Balenciaga Leather Vest Spring 2010 Rtw Collection

This season, Balenciaga spring 2010 rtw collection is just incredibly stunning. Every silhouette, each garment is extraordinary. Especially highly structured paneled leather vests and boots are futuristic technique and unique.When I was on my Paris trip, I set my goal to Balenciaga boutique to find a pair of boots which I specifically wanted since I saw them on the runway. When I arrived to the boutique, I saw exactly the pairs that I wanted to have… “OMG”…Excited!..Hold on! Not yet. Size 6 Salma Hayek already got them, the Latino American actress. They do have size 7.5 which is too big for me. I tried on anyway…Too bad! The whole company just made 2 pairs of this specific style. Disappointed. I turned around and saw an incredibly amazing vest. Yes, it was my size and It fit me perfectly. Score!!!

These are the boots that I talked about. Too big for me :(
And this is the leather vest. I’m happy to choose it over the boots because this vest is more versatile and rare. This highly structured paneled leather vest is an investment piece. Its quality is amazing and the uniqueness of the woven material: leather, woven jersey, nylon foam, and metal are truly artistic craftsmanship. All element of this vest are extraordinary which made the vest a masterpiece. It is one of the eye-catching pieces in Balenciaga spring 2010 runway.Look at the details! It’s just amazing- beautiful art craftsmanship. I deeply love this vest. The best piece in my closet, actually. Well, there are some of my other pieces are amazing too. But this one is serious. I’m sure it asked for a lots of work to do the weave.I had my flats for back up.Pompidou Museum.Pompidou is one of Europe’s most important museums of modern art and one of the world’s most significant art galleries. Some of the art movements represented within the Pompidou Center are Fauvism, Cubism, Surrealism and Abstract Expressionism. The arts include paintings, sculpture, drawings, photography and short film. The building itself is a piece of modern architecture and the realisation of aesthetic principle. It is a fantastic achievement for the Pompidou Center and makes it popular with tourist in Paris.Ghost et Brother, 1993 by Francoise Quardon (1961).Flag # 30 Between us and the breeze, 2008 by Sara Rahbar (1976). God Bless Bagdad, vers 2001 by Erro’ (1932). Look! So many people just hang out in front of the Pompidou museum. Fun!Three Mongolian musicians played in front of the Pompidou to sell their music CD. The music is beautiful. We bought one.Thank you for your visiting and comments! Wish you all a wonderful day!Kisses…Hanh 😉
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43 thoughts on “Balenciaga Leather Vest Spring 2010 Rtw Collection

  1. Hi Hanh, i also spotted those boots on Salma, thought it was overpriced..I'm glad you chose the jacket over the boots, extremely Unique Jacket!!

    Btw, I was so excited to see those Mongolian guys playing traditional music complete with traditional instrument and an outfit!
    I'm from Mongolia, and i follow your blog. I think you are the perfect example of a Happy Life! =)

  2. Damn those Hollywood actresses! On the plus side the vest is so beautiful – and much more practical, I think those boots would be hard to walk in! What a great buy xx

  3. i agree. this is the BEST piece in your closet. no offense to the other pieces, they´re wonderful too. but this is MAJOR.


  4. I think your gray Rodarte jacket and black Rick Owen's jacket are you best pieces, but the vest stunning nonetheless. Captures the feeling of the shoes, but this is something you will wear more.

  5. An amazingly structured vest indeed, such fine detail! I love how you wore it with those (Marni?) shoes! Sorry to hear about the booties though, they only made 2? Sizes 6 and 7,5? Or do you mean only two of each size? Funny though, I wear 7, but 7,5 would probably fit me perfectly too.

  6. That vest is definitely a work of art! Hehe you kinda look like an international spy in your outfit shots, you look so mysterious 😉

    What a cool museum! I bet you could spend days in there just gawking at pieces.

  7. wow that vest is really an investment piece and a keeper! i'm amazed at the beautiful details and the superb construction.

  8. hey hanh, beautiful pictures. I love your vest, the way you styled it is amazing.

    Wow, you saw mongolian musicians! I am also from Mongolia so i am happy about this picture. Enjoy your mongolian music.

    xoxo zola

  9. Yes, ive been here to! Its so beautiful!!! I love all the street entertainment and kiosks..
    Im a size 6 to.. if you ever want to sell your Gucci Spring Summer black strappy heels you should think about selling them to me… haha, im obsessed with them!!

  10. I LOVE the vest!!! Cant stop looking at the details…so rare… Who makes the white top you wearing on the last pic?

  11. Thanks for enlightening us about the place, and the pictures are great, Hanh! The fashion and culture looks gorgeous.

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  12. What a post again!
    Okay, so when I posted about Salma's shoes, I didn't know it was one of the two pairs that have been manufactured! Too bad the other one was too large for you :( Anyway, I am a big fan of their new collection, it's so extraordinary – I'm happy to found out that you like them as well!
    As for Paris, the Pompidou is so amazing as well, both from the outside and the inside, it's a really fascinating building.

  13. Hanh, that vest is so wicked cool!!! i love the material and the texture. you look great!!!

    do send me some love over at :)

  14. I like this blog very much.I have not seen such type of blog ever.The dress you wear your boots, bags, black suite etc everything that you wear here in pics are amazing. I would like to buy it.

  15. hi,Hanh! I really loved your blog. I think you know well about how to make happiness. I'm really glad to you chosen mongolian traditional music CD.i'm mongolian but from russia now.

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