city. Oh, don’t forget to take a boat cruise to see the city from the Seine river. It’s just awesome!!

Eiffel Tower seen from the Seine
My favorite bridge in Paris.Do you see people seated in the right side of this picture? In fact, there are many people sitting along the Seine to get some sun with bikini on. They don’t need to go to the beach.Notre-Dame seen from Seine river.Louvre.Louvre seen from Seine river. Le Concorde.Fountain across Le Concorde.Place Vendome at night.Rue de Rivoli.To me, every cathedral here is beautiful. Walking around Paris at night is a fun thing to do. We actually love to take a walk at night, every time we’re in this city. You feel like Paris belongs to you. It’s just wonderful. You can’t ask for a more romantic setting than this when you’re walking with your loved one, hand in hand, around the Seine river, under Paris lights with the moon in April. It’s truly magical!Notre-Dame at night.Street performers in front of Notre-Dame were very entertaining.I have a crush on this classic, well-dressed French guy in the right side of this picture below. Oh!…wait a minute! He’s actually my lovely husband…hehe…Me, wearing my new Rick Owens top and Lanvin lucite sunglasses. Yes, I had flats with me for back-up.Thank you everyone for your continuing support!!
Wish you all a wonderful day!!
Kisses…Hanh 😉
Ps: for food in Paris, check out the restaurants that we visited on this trip, click here.
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49 thoughts on “Around Paris, France

  1. Thank you for these glorious photographs of Paris, Hanh…such a magical, beautiful city. I adore London for its edgy vibe mixed with old world charm, but Paris is right up there on the favorites list too…your photos will make all of us wish we were strolling through this enchanting city today. :-) You look beautiful, as always too…so glad you and your husband had such a lovely time. And what a treat to be going back in August, you lucky girl. Your daughters must be so excited too!

  2. amazing pics hahn! i need to go back there. i just need to. LOL awesome outfit. love the new top! you rock rick owens like no other!


  3. Im so hyped up now after looking at your pictures because im going to be in Paris in June. thanks for posting and i love your rick owens top 😉

  4. Such a romantic post Hanh, I'm so happy for you as you had amazing time there I can see how nice is Paris from your photos and I can only imagine how much nicer it is in person:)

  5. All grey looks lovely on you. Also I liked the scarves that you were wearing in your previous San Francisco post. Glad to hear you were able to get home safely!
    I think I need to start bringing flats around as back up too. lol!

  6. I'm missing the city so much.
    And my first qustion when I saw you on the pics was "how did she managed to visit Paris with these heels?!" Lol :)

  7. I love Paris!! You were so lucky to also stop over in SF! I grew up in the Bay Area and that city is always close to my heart. It must've been such a blessing to have all those perks! :) Glad you made it back home safely, I had another friend who was stuck in Egypt for another week because of the volcano as well.

    Btw, do you speak French? I have distant relatives in Paris who are Vietnamese & Chinese and I understand that many Vietnamese people speak French since it was colonized by France for a time.

  8. Hi Davina,
    The older generation, they speak French. It's unfortunately my generation doesn't speak French.
    Luckily, my husband does.


  9. Lovely photos.They are making me miss Paris a lot.I'm surprised that you haven't visited Versailles,it's absolutely gorgeous in the spring.It's my favorite place in the world,it gives me such feelings,I think I lived there in a past life,haha.Next time you go to Paris in august you must attend the Grandes Eaux Nocturnes(if you haven't already),it's a trully magical way of seeing Versailles at night.Your girls would love the soap bubbles floating everywhere and especially the fireworks at the end.I'm dreaming already.

    Btw,as usual you have a flawless outfit:)

  10. I love how you describing this city! Words, beautiful photos (Paris by night, wow!). And great outfit, adorable Nitoinimoi Louboutins <3 and drapped top.


  11. I love Paris and I miss it so much, can't wait to get a chance to go back there again! Love your pictures, everything looks absolutely beautiful and I totally know what you mean about teh city beign romantic and perfect for visiting with your partner – I never really thought about it that way before I visited the city myself!

  12. I love your blog but there is some spelling mistakes in this post (I realise it because I am parisian): it's not "Le Concord, Tuleries garden, Rue de St Honore" but La Place de la Concorde, Les Tuileries and Rue St Honoré… (I also didn't correcting the accents because I know there are not accent is english keyboard)

  13. Hello Hanh,
    Just wondering which Brand and Style of Camera did you use? I have to say, The pictures are magnificent!! They are so beautiful..keep scrolling up and down… :) Thanks

  14. hi everyone,
    For someone who want to know about my camera.
    I use Canon Rebel Sxi and two lens: 18-200mm, 88mm. I hope it will help.


  15. Loving that RO tunic, I plan to get it in black leather but they are out of my usual size.

    Could you please tell me how does it fit as far as sizing?
    Hoping to manage it anyhow…

  16. this is the best outfit I saw for a long time on a blog. gosh I love it. That Rick Owen top is the hottest thing ever. the cut = wow. the shoes = wow.

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