Packing For a Long Trip

First, I want to say a big thank you to my brother and Marcia who have moved in to stay at our house when we’re on vacation to take care the house and our puppies.We’re very excited for our trip to Paris, Provence, France and to Portland, and Seattle. The kids are excited too! I can’t wait to show them Paris, Provence and of course Seattle. It’s their first time to visit these cities. This will be a long trip (almost a month) and I should be ready for a lot of energy to travel and take care of my kids at the same time. Light packing for four people is not easy. We always pack clothing that can mix and match. Usually, we don’t like to travel with much luggage.

Here are a few dressy clothes for my kids. I also packed along some comfy, casual and cute clothes for the them. Of course, their clothes are from Crewcuts. They have adorable stuff for kids from clothing, shoes, jewelry…ect..
And here is my dressy clothing. The same for me, I packed along some comfy, casual yet chic clothes.
Christopher Ross frog and Merlin cat buckle-belts come along with me.
Merlin cat buckle is so adorable. I especially love his blue eyes.

Four pairs of shoes and one pair of tennis shoes. Alaia ankle boots, Alexander Wang leopard wedges, Balenciaga sandals, and doub studded clog by Jeffrey Campbell. These clogs are 4″ high, 2″ platform. They’re super comfy and light and available now at . I plan to wear these clogs a lot on this trip. Alaia boots are very comfy too, but I don’t want to wear them out. Oh! forgot..need to have one pair of flats. See! it’s always a good idea to pack your stuff in advance to avoid forgetting things at home.

Hopefully, I’ll have time to update my blog during our vacation. Thank you everyone for visiting and comments!

I hope you’ve enjoyed your summer so far. Before you know it, fall will be here. Have a nice day! Kisses…Hanh 😉

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29 thoughts on “Packing For a Long Trip

  1. oh wow. this is exciting! a trip to different beautiful cities.

    i'm lovin the frog and cat belts! they're truly statement accessories that can jazz up your wardrobe. and i applaud you for bringing only 4 heels. i would've gone crazy thinking what shoes to pack for a month-long vacay.

    well, enjoy the trip guys!!! have fun and don't forget us!

    do send me some crazy lovin' at :)

  2. I like your way to pack;) I have also kids and it is not so often when I see somebody else doing packing also for kids.

    We have been travelling a lot and I have learn to pack only 2 pairs of shoes for myself. I always find some new shoes from every where so there have to be space for new shoes to bring back to the home.

    I hope that you have had a nice and exiting trip!

  3. wishing you safe and fun travels!
    while i adore all your shoes in the photo (especially the alaia ankle boots, omg!) the jeffrey campbell pair are quite cute and will be great for walking a lot. xo

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