Having Fun at Dolly Python Vintage Shop

I had so much fun on Saturday date with my girlfriends, Nini and Nha Khanh. Especially at Dolly Python vintage shop. You can imagine how much fun it is when girls together with the same common passion; loving fashion. We were so silly and enjoyed our time together. Yeah, we all had some goodies to bring home.

This is the necklaces that I purchased.Yes, right away, I had some necklaces on right there ;-). The long chain whistle necklace is fun.
Nini and I brought home the vintage fox tails fur. I attached mine to Derek Lam bag that I purchased from last year 75% off.Friendly and cute! Her booties are rock and her cute tulle blouse was a thrift find.Nini walked around the store, played with the camera, and took pictures of the reflection, just like a little kid. Cute!Reflection of us. I looked like a spy 😉 We both had on the new necklaces.Reflection of us. Being silly in front of the camera.Nha Khanh tried on the vintage fur jacket which I couldn’t say No to bring home with me for $35.00.
I’m in love with my Rodarte booties. They’re surprisingly comfy.Thank you everyone for stopping by and your comments!
Wishing you all a lovely day! Kisses…Hanh 😉

Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent lace Blouse

Thank you everyone for the comments. I noticed that many of you love my old Twelfth Street By Cynthia Vincent lace blouse which I wore it in the past post. I love it too! Yes, I wore it again in this post. This time, I styled it more fancy for evening by throwing over my new Catherine Malandrino leather petals sewing on sheer vest (I adore this vest) which I recently purchased it 60% off at Neiman, and Zero+Maria Cornejo pants, Valentino belt, Gucci shoes. These Gucci shoes are from last spring and very comfy because of the thick platform.

Leather cuff with mother of pearl Buddha inlaid by Suzanne Wilson. I love the drapery of the pants.
Thank you everyone for your continuing support! Wishing you all a happy Sunday and a wonderful week ahead!!Kisses…Hanh;-)

We Love Fashion

Nini and I had a date for lunch yesterday. We had a great time. It’s always nice to see her. We like to chat about everything for hours, especially fashion. Yeah, we both love fashion…hehe…As you see, we were reading Vogue Paris.

Nini wore Erdem skirt, Vince top, and Fendi booties.
I wore my old Twelfth Street By Cynthia Vincent lace top, Mayle trousers, Gucci shoes.
It’s just a short post. Hopefully, you enjoy it. Good night!! and wishing you all a lovely weekend!!Big hugs…Hanh 😉

Not For Under 21

What is your favorite cocktail drink in summer? Mine is a fabulously creative strawberry martini and mojito. I’m normally not a drinker, but these two are exceptions.

This is the strawberry martini; vodka, a touch of vermouth, and strawberry. It’s fun to sip with my husband at home when we watch TV and the kids are in bed. I love the sweetness and acid of the strawberry in this drink- it’s so refreshing.
Mojito is great. The peppermint aroma and a touch of lime is very refreshing. But the one in this picture had too much of peppermint, to me.And this is a not so G-rated nude motif top from MiuMiu. I love the cat, the daisy, the nude figure, the sequin, and sheerness here. This top is perfect for cocktail hour ;-).
I style it with a Proenza skirt. Anton Heunis cuff.
Thank you for the love and comments!!
Wishing you a wonderful day!!!Kisses…Hanh 😉


Wearing: Junya Watanabe leopard top, Marni skirt. I can’t believe that I didn’t share this skirt yet which I bought it about two years ago at Neiman Marcus last call.
This skirt has just one side pocket. I like skirt or dress that has pockets. How about you?
Ysl pumps. Vintage belt. Banana Republic gold cuffs, mammoth beads bracelet by The Woods.Few asked me why I don’t often wear nail polish. Well, It’s true that I rarely wear nail polish. It’s just for fun to wear it for a day or two. To be honest, wearing nail polish is not practical for me. Because I take care of my two kids, and I’m only chef in the family ;-). So, nail polish doesn’t stay long on my nails :(
Thank you everyone for your continuing support and comments. I wish you all have a good night and wonderful day a head! Kisses…Hanh 😉


One day I read a Western horoscope (I’m an aries) and got a cool idea that I should get a ram collection. Here is my first ram vintage necklace which I purchased at Atlantis Home. Thank you Judy!

Look #1: I paired the ram vintage necklace with a crotchet vintage necklace and Urban Outfitters necklace. These pictures were taken last month.

