Shoes and Clutch update

Nowadays, I love to collect Alexander Mcqueen pieces which they were designed before his tragedy. Yes, I’m still sad for what happened to him whenever I think about it. He was truly a genius.This clutch is from the pre-fall 2010 collection and I’m lucky to have it. I purchased it at the store 4510. The clutch was sent to our apartment in Portland while we were there last week. I adore the clutch. When I flew home from Portland, I decided to carry it in my carry-on. Guess what? When I went through the security gate, they didn’t allow me to carry it on! It’s considered a brass knuckle; a weapon. We waited about 15′ for their meeting to see if they would allow me to carry it on. It was so serious. I was so nervous and I was so thankful that they all agreed to let me carry it on. It’s hilarious how a clutch could be a weapon. Actually, I understand their point. A happy ending.

These are brass knuckles.
My new addition to my shoe collection: Givenchy boots. I love the stitches and how they look old and dusty.
Another addition to my shoe collection: Alaia boots. They’re so comfy.
These two pairs of Proenza Schouler shoes in the pictures below are in my wish-list. I’ll be so happy if I have one of them :)

Thank you everyone for visiting and your comments. Wishing you all a fabulous day!! Big hugs…Hanh :)
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18 thoughts on “Shoes and Clutch update

  1. oh my, that clutch should be a weapon because it is KILLER! never saw something so pretty.
    your new alaia boots are pretty amazing too!


  2. OMG I cant belive it about your McQueen clutch!! In the UK we call the 'Knuckle Dusters', I know they have to be carefull though these days!! It is stunning and a fine piece to remember him by. Gorg boots too xxx

  3. oh!!! the clutch is divine!! and a happy ending to a crazy story. who would have imagined?! but it does make a great blog post.
    your new shoes are beautiful. and i agree about the givenchy pair looking appealingly old and dusty- almost wabi-sabi.

  4. OMG, the security staff are just paranoid people, if this clutch is a weapon, it certainly one hella chic one! Haha~

    Love your Givenchy, but not a fan of the PS…

  5. your Alaia boots and AMQ clutch are to die for! it's so crazy that the security had to hold you up for the clutch. i know they're being cautious but c'mon…that's an Alex McQueen clutch they're questioning!!!


    do drop by my blog when you have the time!

  6. I was in London a year ago and I had my new beautiful connector/3finger ring from aldo (flat from the top so really not harmfull) and studded Jimmy choo belt and I also got in serious trouble with the security!! They made me gave those away or if I hadn't they would have charge me for having a "weapon" and I might have never get back to England!! I was sooo pissed for a long time so I'm really happy you got to keep that amazing clutch!! :)

  7. Oh wow, they considered that a weapon?? LOL I'm glad that you got to keep ur alexander mcqueen clutch:) It's beautiful!

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