Pink Birds

I’m madly in love with the Miu Miu Spring 2010 rtw collection and you probably are, too! The animal prints (and one not so G-rated lounging-nude motif) are just so adorable, fun, and yet naive. You can see that every piece in this collection will become timeless piece in your closet. I also love the Miu Miu shoes of this season. They are absolutely stunning. I wish I could get my hands on them, but it seems so far I don’t have the luck :(. Anyway, here is the birds top: I would pair this top with everything; skinny or flare-leg pants, nice denim skinny or flare jeans, short or long skirt…. It’s very versatile.

The light of the sunset gave my skin a nicely pinkish tan. I love it!
Ivory Antique
Do you remember that I mentioned that we accidentally found the Chinese/Italian antique store in China Town, San Fransisco?. It’s called Micheal. It’s located at the corner of Bush and Grant and it’s a serious antique store. It has so many unbelievable pieces, especially some ivory pieces and mammoth tusk pieces. Here are some that the owner allowed me to take a picture of.
Look at this antique ivory. It’s one of the Chinese Kings. Its detailed carving are amazing. This piece and the Chinese queen below are my favorite. They truly show the art of carving.The Chinese queen.The turtle carrying the book with two dragons wrapped around, it has old Chinese style writing on it.Chinese chess set made by bone and ivory.
This western style chess set made in Italy is also my favorite. It’s actually a four feet square marble table with chess pieces.

Thank you very much for your continuing support and comment!!

Wishing you all a fabulous day ahead!!
Big hugs…Hanh 😉
Ps: I’m glad that I’m able to turn back on my comment page now 😉
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53 thoughts on “Pink Birds

  1. I love this outfit so much! It is in my top three of all of your outfits. What skirt are you wearing? It really compliments the shirt. BTW I love your hair.

  2. So nice I can comment on your looks again because you always look so good and surprise us with great doze of fashion! Regards!

  3. Hanh, you loo stunning! This is such a perfect outfit and pink looks great on you! Love the top, in fact, I think it's my favorite Miu Miu Spring 2010 piece now! Is the skirt Miu Miu too?

    P.S. The king and queen curved figures are FANTASTIC!!

  4. wow hahn, the swallow top looks soo great with that skirt! i am dying to own the shoes too. 😉
    glad that you´re posting again and we can also comment! miss you!


  5. The mui mui birds top is soooo beautiful!!!! You look amazing in that light. How gorgeous are the ivory king & queen, such a unique shape.

  6. You look so lovely in the top! I hope you'll find the shoes! I'm dying to find the cats or the swallows but I'm also dead late and they told me that they're kinda sold out everywhere in Europe :/ The black version was available but my student budget isn't stretched that far for black shoes haha.

  7. Look at you, hot mama! Love the skirt. Also, thanks for finally posting the Ann Dem zipper belt, it is truly breathtaking and really belongs in your closet!

    I've been eyeing the not-so-G-rated lounging nude print actually. I would love one of the collars, I think they are so fun.

  8. Good morning everyone,
    I'm so happy to see and read your comments again. It's truly happy feeling. You're my sweet friends.

    The skirt is Balenciaga.

    I hope everyone is doing well.
    Have a nice day!

  9. AAaaw AND these pinkish tones on your skin, your lips and "Girly CHIC-issimes" fineries combined with your (stunningly) haughty charisma Truly tend to create such a exquisite cocktail Chère Hahn !!!
    Warmly Hope you're Well Dear.

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  10. stunning, all of this!! and the light is glorious.
    i wanted the miu miu satin cat platform mary janes from miu miu's spring collection. the plain blue ones from saks just don't do it for me. :( it's the print that makes the shoes so special, IMO.
    what exquisitely carved pieces. great post, hanh.

  11. OMG, thanks for turning back on the comments! Because I have been wanting to say that you have no CLUE on how to put clothes together!!! PINK top with pink skirt????? Go hire a stylist please!!!!!! You just have a bunch of nice clothes but your sense of style is terrible terrible terrible! Again, please go hire a stylist!!!!!! Annoying to see such good piece looks like crap!!

  12. Haha…I laughed at Amanda's comment.
    Hanh, you don't need a stylist. Your styling is just perfectly beautiful.
    I love your top with the skirt. Gorgeous outfit!


  13. Absolutely fabulous in Miu Miu. I haven't seen anyone in anything but the collars and the shoes so it's nice to see someone wearing the clothing!

  14. Hi Jessica,
    The sunglasses are second hand Celine sunglasses that i bought them last year at INA store in Soho, NY.

  15. Hi Hanh hope you and your little girls are well. The miu miu top is a great buy, love it with the Balenciaga skirt.
    Have a gorgeous day

  16. oooooh what an amazing combination! love the whole look so much!

    Hanh for a little while I wasn't able to leave comments on your blog… :(
    I'm happy that I can comment again!

  17. Hi blogger!
    Your blog is very nice! I'm glad that I've found it!

    Please, check mine too, it would be very nice of you. And maybe we can follow eachother!

    Love Cindy,
    And have a nice sunday!

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