Black lace tank from Free People worn underneath my old BCBG dress.Surprising in the back 😉

Wearing Monet vintage necklace as bracelets. Chanel mini bag purchased in Paris from my last trip. This bag has a lace clutch attached in the back. For the moment, it’s my favorite bag. I love its design!You can see the lace clutch in the back side. Next time, I’ll share a better photo of this.

Proenza boots. Autograph of Scott Schuman-The Sartorialist, on the right heel. I got it at his book signing in Dallas months ago.

Look #2: I styled the ram vintage necklace with F21 pearl necklace over Topshop lace bodysuit. Wore shimmer Jcrew belt as bracelet. Banana Republic gold cuff. I wanted this look to be fun, casual, and unexpected.

I love this Share Spirit military style jacket. Click here to have closer look at its details.Forever 21 shorts.Prima sling clogs at Topshop are now available. I love them! Excuse the mosquitoe bites on my leg 😉Thank you everyone for visiting and your comments!!!

Wishing you a wonderful night and lovely day ahead!!! Big hugs…Hanh;-)

Black Lace

Although wearing white in summer is very refreshing which I love, but I have to admit that I can’t resit wearing black in summer. Black is a classic color. It’s chic and never out of season. In summer, when you wear black you make sure that you wear it light. Lace, sheer, light cotton, fine silk, nice quality satin is a great choice of material. Don’t over do it. When you do it right, you’ll look absolutely fabulous, chic, and yet sexy. Especially at night.In both outfits below, I styled Christian Louboutin leopard-lace boots and Cosabella black lace corset which I purchased over 10 years ago with different top and pants for daytime and nighttime look.

DAYTIME LOOK: I styled them with thin cotton Alexander Wang tank and BeBe silk cropped pants purchased about 12 or 13 years ago.

I really like this tank shoulder’s design.My new Marni necklace purchased on sale now at Neiman Marcus.

I layered the vintage frog belt and vintage dragon belt for more interesting look. Do you know that in Chinese, frogs symbolize prosperity and healing while dragons symbolize power and happiness? That why they uses dragons in their dance for celebrating Chinese New Year. And in Feng Shui, it is believed the way you place “Money frog” in your home will bring wealth into your life.

NIGHTTIME LOOK: I styled them with Isabel Marant spring 09 ruffles silk vest and Mayle pants.Anton Heunis necklace purchased on sale at Neiman Marcus.Thank you very much for visiting and your comments!!

Wishing you all a lovely day!! Big hugs…Hanh 😉

Lost Pines

Lost Pines is a Hyatt Regency hotel in Bastrop, Texas. It’s about 15 minunus east of Austin by car. This family resort offers many outdoor activities like rock wall climbing, horse back riding, zip line, lazy river ride, tennis, goft, hiking, splash float, sunset float, stargazing, outdoor movies…We spent a long last weekend there and we had a wonderful time. When it comes to a trip like this, we play as a team and it’s fun. One of my favorite parts of the road trip is that you can bring anything along with you, like your favorite blanket, pillow, snacks, music, DS game, movie, and of course fashion magazines…

This is a 40 foot high rock wall (about 4 stories high). My big girl reached the top and rang the bell. I don’t know if you have done rock wall climbing before, but it is much harder than it looks. It requires strong arms to do this.
My little one enjoyed 40 feet high zip line. She’s very brave. Kids seems like they’re fearless.My big girl tried horse back riding while my little one had a pony ride.We all took the sunset float on the Colorado river in the evening. You really can’t see the sunset in this picture because the sun is behind those trees. But we enjoyed the quiet tranquility of the river. The breeze, the birds singing, the sound of running water was all very nice and relaxing. Beautiful wild flowers.We took a break from outdoor and played some indoor games. Sometimes, they have some animals like turtle, snakes, etc…in the lobby for kids to learn. My girls were interested about turtle.Only a Texan has cowboy boots for a pen holder 😉


A great way to add to your shoe collection is when they are on sale.Balenciaga sandals.
Nicholas Kirkwood for Rodarte, Polacchino Vit Kiry Rodarte boots. I wish these shoe on sale too!
I love the antique gutsy gold metal part, especially the nut heels.
Thank you everyone for visiting and comments!!!
Wishing you all a lovely day!!!
Kisses…Hanh 😉

Alexander McQueen Top

I bought this Alexander Mcqueen top a week before the world heard of his death. I was shocked as everyone else was. This pixelated jellyfish-pattern print is not much compared to his runway pieces, but it’s my treasure to remember him every time I wear it.
Look #1: Day time look: Zero-Maria Cornejo jacket was a thrift find, Zara legging, Nicholas Kirkwood for Rodarte shoes.
Melissa Joy Manning necklace.
Nicholas Kirkwood for Rodarte shoes.
Look #2: Night time look for going out with my husband. The jacket is the same. I also adjusted the zipper of the Mcqueen top and wore it over a Rick Owens jersey dress which was a great steal from last fall.

