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No School on Friday.
The kids had no school this past Friday. To take advantage of the short, beautiful spring weather in Dallas, we took the family for lunch at Who’s Who Burgers in Highland Park Village. After lunch, we took a walk through the park in the neighborhood, and played in the playground for hours. We delightfully had a wonderful time.
We love to eat at Who’s Who for a casual lunch. The outdoor seating by the fountain is fantastic in the spring. They offer a simple menu but gourmet choices. The kobe burger is about $10. It’s a little bit pricey, but it ROCKS!! This burger basically melts in your mouth. yum!!. My kids are crazy about the fries!! super tasty. No one should complain about the price because you’re sitting in a extravagant part of town. Something about being in Highland Park Village with nice cars and pretty stylish ladies makes this place awesome.
My big girl tried on her daddy’s sunnies and enjoyed her burger.
We walked through the park.With my little one.With my big girl. I brought my McQueen flats for back-up..hehe Enjoying swinging.Two girls were on top of the monkey bars at the playground. Posing in Crewcuts clothing.Playing tic tac toe.Saturday Night Out.
After my kid’s ballet class in the morning, we took it easy for the rest of the day. Then, we were out for dinner at Tei Tei Japanese restaurant. Yes, we love to dine there. I’ve had mention about this restaurant in the past post or you click here to see the review.
Lobster with ponzu sauce. Delicious!!

Pressed Toro sushi. Yum!!!After dinner, we went to the park near by the neighborhood enjoying the sun still bright with nice breeze.

My big girl.My little one.They enjoyed to climb on the big bear.Pretty Japanese maple tree in the spring.My Outfits On The Weekend.For lunch on Friday: worn my old Marc by Marc Jacobs top, F21 shorts, Alexander Wang wedges. Saturday: worn CdG shrug, Club Monaco tank, Mcqueen leggings (if you take a closer look at the leggings, it has a butterfly print in the front and a roach print on the side), Gucci shoes.Thank you for your visiting!!!Wishing you all a wonderful day ahead!! Kisses…Hanh 😉

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32 thoughts on “On The Weekend

  1. The McQueen Leggings is gorgeous, I love your MBMJ jacket too! And of course the AW shoes is fabulous ! Your kids have grown so much and they are so pretty!
    Have a great day!

  2. Your girls are so photogenic and so natural in front of the camera, love it. Funny how in the second picture you blazer's buttons and glasses trims look neon green, while they're golden in other pictures! Which I guess they really are :) I love those Gucci shoes and I just adore the look of them with those leggings!

  3. You certainly cant beat backup flats, I totally wished I had brought mine this weekend, I ended up with very achey feet! The McQueen leggings are fab xx

  4. Your children and adorable and have the cutest outfits! I also love your hair – do you cut your own bangs or have a stylist trim them?

  5. I LOVE your first outfit, it's so simple yet so chic! You look gorgeous!!…and love the denim top and A wang wedge, you wear it so well!!

    I really enjoy your blog not only because of your stylish outfit but also enjoy seeing your daughters' outfits. Love the tutu skirts they wear :)

    Always looking forward to see your next amazing outfits!!

    My outfit diary~

  6. love the leggings but the alexander wang wedges are FABULOUS
    love your blog as always darling
    keep it up!
    thanks for sharing!


  7. Stumbled on your blog and I'm very glad I did ^__^
    You are such a gorgeous woman, a lovely mother and have excellent taste in fashion<3
    And might I add; A beautiful family you have!


    Miss. P

  8. Hayhay!
    How are you? It's my first time on your blog and I really like it! Can you check mine too? Maybe we can follow eachother! Let me know!

    Love, Cindy

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