I’ve seen this Bliss Lau bracelet on Alicia Keys sometime ago in some magazine, and I love its interesting design. Then, when I saw it again at Vintage Marini with such a great deal compared with its original price, I was so happy to bring it home. But, to my husband I looked like a mental patient who just got out of the hospital :(
Beetle buckle belt was purchased from Judy.My old Balenciaga handbag.7 jeans and Alexander Wang mesh top.Alexander Wang mesh top, Isabel Marant mesh jacket and cropped jeans.Vintage necklace from Dolly Python Vintage store.Styled with Rodarte ankle boots.In this outfit, I had on F21 black tank top, Yohji Yamamoto corset/waist-band, Zero+Maria Cornejo pants.I bought this Erickson Beamon necklace long time ago. The tiny elephant necklace from The Woods.
Thank you everyone for visiting and your comments!
Wishing you all a lovely weekend with your family, friends!!! Big hugs…Hanh 😉
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21 thoughts on “Random

  1. Bracelet is stunning but strange at the same time ineed, maybe your husband is right :) I love last outfit, especially the Erickson Beamon necklace is totally awesome!!!

  2. incredible beamon necklace! it's more than a necklace, a real show-stopper.
    i have that atlantis home click beetle belt, too! don't you just love it? xo

  3. I love interesting jewellery, I think the bracelet is beautifully strange but it really works with your outfit x

  4. I looooove everything in this post. Gosh you really pull off difficult pieces! I admire this a lot about you. And you don't even look like married or even like a mom. :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  5. I love that last necklace–it changes the entire outfit. That's hilarious about your hubby's comment. I've gotten comments like that before, too :)

  6. Hey!
    I'm new here in your blog, but I feel in love with your amazing style, so maybe if you don't mind…I can add your blog to my favourites, Can I?

    gorgeous pants!
    xxx darling!

  7. beauty all of these outfits are stunning.. i really love this last necklace! is amazing, and you look totally gorgeous.

  8. I really like the outfit with the jeans and the other in black… all the outfits are amazing!

    And about your post about Japan I would like to say it was so inspiring! I´m a fan of the japanese culture and it was really great and interesting what you shared with us!

    Have a nice week, Hanh!

  9. Those are crazy beautiful shoes.
    You're living in Japan? Oh how I want to be there! I've been living here in the Philippines all my life : / Looking forward to visiting Japan next year though! I hear April is a wonderful time for the cherry blossoms!

    Visit my blog!

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