The ring on index finger is a gift from my husband. On the middle finger, the stack rings are Ann D, and the gunmetal talon ring is ??

Necklace???Nicholas Kirkwood heels.Thank you for visiting and your comments!!!
Wishing you all a fabulous day!!!Kisses…Hanh 😉

Rome, Florence and Tuscany Flash Back

We’re excited to plan a trip for next spring to Rome, Florence, and Tuscany. It has been about 10 years since we visited these cities. Probably many of you have already visited these fabulous cities or perhaps know that these are major cities that attract millions of tourists. Our last trip was fantastic. Here are some pictures:

Rome is the capital of Italy. It’s an ancient city, filled with rich history, architecture and art. When talking about visiting Rome, we talk about the Colosseum, Trevi fountain, the Spanish Steps, Castel San Angelo, the Roman Forum, the Pantheon, The Vatican…There are so many things to do and see in Rome. Just walking around the city and taking pictures is already exciting. On our last trip, we loved to walk around the city from daytime until midnight with lots of energy. It felt like we were walking in a huge Roman museum.
Colosseum; the site of former gladiatorial conquests.

Trevi Fountain was made extra famous in the movie Three Coins In a Fountain (I love this movie! I has watch this movie and Roman Holiday whenever I miss Rome). There are crazy fountain souvenirs sold around the fountain – it’s fun to take a look. Don’t forget the legend that you throw a coin over your shoulder into the fountain, it means that you will someday return to Rome.

Roman Forum; the site of ancient Rome’s commercial, political and religious center.

The Vatican is ahead; locus of the Roman Catholic Church. Touring inside the Vatican is a another great experience in Rome.

Be sure to take the trip up to the top of the dome – you will stand outside the highest point with glorious views all round the city.

The Pantheon; contains the tombs of Rafeal and several Italian kings. Sitting in Piazza della Rotonda, facing to the Pantheon, eating tiramisu, drinking espresso, relaxing and watching people passing by was one of the fun things to do on our trip.
On the Tiber River is Piazza Navonna with fountains, shops and cafes to delight your senses. FLORENCE.Taking a train to Florence from Rome is convenient transportation. Florence is the capital of the Italian region of Tuscany. It is a Renaissance city and known for its history, art and architecture. Of course, it is one of Italy’s top tourist destinations. There’s lots to see in Florence itself and the city makes a good base for visiting other towns in Tuscany. Oh! do you know Luisaviaroma high-end fashion store is in Florence? I didn’t know that 10 years ago. I’ll visit this store next time for sure.A beautiful bridge over Arno river.Ponte Vecchio, Florence’s old bridge. Duomo (Florence’s cathedral) and the city view. Taking the Duomo tour is a great way to learn history. Sitting at the cafes at the Piazza Duomo is fun.A copy of Michelangelo’s famous statue David stands in front of Palazzo Vecchio which is a great place to walk around.TUSCANY Wine Country.Tuscany is known for its beautiful landscapes. It has a unique culinary tradition, and is also famous for its wines. If you want to visit and tour a winery, you’ll need to book ahead. Nonetheless, I highly recommended just driving around and sightseeing. We rented a car and took a day trip to drive through wine country from Florence. To our experience, we’ll hire a driver for next time(it’s more expensive) or arrange a group tour . These are great ways to avoid stress from driving in a foreign country. SIENA.
When you’re in the Tuscany region, stop to visit Siena. It’s one of Tuscany’s prettiest and most popular medieval hill towns. It’s famous for its large fan-shaped piazza, Piazza del Campo. Around the piazza are cafes and restaurants where people gather, especially in the evening. I highly recommended to have dining here before getting back to Florence. I remember we got back to our hotel in Florence and it was past midnight. It was tired but so much fun in our adventure.
Piazza del Campo.

Quiet alley in Siena.
Thank you for visiting and comments!!Wishing you all a wonderful day!! Big hugs…Hanh 😉
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