My Favorite Wedge Shoes with CdG Skirts

I had on Alexander Wang leopard wedge shoes in both looks below. Lately, I’ve been wearing them a lot. They’re one of my favorite shoes for spring 2010 and they’re easy to style with everything.

My blouse is Dries Van Noten from about three years ago, and last season’s fall CdG skirt.The creamy CdG skirt and MMMargiela one shoulder top are second hand pieces which I bought over a year ago at INA Designer Consignment store in NY.
Banana Republic gold cuff, metallic gold leather strap from Ysl mini bag worn as a bracelet.Dragons vintage necklace from Atlantis Home vintage site.Thank you for visiting and your comments!!
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Anthropologie Cupcake Apron

My little apron model was seated at Anthropologie’s window and she seemed to enjoy reading a cupcake cook book. She looked very cute with the cupcake apron on. Actually, the little girl who played Charlotte’s daughter wore this apron in the movie “Sex And The City 2″ coming in theaters May 27th. This apron is now available at Anthropologie store. For some of you want to know, my little girl wore Tshirt, skirt from Crewcuts. Her headband is a necklace, also from Crewcuts.

She and her big sister had their hair cut short about 7 inches to donate to Locks Of Love. It was their idea to make a hair donation to make hairpieces for children who have suffering from long-term medical hair loss due to cancer treatment. This picture is from Sex And The City 2 fashion book. Charlotte and her daughter wore the Anthropologie cupcake aprons.I can’t wait to go to see the movie. Have fun if you go to see it!!!
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Pink Birds

I’m madly in love with the Miu Miu Spring 2010 rtw collection and you probably are, too! The animal prints (and one not so G-rated lounging-nude motif) are just so adorable, fun, and yet naive. You can see that every piece in this collection will become timeless piece in your closet. I also love the Miu Miu shoes of this season. They are absolutely stunning. I wish I could get my hands on them, but it seems so far I don’t have the luck :(. Anyway, here is the birds top: I would pair this top with everything; skinny or flare-leg pants, nice denim skinny or flare jeans, short or long skirt…. It’s very versatile.

The light of the sunset gave my skin a nicely pinkish tan. I love it!
Ivory Antique
Do you remember that I mentioned that we accidentally found the Chinese/Italian antique store in China Town, San Fransisco?. It’s called Micheal. It’s located at the corner of Bush and Grant and it’s a serious antique store. It has so many unbelievable pieces, especially some ivory pieces and mammoth tusk pieces. Here are some that the owner allowed me to take a picture of.
Look at this antique ivory. It’s one of the Chinese Kings. Its detailed carving are amazing. This piece and the Chinese queen below are my favorite. They truly show the art of carving.The Chinese queen.The turtle carrying the book with two dragons wrapped around, it has old Chinese style writing on it.Chinese chess set made by bone and ivory.
This western style chess set made in Italy is also my favorite. It’s actually a four feet square marble table with chess pieces.

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Memories of Tangier, Morocco

Tangier, Morocco

Last weekend, some of my relatives came over for dinner. We had a fun time chit chatting. They asked us which of our trips was the most interesting. We had to say that the day trip to Tangier, Morocco, from our cruise (from Barcelona, Spain to Lisbon, Portugal). When we got off the ship to take a tour of Tangier, there were a couple of security men to guide the group. Normally, that’s not the case. Anyway, we had a great time and enjoyed the tour. We actually learned so much about this city in one day trip. We especially love their interesting architecture and culture. To be honest, I wasn’t sure if I like the food. But I was sure that Tangier is a interesting city. It’s the intersection where Europe meets Africa, where the Atlantic washes into the Mediterranean, and where Islam and Christendom comes together. Here are some pictures:

We love all those gates and doors.There are many beautiful beaches in Tangier. Camels were resting after giving tourists a ride. Hercules’ cave has become famous for the natural shape and is much like the continent of Africa.

You can tell that we love and enjoy different cultures. It shows in how we decorated our house. This is Mid 19 th century Moroccan mother of pearl inlaid mirror. Late 19 th century Moroccan bronze lantern and we made it into electric.New bronze Moroccan lantern production in our meditation room.Our meditation room is a Moroccan / Indian style.Sitting area in meditation room.

Beach Style

These pictures below were taken on the beach in Mexico in March.

Look 1: wearing Juicy Couture plaid dress as a cover.Look 2: Indian silk wrap wore as a dress.Thank you everyone for your visiting!!!Wishing you all a wonderful day!! Kisses…Hanh;-)

Finally, Ann Demeulemeester Belt-Spring 2010

I finally had a chance to post my Ann D belt from the runway spring 2010. This belt set comes in three different belts: one fine leather corset-belt, one single zipper belt and one double zipper belt. On the runway, the two zipper belts are worn over the leather corset. You actually could style them separately, zip or unzip them for many different looks.

LOOK #1: I styled the two zipper belts over the leather corset. LOOK #2: I wore two zipper belts without the corset. I also paired the belts with YsL pumps to get more of an elegant look for a fine evening date with my husband.
Thank you everyone for your continuing support! Wishing you a wonderful weekend!kisses…Hanh 😉
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Silky Dries Van Noten

When it comes to silk, I love the Dries Van Noten line. It’s light weight, and has fine texture. In this post, I styled my Dries silk trousers spring 2010 with some of my old pieces.

Look 1: These pictures were taken on spring break when we were in Cancun, Mexico. Because of the beach vacation, I styled the outfit more like an airy-tropical feel.

