Anthropologie Cupcake Apron

My little apron model was seated at Anthropologie’s window and she seemed to enjoy reading a cupcake cook book. She looked very cute with the cupcake apron on. Actually, the little girl who played Charlotte’s daughter wore this apron in the movie “Sex And The City 2″ coming in theaters May 27th. This apron is now available at Anthropologie store. For some of you want to know, my little girl wore Tshirt, skirt from Crewcuts. Her headband is a necklace, also from Crewcuts.

She and her big sister had their hair cut short about 7 inches to donate to Locks Of Love. It was their idea to make a hair donation to make hairpieces for children who have suffering from long-term medical hair loss due to cancer treatment. This picture is from Sex And The City 2 fashion book. Charlotte and her daughter wore the Anthropologie cupcake aprons.I can’t wait to go to see the movie. Have fun if you go to see it!!!
Wishing you all a fabulous day!!!
Big hugs…Hanh 😉
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26 thoughts on “Anthropologie Cupcake Apron

  1. so cute your little girl. and how sweet of them to even just thinking of donating their hair. 😉 you raise them up well that´s for sure.

    cant wait to see satc 2 too! i wish i was there so we can watch it together in english! they only show it in german here.


  2. She's SO cute! It's nice to know that your girls are very aware of how important it is to help others in the smallest and simplest way. Way to go Hanh! Great job for raising very good kids :)

    I'm going to see SATC2 tomorrow night!!! I'm excited.

  3. The apron looks so lovely! I remember that my granny also made me a really cute apron ones and I adored it so much!
    And so sweet that she donated her hair! So conciderate!

  4. Your daughter is adorable!! The first picture is my favorite – she looks gorgeous. Very impressed with your girls' idea to donate their hair too, wow!

  5. It's really amazing that your daughters cut their hair to donate it to Locks for Love. I've cut over 12 inches twice and donated my hair as well. Great pictures, Hanh!

  6. These pictures are adorable! I totally understand her enthrallment with those books 😉 And I think it's amazing that your daughters donated their hair to Locks for Love :)

  7. How adorable!!! I know that many happy memories were made I remember those days myself when I was young and baking with my mom. And the aprons are gorgeously cute. =)

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