Wonderful night at 4510

Last night, my hubby and I went to a 10 year anniversary party for 4510 boutique in Dallas. It was so much fun – a fabulous party. Cheer* to 4510!!!!The store was just beautiful, well decoration with full stunning things. Here is Martin Margiela couture collection, amazing!

Everyone absolutely looked stylish. Meeting fashion designers and fashionistas was great fun. Tina Craig-Bagsnob and Judy-Atlantis Home.

My best part was having conversation with Doori and Thakoon. They are very nice, down to earth people.
Sorry Doori for the bad quality picture.It was a pleasure to talk to Doori. She is such a sweet, classy lady. I felt like I have a connection with her, but because of the party I couldn’t keep her longer to myself. She also likes traveling and cooking, just as I do. I don’t own many pieces from her designs, but I will from now on in order to support this young, talented designer. I admire her that she immigrated from Korea (born 1973). She started out her firm in the basement of her parents’ dry cleaning business to become the big time, a successful designer in New York.
The same admiration to Thakoon (born 1974), he moved to the U.S with his family when he was 11 years old. He produced his first Rtw collection in 2004 and quickly became a well know in fashion world. He is a nicest guy.
Thakoon and me.

On the way to the party, we stopped and took these pics. The wind was so strong, I felt like it could blow me away.Wanted to fly with the wind.

Thank you so much for your supporting!

Wish you all a wonderful day ahead!! Kisses…Hanh 😉

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37 thoughts on “Wonderful night at 4510

  1. aww, Thakoon looks so cute :-)
    You look fabulous in your PS skirt. Love the color of it. See you tomorrow!!

  2. Wow..that looks like such a fun night!! You are always so fashionable, I hope I can still remain stylish and fit after having kids! : )

  3. WOoow so Chère Hanh, beyond your natural haughtiness I am truly astonished by the way this blouse (notably with such an architectural back cleavage )exquisitely wraps your Nudity !!! AND the way your dizzy Heels emphasize your calves' sculptural shape . . . Highly Sensual !!!
    ps: I wish you a wonderful Dear too Dear.

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  4. ps: Eeeeuuh "wonderful DAY", of course !!! Frankly Sorry for this (little) "picked out in extremis skid of keyboard" Dear . . .

  5. Love everything but specially the proenza skirt!
    I always find really nice things in your blog..
    Hope your like our blog!
    Angie and Lucúos

  6. Beautiful! Cute skirt, and it looks cool with the avant-garde top. And that MMM "stained glass" jacket looks phenomenal! Radiant even!

  7. What a fun night you all had! I love this outfit, you took two really strong pices and yet made it look like such a simple classic outfit – that is real style xx

  8. Lovely windblown photos…You look very glam- chic as usual!
    What a treat, meeting those two talented designers.
    And now I long to visit Dallas, just so I can shop at 4510!

  9. Darling Hanh, I adore your outfit!
    Seems like I wanna steal that skirt and bag from you. LOL!
    Green is my favorite ever. You are fortunate to meet the designers!

  10. Darling Hanh, I adore your outfit!
    Seems like I wanna steal that skirt and bag from you. LOL!
    Green is my favorite ever. You are fortunate to meet the designers!

  11. What an amazing top you're wearing! Looking great, as always, Hanh! The event also looks very cool, so stylish and trendy yet looks so welcoming too!

  12. What an event it could have been! Meeting Thakoon must have been flattering!
    Your outfit is simply stunning, absolutely fantastic!

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