Look #2: These pictures were taken last week in Dallas. I styled the outfit more elegant-urban chic.Givenchy belt.Wish you all a wonderful day!! Thank you so much for visiting! Kisses…Hanh 😉


Isabel Marant outer top and cropped jeans with Target white top.
Givenchy wedges.
My favorite Forever 21 trousers that I bought couple years ago.Haider Ackermann top and my 14 years old Fendi handbag.Wishing everyone a wonderful day!! Big hugs…Hanh;-)


Hiramatsu restaurant at 52 rue de Longchamp, opened on October 2001. It’s one of the best restaurants in Paris according to The New York Times. The restaurant menu offers French cuisine. Culinary creations are made by owner-chef Hirotoshi Hiramatsu. The food is exceptional. It’s light, delicate and transparent cuisine; the food that is underlined with the simple juices emanating from its preparation, aromas expressed by their contrast. The cooking is respectful of textures. This is our second time to have his food. The first time was when we were at Hokkaido, Japan, and the restaurant was called Le Baerenthal. Hiramatsu Inc has about 20 restaurants all over Japan, but only one in Paris.
Amuse bouche: cheese chips with snow pea ice cream – very refreshing.

Lobster medallions with truffles and sliced duck.

White fish with green apple, pear, and red pepper.

Chicken with truffle cream and green vegetables.For dessert: strawberry “soup” which was a lightly whipped concoction of fresh strawberry with vanilla bean ice cream and rhubarb. It’s very lightly sweet and perfect for spring/summer dessert.Chocolate truffles and macaroon cookies.Le Baerenthal Restaurant, in Japan.Named after the region of north France, ” Le Baerenthal” is situated in Sapporo. It’s kinda cool how the restaurant is located. It’s a beautiful, elegant western architecture, and gorgeous interior design. The best part of this restaurant that I remember and enjoyed very much is its beauty and the way it is situated, blessed with the clean air and surrounded by the unspoiled nature of Hokkaido, Japan. The restaurant menu also serves French cuisine made from local seasonal ingredients of Sapporo. These pictures of me were taken in Paris. Wearing: Zero+Maria Cornejo outer top and pants, Christopher Kane for Topshop bodysuit, belt ??
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Balenciaga Leather Vest Spring 2010 Rtw Collection

This season, Balenciaga spring 2010 rtw collection is just incredibly stunning. Every silhouette, each garment is extraordinary. Especially highly structured paneled leather vests and boots are futuristic technique and unique.When I was on my Paris trip, I set my goal to Balenciaga boutique to find a pair of boots which I specifically wanted since I saw them on the runway. When I arrived to the boutique, I saw exactly the pairs that I wanted to have… “OMG”…Excited!..Hold on! Not yet. Size 6 Salma Hayek already got them, the Latino American actress. They do have size 7.5 which is too big for me. I tried on anyway…Too bad! The whole company just made 2 pairs of this specific style. Disappointed. I turned around and saw an incredibly amazing vest. Yes, it was my size and It fit me perfectly. Score!!!

These are the boots that I talked about. Too big for me :(
And this is the leather vest. I’m happy to choose it over the boots because this vest is more versatile and rare. This highly structured paneled leather vest is an investment piece. Its quality is amazing and the uniqueness of the woven material: leather, woven jersey, nylon foam, and metal are truly artistic craftsmanship. All element of this vest are extraordinary which made the vest a masterpiece. It is one of the eye-catching pieces in Balenciaga spring 2010 runway.Look at the details! It’s just amazing- beautiful art craftsmanship. I deeply love this vest. The best piece in my closet, actually. Well, there are some of my other pieces are amazing too. But this one is serious. I’m sure it asked for a lots of work to do the weave.I had my flats for back up.Pompidou Museum.Pompidou is one of Europe’s most important museums of modern art and one of the world’s most significant art galleries. Some of the art movements represented within the Pompidou Center are Fauvism, Cubism, Surrealism and Abstract Expressionism. The arts include paintings, sculpture, drawings, photography and short film. The building itself is a piece of modern architecture and the realisation of aesthetic principle. It is a fantastic achievement for the Pompidou Center and makes it popular with tourist in Paris.Ghost et Brother, 1993 by Francoise Quardon (1961).Flag # 30 Between us and the breeze, 2008 by Sara Rahbar (1976). God Bless Bagdad, vers 2001 by Erro’ (1932). Look! So many people just hang out in front of the Pompidou museum. Fun!Three Mongolian musicians played in front of the Pompidou to sell their music CD. The music is beautiful. We bought one.Thank you for your visiting and comments! Wish you all a wonderful day!Kisses…Hanh 😉

Window Shopping

Another part that I enjoyed in Paris is window shopping. I especially enjoyed window shopping along Rue St Honore’ at night. It is just fabulous. You feel like all these beautiful window-shops belong to you and they do this just for you only…Love it!

Giuseppe Zanotti. Miu Miu.Max Chaoul Couture.Gucci.
Lanvin’s window shop is my favorite. They always have the best display. It’s more fun and artistic.

Window shopping at Buddha Bar.


Window shopping at Balenciaga. Please come back here for the next post to see my awesome Balenciaga goody.Window shopping at a book store on the Rue de Rivoli.

My hubby actually bought this book for me the next day for my birthday gift. My goodies from Chanel. In this picture, it doesn’t show that it has a lace clutch attached to the back of this mini bag. It’s cute!My goodies from Miu Miu.Thank you everyone for stopping by! Wishing you all a blessed weekend with your family, friends and loved ones!! Big hugs…Hanh;-)
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