It was our first time to visit Seattle and we’re in love with the “Emerald City” at first sight. Emerald City is its nickname, referencing the lush evergreen forests of the area. It’s about 170 miles (270km) north of Portland, Oregon and 140 miles south of Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada. We would like to visit Victoria, British Columbia’s capital, which is about 100 miles by passenger ferry -hopefully next summer :) Seattle has nice, cool summer weather, and a great place to escape from the heat of Dallas. Winter is wet with the temperature around 45-55 F degree (8-13 Celsius). It’s a great, exciting city and people here are so charming.

This is the first Starbucks store, which has been at Pike Place Market since the coffee company was founded there in 1971. There are many tourists in this store just to buy souvenirs. Along with Starbucks, there are many companies based in Seattle, such as department store Nordtroms, internet retailer, Microsoft… The famous Pike Place Market- Public Market. It’s really fun to visit this place. The market is big and there are a variety of goods.The famous fish throwers at the Pike Place fish market. It’s a fun thing to see for tourists. In the picture below, there was a fish in the air.Riding on the Duck Tour was so much fun. My kids loved and enjoyed it so much. This Duck Tour bus tours you around the city on land and becomes a boat to tour you on Union Lake.
The bus becomes the boat.
1st ave in downtown. Art Museum and Pike Place Market are nearby.

Another fun thing to do, and a great way to see the city view, is to visit the Space Needle. It features an observation deck and the rotating CitySky restaurant. Space Needle has become one of the symbols of Seattle. It was built for the 1962 World’s Fair, and has become the most recognizable landmark in the city. It’s been featured in the television show Frasier, Dark Angel, Grey’s Anatomy, iCarly, and films such as It Happened at the World’s Fair, Sleepless in Seattle, and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.Union Lake seen from the CitySky restaurant at Space Needle.It was a clear day, so we could see Mount Rainier from the Space Needle.Downtown Seattle as seen from the rotating CitySky restaurant.

Space Needle and downtown at night.Sunset at Elliott Bay.Seattle’s best waterfall: Snoqualmie Falls, located just 25 miles outside Seattle. The Falls were featured in the popular cult television show “Twin Peaks”.Thank you everyone for visiting and your comments! Wishing you a wonderful day ahead! Kisses…Hanh 😉

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39 thoughts on “Seattle

  1. Hi there! so glad to see where you visited Seattle. It's such a beautiful city especially during spring and summer time where everything is so radiant.
    You should visit during April next time as there is a Tulip festival going on North of Seattle.

  2. Thank you so much for taking us with you! Due to various reasons, I can't travel right now, and I miss it so much. This is a great substitute!
    Have a great day, too!

  3. Seattle is a cool city! I loved some of the architecture like the Seattle Public Libray. I personally would love to visit the Chapel of St. Ignatius in Seattle. Victoria is a really nice city. Lots of nature and nice historical buildings.

    I love Vancouver! My hometown. I think it is one of the most beautiful cities in the world!

  4. Thanxs for the opportunity to travel with you! I live so far away and it's hard to believe that I can see Seattle for instance,without your blog. And to share moments with you in France, because I've been there 6 years ago and that's how you remind me!

  5. Nice city…but I prefer village for holiday instead…
    I Love the waterfall.Feels cool..
    You can visit Indonesia especially in Gilitrawangan if you love diving

  6. oh wow, I didn't know Starbucks has been established since the 1970s. great post, Hanh!

    do drop by my blog when you have the time. :)

  7. I'm so glad you got to visit the Seattle area! I grew up in North Bend, right outside of Snoqualmie :) We used to take my grandparents to Snoqualmie Falls whenever they visited!

  8. Hanh! Love the pictures!

    I hope you and your family visit Vancouver next year! To be honest, Victoria is a little bit dull (very beautiful, but a bit dull – LOL)

    I know you and your husband love good food, so if you come to Vancouver, check out Vij's (one of the best Indian restaurants in the world)

    It's right around the corner from a fabulous boutique that sells Rick Owens and Dries!

    I'm glad you enjoyed Seattle!

  9. Hi Dj,
    thank you for info. We'll def visit Vancouver. My hubby has been there before. He said he loved it. Sure, he'll show the girls and me…

  10. reading your post makes me want to go back to seattle! ive only ever been there once but i loved it right away. you should definitely visit vancouver and victoria. born and raised in vic, its a beautiful city.. but like someone mentioned above a bit dull.

  11. i love seattle! its so close to vancouver i go there all the time. i just earlier last month a post about my trip there too. glad u liked it. hope one day u will come to vancouver as well. let me know if u do. i will be your personal tour guide.

  12. I'm a Seattle native and I'm ecstatic to hear that you enjoyed your visit! I'm new to your blog and I just love everything about it. Your children are adorable, you have FABULOUS taste, and you travel to such wonderful places. Thanks for sharing!

  13. i can tell that i am gonna LOVE your blog : ) traveling is one of my favorite things to do and i've been dreaming of seattle…it's so blisteringly hot and humid here, feels like a jungle :/ love the pics of all that refreshing water!

  14. Seattle is a dream trip for me. Hope to go there soon! I've enjoyed so much this post!
    I've researched quite a bit about Seattle in the past, but I had absolutely no idea about the Duck Tours… They must be so fun!!!
    It's always a pleasure to visit your blog and 'travel' a little with you. :-)

  15. That boat is really fascinating eh? Not too modern but it comes two in one. Those tourist on the boat versioned car are happily taking pictures if you look a bit. Such a nice catch on it

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