St Tropez

One of the favorite parts of St Tropez was that walking around the Port of St Tropez. There are a lots of nice boats, yachts, stores, restaurants…The sunset at the port was so beautiful.

My nephew and his fiance came along with us on the trip. They both are young and successful people. I’m happy for them :) We had lunch at Le Club 55.It was hot. We were all sweaty, tired, and happy :) We had fun playing rock, paper, scissors.My nephew’s fiance and the kids did some dance.So sweet! Thank you everyone for visiting and comments! Wishing you all a fabulous day ahead! Kisses…Hanh :)
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17 thoughts on “St Tropez

  1. Thanks for posting these great photos of St. Tropez! Have you ever been there Giraglia Rolex Cup? It so cool as all of the racing boats are in the port.

  2. as always, your girls are lovely. i love their dresses! it's great that your nephew's fiance is so good with them. :)
    thanks for sharing your trip with us.

  3. I find you and your family so amazing! And what I really appreciate is that you thank your readers in the end of e v e r y post. It's so lovely of you:)

    You truly always make my day! Thank you.

  4. St Tropez is such a nice place to go !! Next time you go to France you should try La Baule on the Atlantic coast. It's a very nice and pretty city :) Your kids would like it 😀

    The three last pics really are beautiful:D

  5. I can still remember when I visit that place. That is one unforgettable experience. Everything in that place is just so perfect. The people in are very kind and friendly. I like watching all the boats and birds. For me that place is a paradise.

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